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Lather under the eaves.

A 2-foot-wide addition opens up a slender bathroom

THOUGHTFUL REMODELING avoids unnecessary construction and takes advantage of existing conditions. This narrow bathroom gained a corner bath, a new counter, and four skylights when its outside wall was pushed 2 feet under the existing eave.

Although it did require new outside footings, the 13-foot-long addition left the roof framing undisturbed. The only work done to the roof was the installation of four rectangular skylights between the rafters.

Inside the room, the ceiling follows the line of the rafters, which had extended outside beyond the old wall. The rafters now rest on a new exterior wall, which had to be built before the old one was removed. Beneath the floor, short joists join the old foundation to the new.

This undereave addition was designed by Garcia Teague Design of San Jose, California, for Pat and Ken Dopyera.
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Title Annotation:bathroom design
Author:Whiteley, Peter O.
Date:Nov 1, 1993
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