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Latest wide area networking products.

Satellite WAN

WAN PROTECTION SERVICE REDUCES NETWORK OUTAGE RISKS by providing a cost-effective, satellite backup path for critical network connections. The new WAN Protection Services, a turnkey offering from NSN Network Services, allows users to seamlessly transmit critical business transactions, e-commerce orders and other crucial data in the event of a carrier outage. The service includes turnkey installation of the required satellite systems; all network and application engineering, including integration with current routers, switchers and multiplexers; and provision of the necessary bandwidth over satellite links. WAN/PS customers have the benefit of 24x7 operations and a knowledgeably staffed help desk as a standard part of the service. Daily, weekly or monthly status reporting is optional. The WAN/PS service is fully tested and compatible with all private and public TCP/IP networks, SNA networks, leased-line networks and VPNs.-NSN Network Services Circle 311 for more information

Frame relay connectivity

CONVERGE SNA, LEGACY AND IP APPLICATIONS across frame relay with one device. The 4300 FrameNode from Sync is a frame relay router optimized for high fan-out branch networks. It features a variety of connection options, including a FT1/T1 DSU/CSU for connecting to the frame relay network, BRI ISDN terminal adapter, token ring or Ethernet LAN interface, up to six serial data ports for SNA or legacy applications and an RS-232 local network management port for on-site management of the box. The 4300 runs FrameNode software to deliver SNA session rerouting, automatic dial backup, frame relay bandwidth allocation and burst managment, IP branch routing, and circuit management. The automatic dial backup feature can use either a v.90 analog modem or an ISDN connection to maintain the WAN connection in emergency conditions. A built-in service modem allows for out-of-band network management of the device. The unit is 1.71 "x 7.32"x 1.313" and weighs 8 lbs.-Sync Circle 313 for more information

Fiber repeater

EXTEND FIBER-BASED NETWORKS up to hundreds of kilometers with a protocol-independent, hot-swappable module for IMC Networks' iMcV Chassis Series. The iMcVFiberWay is a new line of fiber extender/repeater modules designed for network installers connecting remote offices and other applications that require medium- to long-fiber runs. Upon receiving data through the cable, iMcV-FiberWay retimes the signal, removing jitter and amplifying the data, then retransmits the signal. Long data hops are possible, reducing the cost of additional switches in long-distance WAN installations. IMC Networks' fault isolation circuitry helps cable installers rapidly identify the location of a broken fiber cable should one occur. In addition to helping overcome distance, the iMcVFiberWay can provide a single conversion between 1300 nm multimode, 1300 nm single-mode and 1550 nm single-mode fiber. The modules support transmission speeds of OC1, Fast Ethernet, OC3, OC12, Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet. The iMcV Chassis Series can also host an SNMP-compatible systems management module to monitor and manage all conversion modules and power supplies within the chassis.-IMC Networks Circle 317 for more information

Outdoor protection

PROTECT DELICATE WAN EQUIPMENT from the elements to ensure network reliability. New outdoor WAN aluminum cabinets from Pentair are designed for safe storage of wireless telecom and datacom equipment. The rugged cabinets ensure protection for electrical and electronic equipment in harsh outdoor environments and can be rooftop-or pad-mounted. The enclosures are available in both unibody and modular formats. They can accommodate 19", 23" and proprietary racks and feature aluminum construction with a polyester powder-coat, outdoor-rated finish. Options include a variety of security features, ventilation and EMC/grounding. Optional heat exchangers, air conditioners, removable solar shields, cabinet heaters, battery blanket heaters, insulation and cooling systems provide optimum thermal management for sensitive WAN equipment.-Pentair Electronic Packaging Circle 312 for more information

WAN router with twinax

IMPLEMENT E-BUSINESS ACCESS SOLUTIONS without abandoning SNA applications and hardware with a high-performance router that includes integrated twinax terminal server support. The new Perle SmartServer 400e high-performance router provides a complete solution for mixing Ethernet LAN connections, dialup PCs, locally attached serial devices and voice connection over a wide area network (WAN). The SmartServer 400e can connect over one or two high-speed digital leased lines, with analog or ISDN connections available for primary and backup WAN connections. It is also voice over IP ready to deliver voice and fax traffic over a single network for reduced inter-office communication costs. The unit maximizes bandwidth to increase WAN performance by taking advantage of high-speed, leased-line digital services and data compression, as well as ISDN bandwidth-on-demand. It has a modular and scalable design for growing user populations and can handle all types of data interfaces, including synchronous, asynchronous, Twinax and LAN protocols. Integrated network security ensures secure access. Comprehensive network management and diagnostics simplify ongoing operation to maximize uptime.-Perle Circle 316 for more information

