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Latest firewall and network security products and services.

Firewall-enabled router

BROADBAND ROUTER includes firewall protection and allows multiple clients to connect to a single high-speed Internet account using xDSL or cable modem. The RT-104 xDSL/cable modem router includes a four-port 10/100Base-TX switch, printer server and a serial modem port. The unit has a fully featured IP-sharing and basic firewall router that supports NAT, DNS, DHCP service for real-time IP address allocation and static IP filtering for quick Internet services management. The router supports a variety of transport protocols, including TCP/IP, PPP, PPPoE and other popular routing protocols. The router is also equipped with a complete browser-based management system for quick and easy network configuration, even for a nontechnical user. The integrated autosensing switch provides full-duplex connectivity and allows LAN connection speed up to 200 Mbps. The unit comes with a parallel printer port for an easy printer-sharing solution, and a serial dial-up port for connecting an external v.90 56K modem. This fault-tolerant feature allows the router to remain online when a broadband Internet connection is sluggish or down.

--ePUREDATA Circle 304 for more information

Secure networking

NETWORK MANAGEMENT SERVICE offers fully integrated network security for Web-based commerce and communications. Securedge Extranet is specifically designed to enable protected B2B transactions and communications via the Internet. Securedge Extranet provides businesses with a fully managed solution to communicate, conduct e-commerce and connect with customers, strategic partners, suppliers and employees. This product offers a high level of network security, digital certificates, source verification and data encryption using PKI technology. The system does not require purchasing additional networking software or specialized hardware, and set-up time is minimal. Once installed, Securedge Extranet is easy-to-use and maintain, saving substantial time and outside network management costs. Also, because Securedge Extranet uses low cost, turnkey solutions, no additional in-house resources are required.

--Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications Circle 305 for more information

Certificate server

CONTROL AND MANAGE CERTIFICATES to link business partners and facilitate trusted B2B operations. The 100% PKI-compliant Everlink CA Server allows a corporation to become its own certificate authority, issuing digital certificates based solely on corporate criteria. The in-house certificate authority server provides an organization with complete control over certificate issuance and management, and can be personalized to meet specific corporate security needs, such as different periods of validity for different kinds of certificates. The server uses a segmented certificate revocation list to optimize network performance, and issues certificates in English and Chinese characters. The CA Server is accessed via an Internet browser, and a system administrator can add, delete and fully manage individual user and group accounts-in total security. A user can also apply for a certificate through a browser, and after having been approved by an administrator, can stay online to install the certificate onto a local hard drive, or any smart card. For added security, the CA Server maintains intrusion locks, which can be enforced against any IP address, and all network activity is monitored and logged.

--Anyware Technology Circle 308 for more information

Personal firewall

STEALTH FIREWALL SOFTWARE blocks all unauthorized external contact with individual computers. The Tiny Personal Firewall is an easy-to-use security solution built on the ICSA-certified WinRoute Pro software to protect PCs against hackers. The software is installed on individual PCs in a network and allows them to operate in stealth mode, making them completely opaque to random port scans and direct assaults. Personal Firewall includes an easy-to-use wizard that detects unknown activity and prompts the user for setup information. After the setup is complete, a new rule is applied to the filter rules list to handle the activity in the future. To protect from Trojan horses and other unauthorized applications, Personal Firewall includes an application filter that will detect when an application attempts to bind to a port for communication and create a filter rule based on the user's input. Users may permit applications manually from the filter rules or use a database of common applications that use known ports. Filter rules can be set to be valid during specific hours and, in addition to login authentication, Tiny Personal Firewall allows for full remote configuration of security policies.

--Tiny Software Circle 310 for more information

Firewall management

EXPANDED ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT CAPABILITIES for host-resident firewalls enable the convenient deployment, modification, monitoring and reporting of distributed firewalls on PCs and servers. CyberwallPLUS 6.1 for Windows 2000 and Win dows NT desktops, workstations and servers provides fine access control, and the ability to centrally formulate and push out uniform policies across the enterprise, including remote and mobile users with high-speed connections. Firewall rules can be updated without rebooting or impacting users. A central manager utility makes management of enterprise-wide firewall inventory of CyberwallPLUS licenses simple for administrators. Should a security event occur, administrators have remote access to the impacted firewalls to get additional detail and change firewall settings. CyberwallPLUS 6.1 works seamlessly with centralized event-management, log-aggregation and analysis programs. Security policies can be configured and pushed out to end-user machines in software-installation form or as enterprise agents in a GUI-less, transparent form. In transparent form, the end-user sees no programming menu and no tray icon-preventing end-users from altering or disabling the settings of the standard corporate security policy.

--Network-1 Security Solutions Circle 300 for more information
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