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Latest testing and diagnostic equipment.

VoIP and data testing

MEASURE THE QUALITY, PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY OF VoIP over policy-based networks. The SmartVoIPQoS system generates and analyzes thousands of VoIP flows and millions of IF data flows simultaneously, in real time. The QoS is reported for both the voice and data flows, and the corresponding voice-quality scores are reported for voice flows The Windows-based application uses the capabilities of SmartMetrics cards to generate traffic that represents different classes of service (voice, data, multimedia), at up to full-line rate. The application then analyzes the performance of each incoming stream to test a device or network's ability to forward large numbers of data and voice flows by measuring statistics, such as loss, latency and jitter, for every packet transmitted, t also analyzes the device's ability to correctly handle policies implemented in the network or device under test. SmartVoIPQoS supports testing for all applicable VoIP standards.--Spirent Communications-SmartBits Div.

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Find cable faults

EASY-TO-USE CABLE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION streamlines troubleshooting in copper telephone lines. The TS100 Cable Fault Finder provides an easy method for locating open- and short-circuited conductors. It helps to reduce labor costs and increase customer satisfaction by accurately pinpointing the location of trouble within seconds--all from one end of the cable. The TS100 works on virtually any two or more conductor cables up to 2,500', with no additional calibration for wire thickness, and uses five types of clips. The unit's proprietary use of time domain reflectometry technology eliminates the need for manual interpretation of test data--all analysis is done via the software, eliminating the potential for human error. The TS100 eliminates the guesswork involved in the interpretation of test results, allowing technicians of all skill levels to do their jobs quickly, easily and accurately.--Harris

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Fiber-optic fault finder

LOCATE FAULTS IN FIBER-OPTIC CABLES. The VFL-300 is a lightweight, handheld laser light source indicator used to pinpoint faults in fiber-optic cables. By emitting a bright red beam of light into the fiber, faults can be detected by the glowing or blinking red light. The indicator works with either multimode cable or single-mode cable, with distances up to three km. The VFL-300 can be used to make a visual inspection of the fiber and determine the exact location of the fault. It is also used to identify tight bends or crimps, faulty connections, damaged components, bad splices and fiber breaks. A red LED is provided to indicate when the laser is active. A second LED indicates a low battery. The VFL-300 is powered by a single AA battery, which allows up to 24 hours of continuous operation. --Corning Cable Systems

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Fiber-optic microscope

COMPACT, VERSATILE, USER-FRIENDLY MICROSCOPE HAS SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY. The Fiberoptic Inspection Microscope features three built-in magnifications (150x, 175x and 200x); a universal adapter that accepts most ST, SC and FC 2.5 mm connector ferrules; focus wheel; eyepiece; and minimum/maximum zoom-control knob. The microscope eliminates the need to choose a different adapter for each magnification, use interchangeable eye pieces or purchase additional optics. Model FIM 150-200 is 5.75"x1.75"x.85", and weighs 5.1 oz. with batteries.--Clauss

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Permanent link testing

AVOID FALSE FAILURES that add costly, unnecessary hours of troubleshooting and repeated testing. The DSP-LIA 101S Permanent Link Interface Adapter moves the baseline accuracy of the DSP-4000 Series Cable Analyzers to the end of the test adapter, delivering more accurate test results and standards compliance for field testing of twisted-pair cabling installations. The tester is an out-of-the-box CAT 6 solution that minimizes costly fail results associated with poor link interface adapters. Susceptible to the daily wear and tear associated with rough field conditions, typical adapter interface cables degrade with time and contribute to return loss. The Permanent Link Interface Adapter boosts the reliability of tests with a field-tough, proprietary design to survive field conditions and maintain the accuracy and stability required for measuring return loss.--Fluke Networks

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WLAN receiver for 802.11

IDENTIFY WIRELESS LAN EQUIPMENT LOCATIONS and monitor performance. The Cricket is a hand-held, wideband, wireless receiver designed for sweeping and optimizing LANs. The instrument measures coverage of FHSS CDMA networks operating on the IEEE 802.11 standard. The unit allows administrators to measure and determine the access point packet error rate and RSSI signal levels to help locate access points and hubs throughout a building. The Cricket can also display other sources of interference, such as microwave ovens and DSSS signals. The device features a backlit display, keypad and two removable battery packs.--Berkeley Varitronics Systems

