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Latest test products.


TEST HIGH-SPEED INTERNETWORKING between Gigabit Ethernet, POS, 10/100 Ethernet, ATM, and Frame Relay devices. Netcom Systems, Inc. has developed its SmartMetrics Gigabit Ethernet LAN-6201 SmartModule to support a layered approach to network testing. The LAN6201 is designed to address optimization and prioritization methods at all network layers. The SmartModule is a measurement system capable of creating and capturing client/server sessions at Gigabit line rates for full analysis and verification of the performance and QoS of Gigabit Ethernet devices and networks. The tests allow users to quickly measure all key metrics including true load capacity, throughput, per-flow latency, latency variation, latency over time, and packet sequence.--Netcom Systems, Inc.

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IP QoS analysis

ADTECH'S BROADBAND TEST line for network equipment manufacturers and service providers now includes its AX/4000 mAX IP solution. With the mAX 1 Gbps modules, Adtech's AX/4000 system can analyze more than half a million real-time, QoS statistics at full rate and generate test traffic using up to 244 protocol encapsulations. The mAX IP is built on hardware-based generator/analyzer pairs and will scale to OC-48 speeds by the end of 1999. The generator creates test traffic using eight live sources with separate packet interarrival and length distribution models for each source. The module provides live insertions of emulated protocols with user-defined encapsulations and will trigger full-rate data capture when lost, late, or corrupted packets are detected.--Adtech, Inc.

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OmniBER enhancements

SIMPLIFY AND SPEED UP TESTING. Users can fit transmission testing to specific rates and then extend rates as required in the future. Hewlett-Packard has enhanced its OmniBER 719 communications performance analyzer to include lower-rate variants, allowing providers to configure the multirate tester with maximum rates of 2.5 Gbps, 622 Mbps, or 155 Mbps to match specific network requirements. Lower-rate models are upgradable to higher rates without loss of capability. Synchronous-only configurations are available at all rates. OmniBER 719 explores the payload of a SONET signal down to DS3 or DS1 levels.--Hewlett-Packard Co.

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Convergence diagnostics

EMPLOY NEXT-GENERATION hardware and software architectures for high-speed and intelligent network technologies. Tekelec's MGTS i3000 is a complete convergence diagnostic system. Applications built on MGTS i3000 technology, shipping before years end, will address wireline and wireless equipment manufacturers' test and verification needs. MGTS i3000 delivers scalability in connectivity, processing power, user interfaces, and test applications to mitigate costs and enable incremental growth. Tekelec's product will support testing of SS7 over ATM and IP networks. The MGTS i3000 provides testing of signaling over IP and generates traffic simulation and load using IP protocol. GSM, CDMA, and PASM testing and simulation will also be offered with this versatile product.--Tekelec

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SONET service verification

ADDRESS NEXT-GENERATION central-office testing by including SONET and T-carrier transmission, protocol analysis, and call-setup capabilities. Sunrise Telecom has developed the SS500 for comprehensive SONET services and transmission testing for DS0, DS1, DS3, STS-1, OC-1, OC-3, and OC-12. The SS500 has a bidirectional in-service monitoring capability that is supported with dual receivers at all data rates. Sunrise Telecom has allowed for dual T1/E1 interfaces, with full-duplex drop, as well as T3, STS-1, OC-12, OC-3, and OC-1 interfaces, each with dual receivers. In addition to transmission testing, the SS500 is ready for Frame Relay, ATM, Datacom, and 4W DDS testing, along with ISDN and SS7 protocol analysis and call setup.--Sunrise Telecom, Inc.

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CDMA monitoring

DIAGNOSE WIRELESS NETWORKS, capture handoff status, monitor RF power control, verify coverage, and perform optimization analysis. Wavetek Wandel Goltermann has designed its OPTIMRemote 8140 monitoring system to continually roam the CDMA network without requiring the intervention of technicians to test high-traffic areas. When installed in vehicles, such as buses, taxis, and trains, OPTIMRemote maintains the wireless network using system parameters logged into internal memory. OPTIM-Remote sends and receives real-time network data to and from the short-message center. --Wavetek Wandel Goltermann

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Two-line simulator

LOW-COST TELEPHONE LINE simulator contains features required for CO lines. MICRO SEVEN's model LS 15-C includes 20-Hz sine-wave ring signal and dual-frequency call-progress tone. The LS15-C can be used for all telecom equipment testing, field testing, and operator training of 911-emergency communication. Key features of the MICRO SEVEN product are distinctive ring signals, forced called party disconnect, network response delay, programmable disconnect signal, hot-line mode, simulated PBX mode, secondary call-progress tones, and extra signal-attenuation mode. It may be operated with AC or DC voltage input.--MICRO SEVEN, Inc.

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Multiple-segment analysis

DIGITECH-LECROY OFFERS DATACOMsystems access switches for LAN900 and RAS remote analysis systems. The DATACOMsystems access switch provides full access to traffic on many segments without having to move or reconnect the analyzer. Users can view up to 64 segments of their network with a single analyzer. The switch allows for simultaneous monitoring of multiple segments with multiple analyzers. Embedded switch control eliminates the need to run multiple applications to access and view a network. Each rackmountable switch takes only 1.75" of vertical rack space. The switches are available for 10/100Base-T, 4/16 token ring, and 10/100Base-T switched half duplex. --Digitech-LeCroy

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Enhanced SS7 software

ENABLE FIELD TECHNICIANS to perform fast, accurate diagnosis of network problems. Consultronics has designed its Panther SS7 software to display the real-time capture of received data with graphs showing distribution of the total number of signal units between message signal units, link-status signal units, and fill-in signal units. Redundant or overloaded lines are indicated via a scrolling time graph. Link errors are also indicated in a time-based graph function.

The 3.02 version of Panther SS7 offers a results screen displaying decoding of destination point (DPC), originating point (OPC), circuit identification (CIC), and signaling link selection (SLS). An improved filter protocols page makes it possible to isolate messages in the highest layers. The tracing function allows messages to be displayed if their OPC, DPC, CIC, or SLS meet certain criteria. These point codes can be specified in ANSI or ITU formats, depending on the signaling type.--Consultronics Ltd.

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