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Latest power protection products.

Shock-resistant rack

EARTHQUAKE-RESISTANT RACK provides a stable platform for batteries, Yuasa introduces a new Zone 4-certified rack for securing its DDS VRLA batteries. Designed for wireless, microwave, central office and other telecommunications applications, the new rack incorporates an easy-to-assemble frame system for quick installation in seismically active areas. Individual cells are encased in dedicated protective steel cases that maintain a constant, uniform compression for the life of the cell. The batteries are available from 120 Ah to 8,000 Ah, and come in custom or standard voltages of 24V and 48V. They are completely front-accessible, come in 29 different sizes and configurations, have a recombination of [is greater than] 95%, and require no watering, periodic equalization, special ventilation or spill-containment.

--Yuasa Circle 300 for more information

DC power

RELIABLE POWER AND EASY FRONT ACCESS are available in this DC power plant. The AGM 60 telecom DC power plant is designed for outside plant, fiber, PBX, microwave and broadband applications. It requires only five rack spaces and can be configured from 7.5 amps to 60 amps using -48Vdc 7.5 amp switchmode rectifiers. The compact AGM 60 is equipped with low-voltage disconnect, battery disconnects, AM1 type circuit breakers, GMT fuses, A and B feeds, load shielding, and microprocessor monitoring and control.

--C&D Technologies Circle 301 for more information

UPS control

NEW POWER-MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE eases network power management with enhanced support for Linux, Windows NT/2000 and a Win32 console snap-in. Compaq Computer Corp. has enhanced its Power Management Software to ease network administrator tasks for efficiently managing network-wide power regardless of the underlying operating system. This new version allows IT managers an easy way to configure and completely control the enterprise and e-business power framework. The new additions help network administrators configure what network devices should be shut down during a power outage and in what order the devices will shut down. The Compaq Windows NT/2000 Web-enabled module offers the ability to go beyond viewing statistics and to perform all power configuration changes on the fly and in real time. From anywhere on the network, administrators can log into their intranet browser, select the http:// server name, and select the UPS link to gain password-protected access to the fully configurable, power-management options. The new software is backward compatible with all Insight Manager versions.

--Compaq Computer Circle 310 for more information

Surge protection

DATA LINE SURGE PROTECTION products protect network assets. A new brochure from Cylix outlines a range of products providing surge protection for data applications. Surge protection equipment offered includes rack-mount and wall-mount standoff protectors, 24-port patch panels, data communication line protectors for RJ-45 and RJ-11 interfaces, coaxial and twinaxial line surge protectors, and USB protectors. Cylix also offers custom products and engineer services for unique application problems. The company also provides a limited lifetime warranty, five-year replacement warranty and a $25,000 connected equipment warranty on its products.

--Cylix Circle 302 for more information

Power switching

ENSURE PROPER POWER to your essential network components. The TPC2562 is an AC power-distribution unit that combines true redundant input, under-voltage protection and ultra-fast switching. Designed for critical systems, the unit protects against power failures and severe brownout conditions. The TPC 2562 monitors the input voltage and automatically switches to the secondary power source when the primary source fails. Source transfer time is typically 18ms, +/- 5ms. Both lines are protected with integrated EMI/FRI protection, inline fuses and surge suppression. The front panel contains alighted on/off circuit breaker and power LEDs, which indicate low-voltage or power-good status for each source. The rear panel contains power output via eight IEC 60320, C13 outlets. The TPC 2562 is designed for a rack mount, and is only 1.75" high, 9.5" deep. The unit has detachable brackets to allow for front, rear or recessed mounting. Vertical mounting brackets are also available.

--Pulizzi Engineering Circle 323 for more information

Stable DC power

REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM ensures continuous operations for telecom applications. Liebert's new high-power density Helios DC System 1200/20 powers +24Vdc loads with a capacity of up to 1200 Amps. The system can be equipped with a combination of up to 10 120-amp plug-in rectifiers and up to four 10-amp DC to AC converters. It is available in 30 and 50 circuit-breaker capacity models, and includes an enclosed front access distribution and control panel. The 42" short rack system can be mounted above the batteries to save space. An integrated temperature compensation module and fan-cooled rectifiers assist the unit to achieve a MTBF rate of greater than two million hours.

