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Latest test products.

Go hybrid

SINGLE/MULTIMODE TEST KIT from Noyes Fiber Systems is ideal for testing and building campus fiber optic networks with hybrid cables. The kit contains the OPM 5-2B (the latest version of the OPM 5-2) and a new three-wavelength light source (the OLS 5-5). The OPM 52B measures and stores loss results at 850 and 1300 nm for multimode fibers and 1310 and 1550 nm for singlemode fibers. The OLS 5-5 has three outputs: 850 nm for multimode testing, 1300 nm for multimode and singlemode testing, and 1550 nm for singlemode testing.--Noyes Fiber Systems

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2.44 GHz radio test

LOOPBACK TEST SYSTEM from Larus Corp is a highly stable test apparatus that provides signal loopback for testing a Larus QuadHopper Model 7000 2.44 GHz Radio System. The license-free Model 700 Radio System operates in the ISM frequency band and provides excellent performance for Low-capacity, point-to-point short-to medium-haul applications.

The Model 7020 Frequency (Test) Translator is especially suited for determining and providing accurate test data for fault locating within the radio system. The frequency translator provides adjustable attenuation to simulate the actual path loss of the radio system under test. Path lengths of up to 50 miles can be simulated.--Larus Corp.

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300+ protocols at wirespeed

WIRESPEED PROTOCOL ANALYZER offers innovative backbone management tools. The WireSpeed 622 ATM analyzer supports the decode and analysis of over 300 protocols. In addition to full-rate traffic generation and capture with a convenient user interface, the WireSpeed detects thousands of connections, automatically determines the application carried on them, and collects application-level statistics on all channels simultaneously. Since the analyzer is based on a unique adaptive protocol analysis technology, the analyzer supports future-friendly upgrades to new technologies and applications.

The WireSpeed can capture up to one million cells on each of its ports, with full-rate operation supported by line-speed filters as required. For backbone traffic generation, the unit offers IP Blaster software, capable of generating a diverse range of data from AAL1 cells to full-fledged TCP/IP traffic at wirespeed.--RADCOM Equipment Co.

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Antenna/amplifier PCS faults

PCS FAULT FINDER from Zetron provides fast notification of power amplifier and antenna problems at PCS sites. The Model Z907 PCS Fault Finder continuously monitors forward RF power and antenna return loss in the 1.8 to 2.0 GHz frequency band. The unit features user-adjustable thresholds that generate an alarm output when forward RF power or antenna return loss falls below the threshold value. Alarm outputs can be integrated with existing PCS site monitoring equipment to report alarm conditions to a central location. Also features in-line measurement with less than 0.2 dB insertion loss, compact dimensions and easy installation, and factory-calibrated fast detector with wide dynamic range.--Zetron, Inc.

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Fiber tester

HYBRID FIBER TEST SOLUTION from Photonix Technologies combines the accuracy of the recognized Photonix TECHLITE power meter with the popular LANLITE LED source. The PX-D702 Fiber Test Set provides a low-cost, yet high-precision test solution. The set features a 0.01 dB resolution, relative loss mode, temperature-stabilized operation, a sealed waterproof carry case, adapter cap, and a rugged extruded aluminum design.--Photonix Technologies, Inc.

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Take it to the limit

RUGGED PORTABLE COMPUTER from National Instruments is ideal for field test applications such as in-vehicle instrumentation, portable telecommunications test, transportations system monitoring, and field data acquisition. The PX1-1025 MegaPAC is a completely integrated and ruggedized portable computer based on Compact PCI and PXI specifications. The unit integrates a flat-panel LCD, keyboard, pointing device, and CD-ROM drive to bring a higher degree of modularity and capability to portable computing and instrumentation. The PX1-1025 MegaPAC also features shock-mounted construction, a more compact 3U size, integrated timing and triggering, AC and DC power options, a fold-away keyboard, and seven PXI/CompactPCI expansion slots.--National Instruments

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Subscriber line kit

HANDHELD TEST INSTRUMENTS from Wandel & Goltermann are designed to analyze all the major parameters of subscriber access circuits quickly and with high accuracy. The Subscriber Line Measuring Kit (SLK) is a complete set of test equipment that offers balanced inputs for measurement on lines for ISDN, PCM, HDSL, SDSL, ADSL, and POTS.

A handy carrying case contains a complete set of subscriber line testers (SLK-11, 12, or 22) and appropriate accessories. The SLK is designed to provide automatic communication between the near-end and far-end instruments. Complete operation of all measurement functions are conducted from one end, which simplifies the procedure and only requires one operator. Upon measurement completion, the instrument provides immediate indication of whether or not the line meets the specified requirements.--Wandel & Goltermann

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Now with SS7 over ATM ...

SUPPORT FOR SS7 OVER ATM has been added to the more than 100 protocols and variants already available on the Digital Communications Test System (DCT-S) from Catapult Communications. Catapult's SAAL-NNI Protocol Module allows customers to validate products and services to take advantage of SS7 over ATM applications.

The SAAL-NNI Protocol Module supports SS7 over ATM applications by replacing MTP Layer 2 with the SAAL-NNI protocol stack. This stack provides an adaptation layer specifically for network node signaling, with each sublayer performing specific functions. The system conforms to ITU-T, ANSI, and Belcore ATM specifications.--Catapult Communications

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Premium cable check

ADVANCED CERTIFICATION FOR PREMIUM CABLING is provided by the OMNIScanner from Microtest. The OMNIScanner certifies Enhanced Category 5 and Category 6 cabling. The unit features an extremely wide dynamic range of 100 dB and the ability to support up to 300 MHz bandwidth for testing Category 6 and 7 cables. The OMNIScanner also provides accurate Return Loss and ELFEXT (Equal Level Far-End Cross Talk) measurements for Gigabit Ethernet/1000Base-T on Category 5 or 6 cables. OMNIScanner's project-based user interface allows custom autotest, cable, and project configurations. Measurements include Wiremap, Propagation Delay, Delay Skew, Length, Attenuation, NEXT, PSNEXT, ACR, PSACR, ELFEXT, PSELFEXT, Return Loss, and Resistance. Test results are downloadable to a PC.--Microtest

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Whose side is the problem on?

UPDATED DS1 TEST UNIT from Hekimian Labs features increased memory and gate arrays. With the Model 6716-01, Issue 2, DS1 Test Unit, new alarm signals and performance patterns may be used to improve local loop visibility. Regardless of whether errors are caused by degraded service or a service outage condition, non-intrusive monitoring by the Digital Remote Test Unit (DRTU) can determine if a problem originates on the network or on the customer side of the point of demarcation. Functions include: Customer Disconnect Indicator for detecting signal loss on the customer side, Performance Report Message for conveying far-end circuit performance data back to the network, and Network Performance Message for providing detailed information for fault isolation without taking the DS1 out of service.--Hekimian Laboratories

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Analyze wireless antenna systems

TEST CELLULAR, DATA, PAGING, PCS, or SMR/ ESMR antenna systems with the Site Analyzer from Bird Electronic Corp. The Site Analyzer can help wireless systems operators improve service quality by measuring and evaluating VSWR, return loss, and fault location in either analog or digital site antenna systems. The instrument's built-in analytical functions and unique Digital Signal Processing facilitate fast, accurate identification of antenna system deterioration and damage.

The analyzer's extensive array of features range from high-resolution full-color display to self-contained analytical capabilities that allow comparison testing in the field without an external PC. The analyzer boasts superior rejection of interfering signals, more precise fault location, greater storage capacity, a field-re-placeable 3-hour Lithium Ion battery, and the ability to store scans in their native format.--Bird Electronic Corp.

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