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Latest network management products.

Efficient routing

SOLVE CONGESTION PROBLEMS caused by increased demand for IP-based applications and services. ADC Telecommunications has produced NewNet SS7-IP gateway products to address switching, routing, and trunking issues. Simultaneously, ADC launched its performance-management tool, Metrica, for large-scale telecom IP networks. This addition to the NewNet product line indicates the widespread need among carriers and service providers to find cost-effective ways of increasing the bandwidth of their networks, as the routers forming the Internet's backbone become bottlenecks in handling traffic. To address the proliferation of dial-up modem access, NewNet SS7-IP gateway products work with any remote-access server or concentrator device that terminates primary rate ISDN. Metrica allows carriers to measure the deployment of application servers, modem access, and router traffic, while reporting on conformance to service-level agreements (SLAs).--ADC Telecommunications

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Application enhancement

SOFTWARE SOLUTION for intranets, extranets, and the Internet reduces the volume of data traffic between the end user's browser and the HTTP server to decrease the number of round-trips to complete an application query. BOOSTWORKS has developed BoostWeb Enterprise to increase application performance on corporate networks through consistent response time, availability, and productivity. Key benefits of BoostWeb Enterprise include latency reduction, bandwidth optimization, multiple-application support, flexible configuration, and enterprise-wide scalability. BOOSTWORKS claims that its intelligent latency reduction system (ILRS) produces a minimum 30% increase in application response time. Through Web-based administration, BoostWeb Enterprise adds tighter security, offers an adaptive configuration tool, and presents a password-secured environment that allows client or server components to be modified using any standard browser.--BOOSTWORKS

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Rackmount data device

MEET THE NEEDS of a new class of NT workgroups, remote offices, and LANs. Procom has expanded the capacity of its original product by 50% with NetFORCE 100R, which is configured for a standard 19" rackmount enclosure. Procom's plug-and-play product distributes from 20 GB to 150 GB of data up to 20% faster than general-purpose application servers. NetFORCE 100R adds network storage by combining RAID5 disk drive implementation with fault-tolerant hardware that meets the 24x7 demands of NT environments. Key features include hotswappable hard drives, fans, and power supplies.--Procom Technology, Inc.

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IT vision

SPECIALIZED DATA MART and decision support system gives IT professionals the capacity to understand enterprise performance by reporting and analyzing network, CPU, Internet, and telecom systems. SAS Institute has designed ITService Vision 2.1 to collect, clean, transform, and store performance information in a data warehouse that tracks historical data. Key features of this software include customizable Internet reports; archival support for Unix and NT data, such as PBX/CBX, WebLog, and SAP AG R/3; support for HP MeasureWare collector and Trend SNMP data source; and reporting for NT Server and SAP AG R/3 data.--SAS Institute, Inc.

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Internet VPN tool

ENABLE CENTRALIZED, POLICY-BASED, end-to-end provisioning of a site-to-site VPN. Xedia Corp. has introduced Access Point QVPN Builder, allowing network providers to deploy, manage, and scale Internet VPN services. Policy rules, such as VPN topology, security profiles, and key distribution, are translated into site-level configurations. Access Point QVPN Builder securely and automatically distributes the provisioning information to each VPN site, nondisruptively and within minutes. QVPN Builder provides tunnel-status monitoring for service providers, with configuration and activity reporting.--Xedia Corp.

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For NT administrators

SECURE AND ADMINISTER the Windows NT enterprise using BindView's NOSadrnin 6.1. Product benefits include comprehensive security assessment, as well as improved speed and scalability. NOSadmin's enhanced architecture supplies comprehensive enterprise management to a majority of the Fortune 100 companies, such as Mobil Oil, Boeing, and Universal Studios. BindView's software includes multiple-query engines. Security reporting and assessment enable the enforcement of standards and policies across the enterprise, while NOSadmin manages Windows NT.--BindView Development Corp.