WAN adapter for PCI bus

HIGH-SPEED T1 CONNECTIVITY is provided with an easy-to-implement PCI card that can deliver an aggregate full-duplex speed of 16 Mbps. The WANic 520 is a multifunction PCI 2.1-compliant WAN adapter that can support up to four full duplex ports at 4 Mbps each. Interface options include single or dual T1, single or dual multi-interface module, quad T1/E1 and a quad multi-interface module. The WANic 520 comes in a short PCI form factor and supports async, bisync and SDLC/HDLC protocols. It includes RJ-48 T1 connections and an option to provide test and loopback features, including master and slave clocking. Drivers are available for both NT and Unix and a driver development kit is available for OEM developers.-SDL Communications

Circle 314 for more information

Thermal control

KEEP WAN EQUIPMENT COOL to extend product life and avoid network downtime. The AirPac COOLIT 1000 is a portable, self-contained air conditioner for thermal control of vital WAN equipment. With a cooling capacity of 7,500 BTU/h, the unit is designed to cool heat-sensitive IT equipment, including bridges, routers and switches. The COOLIT 1000 features a programmable digital thermostat to ensure proper temperature and humidity. Sound control attributes allow the unit to operate quietly, creating only 52 Db of sound. The unit also includes oscillating air directional vents, a ceiling and window exhaust duct kit, and a variety of fan speeds to ensure proper ventilation. It plugs into any standard 115 V outlet, uses less than 1000 W and is small enough to fit in most equipment cabinets.--Adapt

Circle 319 for more information

Wireless WAN connection

TRANSPORT DATA, VOICE AND VIDEO INFORMATION between buildings up to seven miles apart, extending corporate intranets and wireless Internet backhaul capabilities. Stratum is a license-free wireless product that allows interconnection of LAN switches or routers at Fast Ethernet speeds, providing an alternative to leased telephone lines, or to stringing fiber between sites. The product is certified for use with external parabolic antennas to provide the long range connection. The Stratum 100 and the Stratum 20, which operate at 103 Mbps and 23 Mbps, respectively, offer full duplex communications for 100Base-T Ethernet and two DSX-1 connections. The Stratum utilizes 5.3- and 5.7-GHz UNII frequency bands, allowing the Stratum link to be impervious to rain, snow and fog. Stratum performance is comparable to fiber optic links, with a better than 10-12 bit error rate. With industry-standard 100Base-TX and Mil interfaces, Stratum connects easily to routers or switches. Similarly, ANSI-standard DS-1 ports connect to digital PBX, video codec and other equipment with T1 interfaces, ensuring a fit into existing data and voice networks. Management and monitoring can be enabled via built-in SNMP MIBs. User interface choices include native HTML for standard Web browsers, VT-100 displays and Telnet.--Proxim

Circle 315 for more information

Reliable WAN

NETWORK INTERFACE CARD DELIVERS 99.999% UPTIME capability required for new network technologies such as VoDSL. Brooktrout Technology's Netaccess CompactPCI WAN access cards, part of the Netaccess Series, offer a high-density T1/E1/ISDN network connectivity platform, with up to eight software-selectable T1/E1 ports, H. 110 telephony bus and Ethernet in a single CompactPCI slot, and thousands of simultaneous data or voice sessions per system. The cards provide the stability required for applications, such as voice over DSL and wireless switching, in scalable, carrier-class systems. The high availability of the card means 99.999% system uptime, which is equivalent to only five minutes of downtime per year. The NEBS Level 3-friendly design meets the building and environmental requirements of LECs, CLECs and IXCs. PSTN connectivity is flexible, with a variety of signaling standards at the central office, including ISDN, ISDN NFAS, GR-303 and SS7. It currently supports LynxOS, and will support Solaris and other operating systems in the near future.--Brooktrout Technology

Circle 318 for more information
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