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ADA - NORTHERN BAR TROPHY, ROUND 1 - THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 5: Murdo's Bar v Portland Club, Gas Lamp B v Legends B, Legends v Old Bank Bar, Holburn v Grampian, Riley's B v Mounthooly, Kings v Pittodrie, Rowantree v Riley's, Kirkgate v Castle, Golden Tee B v Mither Tap, Mains Of Scotstown v Murdo's Lounge, Gilcomston v Kings Highway, New Greentrees v Butchers Arms, Northern Hotel v Woodend Bar, Northern Bar v Central Bar, Rowantree B v Brig Inn BYES: Golden Tee, Parkway Inn, Brig Inn B, Masada, Sportsmans Club, Langdykes, Kittybrewster, Dee Swimming Club, Croft & Cairns, Fountain Bar B, Scotia Lounge, McNasty's, Regent Bridge, Grays Inn, Grampian B, Scotia Bar.

LEAGUE RESULTS - SUPER PREMIER (Sponsored by Legends): Brig Inn 11, Regent Bridge 1; Masada 12, Riley's 0; Old Bank Bar 12, Dee SC 0*, Castle 7, Murdo's Bar 5; Kings Bar 5, Grays Inn 7; Fountain 5, Northern Bar 7. PREMIER (Sponsored by Brig Inn): Pittodrie 7, Brig Inn B 5; Victoria Bar 5, Holburn 7; Kirkgate 7, McNasty's B 5; Riley's B 6, Old Bank B 6; Golden Tee NR, Old Machar Legion NR; Fountain B 6, Rowantree B 6; Sportsmans Club 5, Spiders Web 7. FIRST DIVISION (Sponsored by Gas Lamp): Northern Lounge 6, Kittybrewster 6; Wagley's 2, Scotia Bar 10; McNasty's 4, Parkway Inn 8; Scotia Lounge 7, Wilson's 5; Mither Tap 0, Mains of Scotstown 12; Murdo's Lounge 5, Gas Lamp B 7; St Machar Bar 5, New Greentrees 7. SECOND DIVISION (Sponsored by Murdo's): Gilcomston 7, 524 Bar 5; Langdykes 7, Central Bar 5; White Horse 7, Brig O' Dee 5; Northern Hotel 5, Woodend Bar 7; Glentanar 2, Grampian B 10; Buckie Farm 1, Kings Highway 11; Rowantree 5, Portland Club 7. THIRD DIVISION (Sponsored by Grampian Bar): Grampian 1, Bankhead Inn 11; Mounthooly Bar 3, Butchers Arms 9; Legends B 8, Legends 4; Central Lounge 5, Saltoun Arms 7; Portland Club B 2, Croft & Cairns 10; White Cockade 6, Frigate Bar 6; Gas Lamp 6, Golden Tee B 6. 180s: Willie Johnston (Grays Inn) X 2, Keith Robertson (Spiders Web), Matt Goldie (Masada), Neil Barney (Riley's), Clayton Wilson (Masada), Gavin Greig (Kings Highway), Jason Hogg (Grays Inn), Keith Morrison (Kings Bar), Raymond Stewart (Kings Bar), Stephen Michie (Brig Inn), Martyn Orchard (Woodend Bar), Lee Adams (Northern Hotel), John Kelman (Northern Bar), Dougie Booth (Fountain Bar), Peter Coutts (Scotia Bar), Willie Smith (Scotia Bar), Robert Simmers (Wagley's), Gordon Stewart (McNasty's B), Ross Handsley (McNasty's B), Jim Beck (Fountain Bar B), John Watt (Fountain Bar B), Colin Crighton (Fountain Bar B), Jamie Bain (Rowantree B).

HIGH FINISHES: Kenny Gouck (Sportsmans Club) 160, Iain Crawford (Castle) 120, Drew Tremain (Masada) 116, Roderick Traynor (Northern Hotel) 108, Dave Knowles (Masada) 103, Kevin Porter (Grampian Bar B) 102.

QUICK LEGS: Drew Tremain & Clayton Wilson (Masada) 14 Darts, Keith Robertson (Spiders Web) 15 Darts (100, 140, 140, 42, 79), Derek Stephen (Masada) 15 Darts, Kevin Porter (Grampian Bar B) 15 Darts, Alex Milne (Grampian Bar B) 15 Darts, Keith Morrison & Stuart Hendry (Kings Bar) 15 Darts.

GEORGE BAXTER TROPHY RESULTS: Regent Bridge 4, Sportsmans Club 8; Dee Swimming Club 6, Gas Lamp B 5; Grampian Bar 6, Rowantree 5; Riley's 6, Grays Inn 4; Riley's B 5, Langdykes 6; Croft & Cairns 2, New Greentrees 6. 180s: Paul Forbes (Regent Bridge), Mark Robertson (Langdykes).

QUICK LEGS: Paul Forbes (Regent Bridge) 14 Darts (100, 180, 100, 37, 84).

FIXTURE books are ready. Please contact the committee to arrange collection. SUPER Premier Divisional Singles will be held on Thursday September 19 at Legends Bar. Registration will be from 7pm and entry PS2 per person.

Please contact the committee to pre-enter and entries will also be taken on the night until 7.30pm.

Winner will receive a trophy and prize money on finals day.

BON ACCORD LADIES DARTS ASSOCIATION - DIVISION 1: Clifton 5, King's Highway 7; Brig Inn 10, Wagleys 2; Kings Bar A 2, Crown 8; Masada 8, Kings Bar 4. DIVISION 2: McNasty's 10, Brig o' Dee 2; Richmond Arms 6, Murdos Bar 6; 612 Club 6, Fittie 6; Murdos Lounge 5. Dee Swimming 7. DIVISION 3: Northern Bar 9, Mither Tap 3; White Cockade 9, Grays Inn 3; Cove Bay Hotel 4, 524 Bar 6; Portland Club 6, Legends Ladies 6; Abergeldie 5, Gas Lamp 7. INTER-CLUBS DARTS LEAGUE: The season begins on Wednesday with league fixtures.

Matches will rotate around league match, round robin and a cup match.

For more information, please contact your club secretary.

FIXTURES: Auchmill GC v Country; Dee Swimming v 22 Club.

AFDL: Belmont Old Boys 1, Bankers 11; Parkvale Buds 4, Caley Darters 8; Wagleys 11, Kings 1; Police 10, Gas Lamp 2. 180s: Davie Walker (Police), Marc Jeffrey (Bankers).

QUICK LEGS: Ryan Ewing (Wagleys) 15 darts, Eddie Coutts (Bankers) 19 darts.

109 CHECK-OUT: Jamie Fraser (Caley Darters).
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Publication:Evening Express (Aberdeen,Scotland)
Date:Aug 31, 2019
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