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Latex condoms and gloves can trigger allergies.

Latex Condoms and Gloves Can Trigger Allergies

Men and women can become allergic to latex prophylactics. For those who do have reactions, the experience can be severe, two Finnish dermatologists report.

Doctors Kristiina Turjanmaa and Timo Reunala, of the University Central Hospital in Tampere, Finland, say that physicians should add latex contraceptives to their list of possible allergens.

Among the cases cited from their files, one woman developed a serious skin condition (urticaria) and respiratory distress within minutes after exposure to a latex condom. She was admitted to a hospital emergency room and spent two days in the intensive care unit before recovery.

In another report, a sensitized pregnant woman experienced severe reactions to latex gloves worn by doctors during delivery.

Dermatitis from condoms is not rare, says Alexander A. Fisher, M.D., of the New York University Graduate School of Medicine, and author of the book Contact Dermatitis. He has found that certain brands produce more allergic reactions than others. "In two instances I found a preservative powder dusted on the condom to be the cause.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Mar 22, 1990
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