--Liebert Circle 306 for more information

Enterprise power protection

MANAGED POWER CONDITIONING and backup is provided from a new enterprise level UPS system. The Enterprise Series UPS from Minuteman features line-interactive voltage regulation and supplies true sine wave power at all times. The main UPS control module can be mounted on a wall or in a rack, and is available in 500, 750, 1100, 1500, 2300 and 3200 VA sizes. Only 15" deep, it accommodates large plugs and power cords when installed in a cramped equipment rack. External battery packs with independent chargers can be added to provide extended runtime. The Enterprise Series UPS protects from harmful voltage surges and spikes, as well as voltage decreases or brownouts, using built-in voltage regulation technology. An expansion port allows the addition of a SNMP module, USB adapter or an interface card for monitoring multiple AS/400 compatible servers. A large acceptable input voltage range of 75 to 164 VAC reduces wear on batteries. The unit comes with a three-year parts-and-labor warranty, and a protection plan that offers up to $40,000 equipment insurance for any equipment that is properly connected to the UPS. An online utility for calculating power requirements assists administrators with installation planning.

--Para Systems Circle 303 for more information

Wide product selection

NEW PRODUCT CATALOG outlines a wide range of power-supply and safety-testing products. The Kikusui Short Form Catalog is available from IFR Systems. The free, full-color catalog features programmable DC and AC power supplies, electronic loads, battery testers, signal generators, electronic safety testers, voltage testers, oscilloscopes and power supply controllers.

--IFR Systems Circle 305 for more information

Stable power supply

COMPACT 600W SWITCHMODE POWER SUPPLY is designed to provide flexible power for telecommunications applications. The compact PFC-600 from Taiyo Yunden is a modular switchmode power supply with four floating outputs. Rated at 600W total continuous output power at operating temperatures of 0-50C, the unit corrects the input current waveform to better than .99 power factor at full load. The open-frame switcher measures 11"x5"x2.5". The PFC-600 has a main output plus auxiliary outputs of 3.3, 5 and 12V. Other voltage combinations are available. The four floating outputs provide two to 48V. The unit complies with CISPR 11/22 EMI requirements, and CE low voltage and EMC directives.

--Taiyo Yunden Circle 304 for more information

Surge protection

SURGE-PROTECTION DEVICES placed at incoming electrical power distribution panels and electronic switchgear provides equipment protection. The Vanguard surge suppressor features a sophisticated component-level circuit-interrupting design. The 200kAIC rated dual-fuse design incorporates a thermal fuse and a precisely shaped, 99.9%-pure silver fuse-link enclosed in a polymer tube to concentrate expanding energy during the fuse-clearing process. Unaffected suppression elements remain, providing continuous, uninterrupted protection. Diagnostic functions provide component-level sensing, suppression-circuit-status monitoring and reduced protection-level indication. Form C dry-relay contacts are provided for remote status monitoring. Available models feature peak surge current levels from 40kA-100kA/mode, all backed by a 10-year warranty.

--Innovative Technology Circle 343 for more information

Versatile fuse rack

ENSURE CRITICAL NETWORK ELEMENTS will be powered consistently and reliably. The PowerWorx GMT Series power distribution product family is designed to power and protect network equipment located in central offices and remote locations. The PowerWorx GMT Series features input power up to 65 amps per bus, eliminating the need to stock varying amperage fuse panels. Fuse management is simplified by accommodating up to 15 amps of output power per fuse position, without the need to space fuses. A self-configuring voltage and polarity feature allows a single panel to provide +/- 24 volts direct current (with a range of +/- 21 to +/- 30 V) or +/- 48 V (with a range of +/- 42 to +/- 56 V) power. Both 19" and 23" standard front/rear access and total front access panels can be recess-mounted into racks using universal mounting ears. User-friendly fuse holders and high-brilliance LEDs allow technicians to quickly identify and replace blown fuses in the field.

--ADC Telecommunications Circle 307 for more information

Office surge protection

PROTECT OFFICE EQUIPMENT from damaging power surges and phone line spikes. The SurgeProtector8 Tel from Panamax offers surge protection for office electronics, computers and computers with modem connections. The Surge Protector8 Tel model features eight AC outlets spaced to accommodate transformers. Four of the outlets are always on to provide constant power. A master switch controls the other four outlets. New Joule technology handles an unlimited number of surges. The unit either absorbs and reroutes the surge energy to ground or, in the event of a catastrophic surge, the SurgeProtector8 Tel disconnects the power to the equipment. The unit also features diagnostic lights for safety to indicate proper grounding and outlet wiring, a lifetime product and $50,000 connected equipment warranty, EMI/RFI noise filtration, and UL 1449 rating of 330 volts on all three legs of power.

--Panamax Circle 308 for more information
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