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Latest testing and diagnostic products.

Hand-held OC-48 test set

POWERFUL YET LIGHTWEIGHT TEST SET enhances the productivity of fiber-optic field test personnel. The SunSet OC-48 is a hand-held optical network analyzer that goes beyond transmission analysis to provide powerful service verification tools. These advanced features allow field technicians to completely verify their networks for both transmission and service quality. At the 2.5 Gbps data rate, the OC-48 offers unparalleled versatility and test choices from DS0 to OC-48c. The hand-held unit includes a broad range of SONET/BERT transmission analysis and service verification capabilities, including ATM/IP, ISDN PRI, GR-303, legacy VF and SS7. A color screen and logical operator interface structure mean that the OCx is easy to use and requires a minimum of training to begin utilizing its features. The OC-48 is a light 3-lbs. and small size that can be easily held in one hand and operated with the other. --Sunrise Telecom

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ADSL test set

POWERFUL ADSL TESTING DEVICE helps technicians troubleshoot line conditions. The COLT250A hand-held ADSL test set provides fast and accurate upstream and downstream throughput analysis. The unit utilizes the popular Analog Devices AD20msp918 ADSL chipset, which is fully compliant to all the international standards, such as the ITU-T G.Lite, ITU-T G.dmt (including Annex B) and the T1.413 standard. Testing can be performed at the NID, cross box or pedestal with a simple press of a button.--Consultronics

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Cable system testing

GET ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS of installed structured wiring channels in the field. The OMNIScanner2 is capable of meeting tough new Category 6 permanent link and channel measurement requirements. Full vector correction is applied to Category 6 link adapters so their effects on link measurements are eliminated. Special calibration data in the memory of the link adapter itself is read by the OMNIScanner and used to apply correction to measurements. The OMNIScanner2 tracks the number of tests run by each individual link adapter, allowing operators to replace or upgrade adapters before wear and tear degrade their performance. Adaptive vector cancellation technology is enabled to ensure all the wiring, patching systems and connector elements that may affect an operating network's performance in meeting some minimum performance level. The OMNIScanner2 has a removable Flash Card data storage system for test results and configuration data, and a USB port to provide data download rates up to 10 times normal serial connections. Additional improvements include Windows 2000 support, new updated link limits compatible with the latest standards, a new updated OEM cable library, selectable worst-margin/worst-case viewing and reporting, custom test limit line definition capability, and support for full 32-character file names.--Microtest

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OC-48 testing

ADVANCED TESTING AND SERVICE VERIFICATION MODULE provides vital functionality for installers in the field. The TTC 2000 Test Pad 2310 SONET Field Services Module now offers OC-48/48c test and monitoring capabilities. The 2310, equipped with the OC-48 option, is a hand-held, single-instrument solution that enables providers to provision, install and maintain data, transport and circuit-switched networks with services operating at speeds from DS0 to OC-48. Capabilities afforded by the OC-48 option include end-to-end SONET testing to verify network continuity, as well as circuit performance testing, signal emulation and error/ alarm analysis. Additionally, the unit performs SONET network element verification to ensure correct network element MUX/deMUX operation, precise input/output optical signal levels and frequencies, and proper network element provisioning. The TTC 2000 Test Pad is a 5-lb. platform that features automated, one-touch testing for many applications through its touchscreen GUI, provides VT100 emulation, and incorporates advanced low-power technology to maximize the life of its field-replaceable battery. It offers a rubber mold to absorb the impact of unexpected falls, and is durability tested to ensure endurance to extremes in heat, cold and vibration.--Acterna

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Four-pair cable tester

POWERFUL CABLE TESTER can find true split pairs in short cables and provides easy-to-read test results. The ITC-3402 Test-All IV Plus is a powerful four-pair cable tester with newly added TDR functions. Results from standard continuity tests for opens, shorts, reversals, crosses and split pairs are displayed on the backlight graphic display. The unit measures cable length and distance to fault on all four pairs. Testing time for continuity and TDR is just seconds, and can be used on cables indoors or outside for up to two miles. Built-in software selects from a large menu of cable manufacturers, category, type and NVP values for accurate test results. Operating on either batteries or AC power, the 3402 uses programmable terminators and stores up to 500 test results for later downloading.--Independent Technologies

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