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Latest videoconferencing products.

Easy desktop installation

THE INTEL PROSHARE VIDEO SYSTEM 500 aims to provide high audio and video quality over both ISDN and LAN transports at a significantly lower price than Intel's previous desktop videoconferencing product. The ProShare Video System includes software integrated with Microsoft NetMeeting and Photo Exchange. A simple user interface gives clear, easy-to-understand access to all conferencing tools. With its single-card design and color-coded cables, the new Intel ProShare Video System 500 is designed to be installed into your Pentium II processor-based PC in about 30 minutes.--Intel Corp.

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All-in-one PCMCIA

ALL-IN-ONE VIDEO KIT for Notebook PCs provides real-time, two-way videoconferencing through the Internet, standard telephone line, ISDN, LANs, and cellular phone service. Billionton Corp.'s kit is designed for notebooks with Zoomed Video PC Card sockets. The package includes a high-resolution color digital camera, a video capture PC Card, and videoconferencing application software.

The video capture card provides capture and playback motion video at 30 frames per second and requires no external power source. The camera can be mounted anywhere on the notebook through a spring-loaded clip. It has 270 kb pixel color CCD and offers a 27 Mbps data transfer rate from camera to display buffer. This product is compliant with Micosoft Video for Windows, H.324 (POTS), and H.323 (TCP/IP) standards. The kit's software is a full 32-bit Windows 95 application. It allows users to fine tune their images by adjusting for brightness, contrast, and saturation.--Billionton Corp.

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Perfect MatchView

PHILIPS ELECTRONICS has expanded its line of videoconferencing systems with the introduction of a new product aimed at the midrange and SOHO market. The MatchView 235 is a single ISDN line-based product for standard group videoconferencing. It is a compact unit with a high-quality color camera and integrated microphone. The MatchView 235 includes Pan/ Tilt/Zoom(PTZ) camera functionality and is upgradable to three ISDN lines for 384 kbps. It provides 30 frames per second with full-motion TV quality.

Philips has implemented the H.261 and H.263 standards for greater bandwidth efficiency. Its new MatchView line is compliant with the legacy H.320 standard, and all products support Microsoft NetMeeting for data and application sharing.--Philips Electronics

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RSI SYSTEMS, INC. HAS LAUNCHED the second generation of its high-performance videoconferencing system, Video Flyer Plus. The 384 system with "Rocket" remote control is designed to be compact enough to fit on a manager's bookshelf, credenza, desk, or tabletop.

The Video Flyer Plus system cuts costs by internalizing network terminal adapters (NTIs) with U interface circuitry. Cable clutter and connectivity hassles are eliminated when you plug Video Flyer Plus into the wall. A distinct feature of this system is the addition of two high-speed 115 kbps internalized data ports. These ports can provide near and remote camera control, full data collaboration, and remote diagnostics through Remote Video Manager.

All versions of Video Flyer Plus are H.320 compliant. They are also available with V.35 connectivity to support T1 and E1 networks. For ease of installation, the system comes with an integrated, color-coded connectivity panel. Optional 4.0 software boasts a faster, more intuitive interface, faster connect speeds, improved local and remote camera control, and other useful features. The updated software also provides a larger speed-dial list and a call diagnostic feature that allows the user to view the video and audio transmissions as well as the serial number and software version of the remote system.--RSI Systems, Inc.

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Video theater

HOST A SPECIAL-EVENT corporate program or seminar in a movie theater with a new satellite delivery service from CommTools.

The CineSat Presentation Theater offers a hand-selected, independent network featuring theaters and presentation auditoriums for reception of satellite broadcasts. Seen as warm and fuzzy venues, theaters tend to offer higher-quality audio and visual capabilities than other venues and provide an enhanced setting for an attentive and receptive audience. CineSat offers multiple sites in many markets, allowing companies to choose theaters right where they want them. Interactive tools provide two-way voice communication. Connections can be made with the studio and uplink service of your choice. For companies with their own internal network, auxiliary sites can be added easily to an existing broadcast system.--CommTools, Inc.

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It's OutaSight!

VSI INTRODUCES OUTASIGHT ADMINISTRATION, an updated user interface that simplifies conference control for the Omega videoconferencing platform. OutaSight Administration is a network management tool that combines the remote monitoring capability of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) with the ease of use of a Web browser interface. Features of OutaSight Administration include diagnostics to all system peripherals, remote videoconference initiation, user and department usage reports, thorough component-level diagnostics, and eight configurable SNMP alarms. OutaSight Administration is available with a variety of codecs and network interfaces.--VSI Enterprises, Inc.

