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Latest cabling and wiring products.

Fast optical switching

ADVANCED ALL-OPTICAL SWITCH for ultra-high-capacity dynamic optical networks provides a reliable alternative to mechanical switches. The Optical Switch 1x2 is a nonmechanical, all-optical switch designed for optical restoration, protection, test and provisioning applications. The switch offers low millisecond switching without requiring the use of temperature control heaters or expensive, advanced electronics. It also delivers performance comparable to mechanical optical-switching technologies but with the high reliability of nonmechanical technology. Features include no moving parts, low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss (PDL), low cross-talk and a wide optical wavelength operating window. Key applications include dynamic all-optical add/drop multiplexing, all-optical switching and routing, optical network protection and restoration, optical cross-connects, dynamic system monitoring, multiplexed optical testing and power equalization. All-optical solutions eliminate costly and complex optical-to-electrical-to-optical conversions and increase the reliability and bandwidth of networks. Various switch sizes, configurations and packaging options are available.--Chorum Technologies Circle 309 for more information

Secure network equipment

SECURE EQUIPMENT CABINET offers alternative to expensive caging to protect valuable equipment. United Controls International's new High-Security Enclosures are designed to house critical telecommunications, Internet servers and network components that demand a higher level of security than ordinary equipment racks and cabinets provide. The secure cabinet chassis is made of 12-gauge steel, welded for strength and rigidity. Access can be controlled by keypad, combination or key locks, proximity cards and biometric identification systems. Options include turnstile shelves, cabinet levelers, smoke detectors, temperature switch and fan thermostat, electric latching, door alarm switches and LED door position indicators. Removable side panels allow cabinets to be assembled in a modular array. Three-, five-, and seven-bay configurations are available. Single-bay cabinets are 30", 32", 36" and 42" deep by 84" or 96" tall, and 24" or 28" wide. The units are available in powder-coated custom colors.--United Controls International Circle 310 for more information

Cable hooks

ALTERNATIVE TO CABLE TRAYS supports Category 5 and fiber-optic cables. The CableCat J-hooks from Erico provide support for all types of high-performance cabling without the cost of dedicated cable tray systems. The CableCat J-hooks are now available in 3/4", 1-5/16", 2" and 4" diameters. The hooks have an extra-wide, U-shaped base with smooth edges. This feature helps avoid cable snags and cable stress, and provides proper bend-radius protection. CableCat fasteners feature a smooth, durable, galvanized finish and include prepunched nail/screw mounting holes, as well as a thread impression for quick wall or stud installation. Factory-riveted assemblies are also available for quick installation to main or substructure beam flanges.--Erico Circle 307 for more information

Air-blown fiber

ALLOW FOR SIGNIFICANT LAN GROWTH and change without risking the fiber-optic investment. The FutureFLEX air-blown fiber-optic cabling system installation includes a network of tube cable that is used instead of traditional interduct. The tube cable contains up to 19 small, individual tubes within a tough outer jacket. Compact fiber-optic bundles are blown through the tubes with a stream of air or nitrogen gas. Once the tube cables are in place, installation of fiber cables can be blown into place at a rate of up to 150' per minute. This installation method eliminates the risk of damage associated with cable pulling and also provides the opportunity to reduce splicing with point-to-point runs. As LAN topology changes, fibers can be blown out and reused elsewhere. Wall-or rackmounted fiber termination units and tube distribution boxes provide cable management at branching locations.--Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Circle 308 for more information

Flexible cable routing

PROTECT AND ORGANIZE CABLING in high-density networks with an easy-to-install cable management system. Telect's CableLinks is a flexible, modular channel system that secures, protects and routes fiber cable. CableLinks has snap-fit links, drops, splits, intersections and support hardware to create flexible channels to and from equipment. The system features new 12-inch straight troughs and junctions specially designed to accommodate larger cable volumes. The new plastic troughs and junctions have coupling hardware on the outside of the trough, leaving the fiber on the inside completely protected and unhampered. The CableLinks system offers easy installation, no detailed cutting, no wasted parts and optimal cable protection. The snap-fit modular assembly design makes installing and adding links easy, with no special tools or junction kits. Vertical and horizontal channel flexibility meets or exceeds Bellcore bend-radius specifications. A complete step-by-step planning guide is available on the company's Web site.--Telect Circle 305 for more information

Longer serial communications

RELIABLE SERIAL DATA COMMUNICATIONS between computer devices farther than 4.5 meters is provided with quality IEEE 1394 cable. C&M's IEEE 1394 high-speed serial interface cable is offered in lengths of 10 meters and beyond, without the need for repeaters. Designed to connect computers to peripherals, IEEE 1394 cable is used for data storage, workstations, video equipment and other electronic devices. The cables feature consistent isolation between overall and inner shielding to fulfill S400 cable shield isolation criteria. They are rated up to 300V DC power, can be designed for specific flexibility requirements and are available in various vibrant jacket colors for easy identification.--C&M Circle 306 for more information
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