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Latest version of Buzzsaw.

Autodesk has announced the availability of the latest version of its Autodesk Buzzsaw collaborative project management solution. This enhanced version of Buzzsaw includes new functionality such as expanded bid and construction management capabilities.

Autodesk Buzzsaw helps businesses manage the plan, build and operate phases of the building lifecycle. By streamlining the management of information, Buzzsaw allows everyone involved in a project access to accurate and current information on demand.

Autodesk Buzzsaw New Features

The latest version of Autodesk Buzzsaw focuses on automating business processes for Buzzsaw customers, users and administrators. The new functionality helps customers:

* Drive business processes -- Increased breadth of available standard construction management forms and business processes, including submittals, ASIs (ArchiteGt's Supplemental Instructions), bulletins, transmittals, addenda and print orders.

* Accelerate the bid process -- A collaborative paperless bid management command centre now streamlines every phase in the bidding process--from electronically distributing bid invitations and bid packages, to notifying sub-contractors and awarding contracts.

* Optimise utilisation -- New member and storage management features enable site administrators to disable inactive users, and allocate space on demand by project or client, supporting efficient member usage and distribution of their storage space.

* Customise and configure forms -- available mid-December, customers will have the ability to custorise existing Buzzsaw forms, or create their own, to suit their unique business needs. Additionally, customers will be able to use pre-defined workflows and then assign them to their new forms or business processes.

The new version of Buzzsaw adds Italian to supported languages, joining English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and German. For more information on Autodesk Buzzsaw visit:
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