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Latest range of sumps.

Denios has introduced a new range of sumps to its already wide range.

Described as a WHW sump, the distinguishing characteristic between this type and other sumps within the range is its size. These are particularly large sumps with up to 11[m.sup.2] storage space and sump capacities up to 2000 litres so that large quantities of liquids can be stored in one compact area. These sumps are also extremely versatile, for example the larger models can be used for storing IBC containers or alternatively for storing a combination of IBCs, drums and small containers. Additionally WHW sumps can withstand the weight of shelving units and also function as a dispensing station.

Should a spillage occur in the sump, WHW sumps also have the added advantage of a sectional removable grid system so that the user only has to remove the grid in the area where the spillage has occurred.

These sumps are galvanised to ensure that the sumps are durable, have a long life span and will withstand all weather conditions. They also meet all requirements of current British environment regulations and can also be used for the storage of flammable liquids.

WHW sumps manufactured by Denios can also be used in combination with Denios' range of accessories for further comfort. A ramp manufactured by Denios for instance allows easy access to the sump when handling IBCs and other containers.

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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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