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Latest cabling/wiring products.

Cable racks

IMPROVE CABLE MANAGEMENT with Siemon's RS2 Series Cable Rack System. The RS2 concept was developed by engineers working in conjunction with Sprint Communications for its new Denver, Colo. campus.

RS2 Racks feature two high-capacity vertical cable management channels with modular covers to conceal cabling. Vertical side rails provide space for easy routing of horizontal or backbone cables. Access holes on side rails allow cables to be routed between adjacent racks. Hook-and-loop cable managers and ladder channels are included.

The RS-2 Rack is available in 7'x19", 7.5'x19", and 7'x23" sizes and comes in aluminum or steel.

--Siemon Co.

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Media converters

MIGRATE TO FIBER with updated conversion technology. Transition Networks has launched two media converters for IBM environments and an ARCNet converter.

Transition's IBM 5250 (pictured) and 3270/ 3299 Media Converters enable cost-effective integration of unshielded twisted pair, twinax, coaxial, or fiber optics in a 3270 or 5250 environment. These devices allow network planners to protect their legacy investments while changing to a higher performing fiber-based cable.

Transition's ARCNet Converter is designed to withstand harsh environments typical in industrial networks. Integrating fiber optics into an ARCNet cabling plant permits managers to extend distance between network nodes while protecting investment in existing cable.

--Transition Networks

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SURFACE-MOUNT MULTIMEDIA BOXES meet workstation demands. Wiremold's Interlink Activate Multimedia Boxes accommodate one, two, or three inserts for flexible connectivity to multiple data and communications systems from a single location. Larger boxes include storage loops to maintain the bend radius of Cat 5 and fiber-optic cable and to provide the necessary one meter of fiber storage at the workstation.

Activate Multimedia Boxes attach directly to any solid surface, including drywall, wood, and modular furniture partitions, and include knockouts for seamless integration with Wiremold raceway systems. These boxes accept a variety of Activate connectivity inserts for UTP, coax audio and video, and fiber optics.

--Wiremold Co.

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Management software

MAINTAIN DATABASE INTEGRITY while managing network moves, adds, and changes in real time. RIT Technologies has introduced Enterprise 1, a cable-management software package that improves efficiency by eliminating the need for error-prone manual update and verification of wiring connectivity changes.

Enterprise 1, scheduled to ship in June 1999, allows network managers to plan and execute wiring center changes remotely. Based around an SQL relational database, Enterprise 1 features comprehensive, searchable information on every component and link in the network. Text and graphical representation of this material gives users the complete physical picture of the network and its connectivity. The software helps managers identify available assets and trace possible fault locations.

--RIT Technologies, Inc.

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Fiber optics

ABL ELECTRONICS produces single-mode and multimode fiber-optic Patch Cables with ST, SC, and FC connectors. All cables feature Zirconia Ceramic ferrules and are polished for consistent end-face geometry, resulting in a high-quality product. ABL offers quick turnaround on all custom assemblies. Plenum and riser-rated cables are available. ABL offers ready-to-install, multifiber assemblies in a variety of styles including indoor/outdoor, aerial/burial, and loose tube/tight tube in fiber counts from two to 72, complete with pulling eye.

--ABL Electronics

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Termination tool

FIBER-OPTIC TOOL KIT offers labor-saving versatility. Hubbell's OFTK Connector Termination Kit is designed for simplicity of operation when installing standard fiber-optic epoxy/polish ST or SC connectors. A convenient tool pouch attaches to the installer's belt and holds tools necessary to prepare the fiber and cable. A 100X microscope is also included. All of the tools are provided in a durable foam-lined carrying case that can be locked for security.

--Hubbell, Inc.

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Fibre Channel

INTERCONNECT STORAGE, OTHER PERIPHERALS to processors in workstations and mainframes with new Fibre Channel cables from C&M. The QuadClear product line offers flex life characteristics within tight bend and motion environments.

QuadClear Fibre Channel cables feature color coding for easy identification. C&M's patented Megaflex PVC jacket protects against cut-throughs, is oil-resistant, and resists flex-stress cracking. Fibre Channel cables claim a superior bend radius for easy cable management. Flame-retardant filler materials have been designed for maximum electrical and physical performance. Polyolefin and foam insulation are available.

--C & M Corp.

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Boss splices

RAYCHEM HAS DEVELOPED A WALL-MOUNTED fiber splicing, patching, and housing platform to simplify the organization of fiber network. FibrBoss CB-1 is a securable, environmentally sealed customer premises box that can store loose fiber and house as many as 48 fiber splices and 24 fiber connections on a patch panel.

FibrBoss CB-1's modular tray system consists of a series of hanging trays which allow the installer to locate, isolate, and work on an individual fiber tray without interrupting service on other trays. To ensure reliability and integrity, a built-in spooling section automatically positions fibers at the correctly specified bend radius to avoid signal loss. In order to maximize splicing capacity, the FibrBoss can contain up to four splicing trays, each with a capacity of 12 fibers.

--Raychem Corp.

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Modular Ethernet interconnect

COMPONENTS ALLOW FOR PLUG-AND-PLAY capabilities for simplicity of installation and labor reduction. Ortronics has designed its 10/100Base-T Fast Ethernet Interconnect Solution for cross-connect closets. The product consists of the following components: Ortronics 48-port 10/ 100Base-T Fast Ethernet patch panels, Cat 5 25-Pair cable assemblies, Cat 5 modular to 110 patch panels, Cat 5 interface cords, cable-management panels, and Ortronics cable-management racks.

The Ortronics patch panel provides for the connection of 10Base-T and 100Base-T hubs into a Cat 5 network using 50-pin connectors. The Cat 5 interface cards offer enhanced performance in maintaining data rates and signal integrity. The racks are specifically designed to meet the increased depth and size requirements of the heavier Fast Ethernet hubs.

--Ortronics, Inc.

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