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Eye on clarity

HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGE ENHANCEMENT is the key to monitor improvements and new offerings from Monivision. Two new monitors, an updated version of the XGA 27" monitor and a new XGA 32" monitor, provide a resolution of 1024 x 768 for a crisper picture.

The updated 27" XGA also features contoured side speakers that increase output from 5 watts to 8 watts, allowing better sound for videoconferencing and cutting the cost of additional speakers. An On-Screen-Display/Digital Control function makes monitor adjustment easier.

To better equip today's group briefings and presentations, computer training, education systems, and trade shows, Monivision has introduced its 32" monitor-a true XGA-quality monitor. It also features a super-flat screen.

The 1024 x 768 XGA non-interlaced high resolution is available in 29", 34", and 38" monitors.--Monivision, Inc.

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For the executive in you ...

FLEXIBLE, COST-EFFECTIVE GROUP VIDEOCONFERENCING for executive offices and conference facilities is provided in the new Executive Series from Intelect Visual Communications.

The Executive Series 100 is a basic peripheral package for users who already have a monitor and want to upgrade their desktop videoconferencing system for a group environment. The package includes a Remote Control Pan/Tilt/ Zoom camera available in NTSC or PAL, a room echo-cancellation device, and a compact wireless keyboard and mouse. The Executive Series 200 includes all Series 100 items, plus a 29" SVGA monitor. The Executive Series 300 is a turnkey group solution that includes all Series 200 peripherals plus a LANscape 2.1 system pre-installed on a Pentium II 266 MHz multimedia computer.--Intelect Visual Communications Corp.

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Collaborate on it

TEKTRONIX HAS A NEW SOLUTION for distance education, healthcare, government, and business. Remote Video Collaboration (RVC) employs the bandwidth efficiency of MPEG-2 to achieve distinctive visual quality and uses existing ATM networks to cut capital costs. The broadband RVC package includes the M2C video edge device--an ATM- and MPEG-compliant product-with ConferenceMaker Scheduling Software for centralized control of videoconferences.

The M2C video edge device is based on MPEG-2 and SMPTE 302M networking standards, incorporating flexible architecture to support multiple input/output channels. A video edge device resides at the edge of a network and supplies both compression and decompression of video. The Tektronix M2C device supports multiplexing of multiple video streams and incorporates remote management tools.

The ConferenceMaker Scheduling Software offers complex network control and multi-feature scheduling functions. It can be accessed with a Web browser through an Internet or intranet connection, cutting the costs associated with a centralized administrator.--Tektronix, Inc.

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You've got video e-mail CVIDEO-MAIL allows users to easily record and send video and audio attachments such as video clips, Internet voice mail, snapshots, or snapshots with audio by e-mail. Version 2.0 includes the CVideo-Snapshot software to capture still images, savable in seven different file formats. The recipient of a CVideo-Mail message needs no extra software to view the attachment. Video e-mail has intriguing possibilities in the corporate world for use in recruiting, sales, training, and remote office applications.

The CVideo-Mail Professional package includes CVideo-Mail 2.0 software, CVideo-Snapshot software, and a PCI video capture card. A high-quality NTSC desktop camera with omni-directional microphone is available. The video capture card will accept PAL, SECAM, or NTSC sources including camcorders and VCRs.--Cubic VideoComm, Inc.

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Conferencing with Vision

TANDBERG'S VISION 5000 utilizes plug-and-play technology to deliver 30 frames per second via a rollabout unit suited to large groups and boardroom locations. The Vision 5000 features reliable picture quality, smooth motion handling, Natural Audio, Intelligent Call Management and Intelligent Video Management, wide-angle view camera, aha an easy-to-use, hand-held, color-coded remote control.

The system operates at transmission speeds of 768 kbps using Primary Rate Interface (PRI) or external networks, and speeds of up to 512 kbps using the integrated 4 Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN network interface.

The Vision 5000's Intelligent Video Management (IVM) provides three choices for system configuration: "preferred motion," "preferred sharpness," and "auto." Its Intelligent Call Management (ICM) optimizes audio and video quality while maintaining the call in progress-even if 11 of the 12 channels are dropped. Natural Audio is a frequency-compensated audio system optimized for voice response. The wide-angle camera delivers a broad view for large group applications, and the internal SoftMux increases reliability and eliminates the need for an additional internal or external multiplexer. The system adheres to ITU standards, and its solid-state design does not incorporate any PC components.--Tandberg, Inc.

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