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SS7 signaling testing

STRESS TEST SS7 NETWORKS to ensure system stability. The SS7 Traffic and Message Generator is used in combination with the Ghepardo platform for high-load signaling traffic testing. The traffic generator application automatically tests SS7 traffic routers by generating a maximum toad of 95% on a single signaling channel. A single Ghepardo unit manages a maximum of eight T-1/E-1 trunks and 248 signaling channels at 56/64 kbps. A total of four units can be used in combination, managing 992 signaling channels simultaneously. The testing system allows up to 32 simultaneous users to monitor networks and troubleshoot directly from any Web browser. The SS7 Traffic Generator provides statistics in numeric and graphic form at the MTP2/MTP3 message and traffic level. Any anomalies in the instruments being tested, such as traffic congestion or message loss, are indicated by alarm signals.--Sunrise Telecom

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Bluetooth testing

ADD BLUETOOTH PROTOCOL ANALYSIS to existing test equipment. The Option 66 Bluetooth Analysis Software equips Tektronix spectrum analyzer models to perform a suite of automated tests for Bluetooth protocol. The software for the R3267 and R3273 spectrum analyzers provide an easy-to-use interface for executing a series of preset Bluetooth measurement routines. The automated tests include occupied bandwidth, spectrum mask tests and on/off ratio. The new features provide the ability to display multiple measurement results simultaneously. This allows the comparison of a tabular readout of demodulated data with a waveform of the same information.--Tektronix

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RF radiation protection

PROTECT COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS and others who risk exposure to harmful levels of radio frequency radiation. The Nardalert XT personal RF monitor creates and stores a continuous data log of RF exposure levels. The personal RF monitor incorporates a vibration alert, assuring workers will know when threshold alarm levels are exceeded, even when the monitor's visual and audible alarms are not easily detected. The Nardalert XT is an ultrabroadband sensing device covering almost the entire usable RF spectrum, from 100 kHz to 100 GHz. Different models are available to conform to all major worldwide standards for RF energy detection. In addition, the Nardalert XT allows recorded data to be downloaded to a PC for analysis and long-term record keeping. By reviewing logged data, supervisors can be sure workers are using monitors correctly. In addition to the alarm tones, five high-intensity LEDs provide visual indication of RF radiation levels. An optional remote vibrator can also be plugged into the monitor, allowing the vibrator to be worn close to the body, while the monitor is worn on outer clothing.--Narda Safety Test Solutions

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Test LAN networks

TESTERS VALIDATE CABLING WITH CATEGORY 5 AND 6 SPECS. The EasyLan 5 tester comes with a 300 MHz bandwidth for testing of cabling with specifications higher than Category 6. This includes certifying copper and optic cabling and networks, such as ethernet, ATM, token ring and Gigabit Ethernet. The EasyLan 5 is an upgradable Category 5 tester that can handle Category 6 with an upgrade pack. Both products include a site-manager function that allows the operator to organize certification reports over large sites or multiple average-size sites. EasyLan's checking tools determine fault origins, and the software prepares site-by-site certification reports, including all the parameters and graphs required by the standards. Both devices can be upgraded with flash memory, facilitating software upgrades as standards change. Test standards can be downloaded from the Internet.--AOIP

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Network testing tool

TESTING OF ALL SIZES OF NETWORKS IS SIMPLIFIED with Chariot 4.0, a network-testing tool that supports Internet-scale testing, with consoles available to test up to 10,000 connections, emulating the network traffic of hundreds of thousands of users. Proactive tests of the scalability of large network environments ensure service-level agreements can be met. Chariot 4.0's Virtual Test Designer defines tests and sets up configurations graphically using mouse clicks and drag-and-drop techniques. The end-to-end performance of complex, multiprotocol networks can be determined by running scripts that mimic a variety of applications, including Web, voice over IP, videoconferencing, e-mail and ERP. Chariot conducts tests that simulate traffic of the actual network environment, providing easy-to-understand metrics on response time, throughput and jitter from the end-user's perspective.--NetIQ

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