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Latest telephony and CTI products.

Remote PBX administration

REMOTELY ACCESS PBX CALL RECORDS and maintenance ports. The Net.Link Call Accounting Terminal is a PBX recorder designed for SMDR/CDR data collection and alarm monitoring. In addition to storing call records, the Net.Link can monitor the records for suspicious phone activity or critical alarm conditions. It will alert proper personnel by pager or SNMP signal as soon as the alarm is detected. It is also designed to provide remote access to connected serial devices, including PBX hardware. The unit can be polled, and commands can be issued to equipment by personnel over the network--by direct connection or by modem. The dial-back security feature of the Net.Link provides an additional layer of security for modem access to the command mode. The unit can be set to automatically push collected data to an FTP server at predefined intervals, simplifying the process of collecting the data.--Western Telematic

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Integrated access device

DELIVER TOLL-QUALITY ISDN VOICE and high-speed data services, including frame relay over DSL, to international business customers. The AN-30-PRI IAD features customer-side ISDN and high-speed data connections to support customer PBXs and data traffic, including ethernet, frame relay and HDLC services. The AN-30-PRI lAD is targeted at midsized and larger businesses, and features one digital ISDN PRI connection, one 10/100 ethernet LAN connection and two high-speed serial V.35/X.21 FR/HDLC service interfaces. The complete solution supports voice, fax, data and videoconferencing applications for ISDN services. It is interoperable with leading ATM network access equipment, providing a straightforward method for adding powerful voice/data service bundles to existing DSL, SDH and wireless LMDS infrastructures, specifically targeted at the business customer segment. The new lAD supports E-1 and DSL uplinks, including G.SHDSL, SDSL and ADSL/ G.Lite.--Accelerated Networks

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Slim application server

POWERFUL COMPUTING PLATFORM is designed for computer telephony applications, such as call centers, IP telephony, fax-on-demand and VoIP. The ZA-100 is a compact industrial server that is quick to deploy and easy to manage. The 1U-high system has support for single or dual Pentium III processors, dual hard drives and a high-capacity cooling system incorporating six fans. An additional option provides for IDE RAID support, including hot-swappable drives. Integrated fault detection monitors power supply, fan speed and chassis temperature, with audible and visual alarms to alert system managers. The motherboard uses the VIA 694X chipset and supports a 133 MHz front bus, from 128 MB to 1,024 MB of PC-100 or PC-133 SDRAM, and has dual 10/100 ethernet controllers onboard. Optimized for rackmount environments incorporating multiple servers, the ZA-100 compact form allows for up to 42 servers to be configured in a single industry-standard rack.--Advantech Technologies

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Optimized CRM solutions

ENSURE CONTACT CENTER RESOURCES are optimally applied to workload and contact flow. Rockwell Electronic Commerce (REC) Panoramic Professional Services' global solutions include a total, integrated approach that facilitates customer relationship management (CRM) across the enterprise, ensuring success and profitability. The services enable businesses to realize CRM strategies via open, scalable platforms and innovative multimedia applications. REC provides a wide array of services, including: a comprehensive analysis of the company contact center, business rules and goals, and future business needs; a network (intranet and extranet) diagnostic evaluation and analysis to determine network readiness for contact center integration and next-generation networks; the planning, design and integration of e-commerce application software; recommendations on how to best integrate voice, desktop and business applications, all with a single network infrastructure; and contact center technology analysis and improvement recommendations that will increase efficiency and productivity.--Rockwell Electronic Commerce

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Tap card

EFFICIENTLY INTEGRATE DIGITAL AUDIO RECORDING with a wide range of switches. The new Multivendor Tap Card, from ASC connects the Marathon voice recorder directly to digital PBX and automatic call distributer telecommunications systems from InterTel Axxess, as well as Alcatel, Aspect, Bosch, Comdial, Ericsson, Intercom, Lucent, NEC, Nitsuko, Norstar, Siemens and Telrad. The direct connection provided by the card eliminates third-party, digital-to-analog converters and the cumbersome wiring of handset audio. Audio from eight to 128 channels can be recorded by the Marathon system using digital audio tapes, DVD or optical discs.--ASC Telecom

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DSP I/O card

ADVANCED PMC CARD provides connectivity options for DSP solutions. The PMC ENET-1 is a high-performance integrated PMC-based I/O card. The card features integrated I/O and DSP hardware and software solutions for a broad range of applications, including wireless digital radio/programmable software receivers, test equipment, sonar/imaging, telecommunications and networking. The PMC ENET-1 is designed to provide both deployable ethernet and serial ports on a single PMC card. The card can be used in both 3.3 V or 5.0 V PCI signaling environments. A stacking option allows for another PMC module to be piggybacked onto the ENET-1.--Ixthos

