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Latest testing and diagnostic products.

Dual-purpose test set

TEST BOTH VOICE AND HIGH-SPEED DATA SERVICES simultaneously with one piece of equipment, saving time and expense. The TS 1200 ADSL/POTS test set is a combination data-safe, butt-in test set and ADSL service tester. Two modes of ADSL testing provide both an automatic test to provide a snapshot of the line, and a manual test that can monitor line conditions for up to 90 minutes. The easy-to-read menu options, digital readouts and graphing capabilities assist technicians in diagnosing problems. Standard features include high-voltage protection, DropSafe and RainSafe technologies, PBX pause, speed dial, last number redial, and tone/pulse dialing.--Harris

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AUTOMATED FIBER-OPTIC TEST SYSTEM allows the efficient testing of ribbon cables in telecommunications and networking environments. The Ribbon Test System (RTS) performs return- and insertion-loss measurements on terminated fiber-optic ribbon cables, MT-RJ patchcords and other multifiber cables. The system obtains, records and processes measurement data, and generates custom reports. A software package running on a PC-compatible workstation controls the test unit through a GPIB/IEEE-488 interface. The RTS permits the concurrent insertion-loss and return-loss measurements on up to 64 fibers at one time, eliminating the need for time-consuming mandrel wraps. The system can test different cable types simultaneously, and can be customized for specific manufacturing or research applications.--RIFOCS

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TEST THE LATEST DIGITAL WIRELESS FORMATS without replacing costly testing equipment. The 2029 Vector Modulator can turn any analog RF signal generator into a digital signal generator for testing digital wireless products, including base station amplifiers. Coupled with any manufacturer's analog RF signal generator, the 2029 can output digital signals in WCDMA, CDMA2000, IS-95, GSM, IS-136 and EDGE. The unit combines a vector modulator, an arbitrary waveform generator and an RF level-control system. The 2029 supports multiband, multimode phones, and can test 2G, 2.5G and 3G formats, with a frequency range from 800 MHz to 2.51 GHz. The system is able to switch digital formats instantly, and a software upgrade feature enables the 2029 to keep up with changing wireless standards.--IFR Systems

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Wireless sweeper

EASILY LOCATE ACCESS POINTS and measure coverage in DSSS wireless networks. The Grasshopper is a 2.4 GHz WLAN wireless receiver designed specifically, for sweeping and optimizing LANs. The instrument measures packet error rate, and displays correlated power and total channel power for direct sequence networks that operate on the IEEE 802.11b standard. The Grasshopper detects and differentiates from narrow-band multipath interfaces, such as microwave ovens and frequency-hopping systems, and includes a built-in display, keypad and antenna. The unit features an easy-to-read backlit display to show the received signal strength graphically. The sweeper comes with a rugged, water-resistant carrying case and two removable battery packs.--Berkeley Varitronics Systems

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Gigabit Ethernet analysis

GAIN VISIBILITY OF CRITICAL HIGH-SPEED LINKS with a hardware/software system for monitoring, analyzing and reporting network activity. The Gigabit Distributed Vision Suite integrates two Windows-based software packages--Protocol Inspector Version 3.0 and Network Inspector Version 4.1--and distributed hardware analyzers together to maximize effectiveness in locating and correcting network problems at 10/100 Mbps or gigabit speeds. A Network Inspector software module automatically performs network device discovery and trending of port-level traffic on switches and routers, without the expense of outfitting each port. Results can be integrated into reports that may be printed, published to Web pages or passed to Microsoft Visio 2000 for network diagramming. The hardware analyzers feature full-duplex, full-line-rate 10/100 ethernet and new Gigabit Ethernet versions in self-contained rackmounted units. A supplied in-line tap allows nonintrusive monitoring on fiber or copper links, eliminating the need to break and re-enable network connections each time a network segment is analyzed.--Fluke Networks

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