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CONTINUOUS TESTING detects business logic failures, unauthorized changes in content, and degraded Web-server access time. RSW Software's E-Monitor provides 24x7 monitoring that alerts you if your application slows down or goes down. E-Monitor integrates with UniCenter, Tivoli, and other application monitoring tools. E-Monitor features an integrated Wizard, making script development in standard Visual Basic language simple and efficient. The script development system includes a script editor, compiler, and debugger. RSW's built-in error reporting mechanisms detect Web-site failures immediately.--RSW Software

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Frame Relay solution

SERVICE PROGRAM OFFERS accurate verification and proactive diagnostics of Frame Relay and application performance. TechForce has created its TechCare Frame Relay service-level management program to facilitate lower network costs and faster problem resolution. TechForce deploys Paradyne FrameSaver SLV access units to perform real-time monitoring and monthly analysis. The TechCare program analyzes throughput, availability, and latency trends. TechCare develops metrics to help define and meet SLAs. Techforce technicians diagnose and troubleshoot remote problems independently from the router.--TechForce Corp.

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Traffic analyzer

HOW MUCH VOICE/FAX traffic can your application support? Genoa Technology has developed its ChannelGauge system for generating and analyzing voice and fax traffic over digital lines. The scalable ChannelGauge features full control over each line for voice or fax with a graphical interface for synchronization of setup traffic patterns. Applications performed with ChannelGauge include end-to-end carrier and switch testing, end-to-end VolP testing and fax-over-IP testing, call-center program flow testing, enterprise IT load testing, and network analysis. --Genoa Technology

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Server appliance

MIRROR DATA locally or remotely from any platform or OS over an existing WAN. Ark Research has devised a cost-effective way for companies to protect data and ensure uninterrupted access to enterprise-critical data distributed across the organization. Ark/2000, a platform-independent server appliance, is designed for nondisruptive remote or local data mirroring, data backup, database centralization, warehousing, data sharing, and rapid disaster recovery. This storage-control solution provides real-time data duplication and uninterrupted 24x7 access to the enterprise and e-commerce markets.--Ark Research

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TCP/IP management

REALIZE INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC distribution with a managed server system. Resonate's Central Dispatch blends multiple Internet servers into a single, scalable system. Central Dispatch provides automated control and distribution of IP traffic to ensure reliability and availability of TCP/IP-based services and applications. Key features of the Central Dispatch software include support for all TCP-based protocols; load balancing based on CPU load, network latencies, and open connections; scheduling based on host name, service, URL, or session state; Java-based GUI; streaming media support; and realtime reporting of CPU load, open connections, server status, throughput, hits per second, and latency.--Resonate, Inc.

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Policy router

DEPLOY DATA POLICIES throughout the enterprise. For service providers, address the need to generate recurring revenue streams. Internet Devices has produced a turnkey solution that implements scalable role-based policy management for enterprise IS departments and service providers. The Fort Knox Policy Router provides VPN site-to-site connectivity, enterprise-level firewall protection, and bandwidth management. Policy Routers reside at the network edge and integrate core policy functions, such as network address translation, high availability, spare filtering, and DNS caching. Depending on the model, the routers come with two or three 10/100 Ethernet interfaces for network connection, enabling up to triple DES performance of over 45 Mbps (T-3) for 64-byte packets in public forums.--Internet Devices, Inc.

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Two-factor authentication

HANDHELD DEVICES are designed for easy operation and a low cost of ownership. VASCO's flagship product, the Digipass 300 authentication device, can generate a dynamic one-time password to eliminate the weakest link in any security scheme: the use of guessable, reusable passwords to identify people accessing a computer network. Digipass 300 also provides digital-signature capability at the touch of a button to verify that transmitted data has not been altered and on-line financial transactions are valid. The device can be PIN-protected for even greater security. VASCO's Digipass 100 smartcard provides multifunction capability and support for PKI applications. The Digipass 100 can authenticate users in two ways: through dial-in applications with a RADIUS challenge/response scheme utilizing a DES private key and through the Internet by using a RSA private key with an X.509 certificate and SSL support.

The Digipass token is a small device based on two-step authentication. To access someone's system, the user needs two things: the Digipass and a password or PIN code. The Digipass can be used with various media such as PC, phones, or faxes.--VASCO Data Security, Inc.

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