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Unified messaging

GRAPHICAL OBJECT-ORIENTED UNIFIED MESSAGING TOOL provides tight integration with PBX systems. CallAttendant Office features unified messaging, personal attendant, trunkline attendant and voice mail for enterprise environments. CallAttendant Office stores voice, fax and e-mail messages in a single mailbox, allowing users to retrieve messages from an email client and listen to them over the phone. The system delivers voice and fax messages directly into Exchange mailboxes and provides centralized mailbox administration. Each mailbox is configured to have the most commonly used features of voice mail, including outgoing announcements, remote message retrieval, fax reception, message notification, automatic fax forwarding, automatic call forwarding and support for call screening. Using the familiar Outlook GUI, voice and fax messages are displayed using distinct icons to indicate message type. CallAttendant Office allows users to manage their voice mail configuration or their personal attendant over a TCP/IP network. Users can change recordings, adjust settings and change call-flow behavior without having access to the CallAttendant Server.--ObjectWorld

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Call center management

INCORPORATE DIVERSE CALL CENTER SYSTEMS for accurate agent monitoring and an improved customer experience. The Agent Quality Management (AQM) system is a software suite for call center agent performance monitoring. The AQM suite integrates with any enterprise data source that impacts the agent's performance, as well as typical CTI data sources, such as ACDs and dialers. The AQM system allows managers to measure and evaluate key environmental parameters that influence agent performance. Key parameters available for review and measurement are number of sales made and lost, total calls answered and abandoned, calls in queue and average wait time, number of agents available, average time to answer, and average talk time. Agent voice and screen activity can be captured and synchronized for subsequent replay during an evaluation process.--Racal Recorders

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Intrusion detection

MONITOR AND LOG all voice and data traffic into and out of the enterprise through a PBX. IceMon is a telecommunication intrusion-detection system that protects computer networks against outsider infiltration, as well as insider information leaks executed through an enterprise's PBX telecom switch. IceMon monitors dial-up modem, fax and voice sessions passing through the office phone network, identifies the origin and destination of each communication, and generates real-time alarms in the event of suspicious activity. Archived data can be reconstructed, including TCP/IP packets, making ascertaining the nature of the violation possible, as well as providing evidence for disciplinary action or legal proceedings. The system automatically classifies each call as modem, fax or voice; identifies all unauthorized modems; and creates a record identifying key data for each session, such as time of call, calling party number, answering party number and call type. The system can be configured to alert personnel to suspicious conditions, and intrusion activity reports can be generated upon request or at scheduled intervals. The system is in a 7"-high rackmount chassis installed on the company telephone switch and scales from two to 12 T-1 lines. It operates passively, leaving all communications free from interference and eliminating the risk of letting sessions pass unmonitored during periods of system overload.--eNetSecure

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Digital phones

ADVANCED PHONES feature digital signal processing and onboard flash memory for field upgradability. The DS1000/2000 series comes equipped as a three-line, eight-digital station telephone system with four analog stations and built-in caller ID. The system grows easily by adding an extension card that maximizes the system to six lines, 16 digital stations and eight analog stations. Features include directory dialing, interactive soft keys, message center keys and full NVM-integration. Future enhancements to the DS1000 can easily be obtained by downloading software upgrades. Four models are available: 34-button super display, 34-button display, 22-button display and 22-button standard. All have dual LEDs, built-in speakerphones and adjustable desk stand legs.--Nitsuko

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IP-enabled PBX

SMALL, FULL-FEATURED PBX is optimized for the needs of distributed branch offices, and small or midsized standalone offices. The F9600 LE is optimally suited for offices requiring up to 64 lines, and offers a full range of call-handling features, such as sophisticated call routing, calling name display, dialed number identification service, group paging, additional message waiting lamp, programmable delay before sending a paging zone, and improved DTMF features. The system accommodates a direct IP trunk interface without sacrificing any networking functionality. The F9600 LE system shares the same architecture, software, interface cards and desktop telephone sets with other F9600 models, and only takes up two square feet of office space. Additional features include dedicated and virtual ISDN networking, VoIP networking, unified messaging, call center support, and audio-and videoconferencing.--Fujitsu Business Communication Systems

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