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Latest VPN Products.

Intelligent gateway

PROTECT NETWORK ASSETS from intruders who attempt to use a VPN client connection for access. SmartGate 4.0 provides IPSec network-level security, combined with application-level security, based on V-One's patented technology. The IPSec standard encrypts all traffic between trusted entities to prevent hackers from reading or altering the traffic in transit. Also included with the product are personal firewall features that extend the corporate firewall to the client. SmartGate allows the management of remote VPN client-access privileges with minimal user intervention by providing centralized VPN client management from the server, automatically applying settings to the remote client population. Rapidly deploy and register remote VPN users' authentication credentials with online registration, enabling thousands of users to simultaneously enroll and establish shared authentication keys. SmartGate can be installed on or behind existing firewalls and supports either integrated or third-party authentication systems, enhancing existing enterprise security architecture components. The clients' install is preconfigured to establish VPN connections with the SmartGate server, requiring users only to enter an access code to receive transparent VPN security.

--V-One Corp.

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Secure VPN

BUILD SECURE TUNNELS over any IP-based network and protect private network resources from external attack with malicious activity monitoring. Check Point 2000 is a new edition of a VPN solution for both LAN-to-LAN and client-to-LAN topologies that now includes both Windows 2000 and Linux support. This new edition adds support for hybrid mode authentication, enabling an IPSec VPN to integrate with widely used authentication systems, such as SecurID tokens, RADIUS, and TACACS+ servers. Check Point 2000 centrally analyzes traffic patterns across all firewall and VPN gateways to detect malicious or suspicious events, such as port scanning, successive log-in failures, and SYN attacks. Also added is a new secure authentication API that provides integration and interoperability with third-party authentication products, including voice or fingerprint recognition, user proximity and hardware tokens. Additional options to ensure high performance include hardware-based VPN acceleration and load-balancing software to manage incoming traffic across a logical pool of servers rather than a single server.

--Check Point Software Technologies, Inc.

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Public IP networking

PROVIDE VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKING and other value-added IF services. The IP Service Switch 5000 from Spring Tide Networks sits at the boundary between the access aggregation and backbone networks, and combines the user-oriented, session-aware connectivity of a remote access server, the network intelligence of an IP router, and the switching capacity and QoS capabilities of an ATM switch in a single, carrier-class platform. Featuring fully redundant common equipment and the ability to hot swap all field replaceable modules, it supports automatic fault isolation, detection and recovery, in-service software upgrades, and denial-of-service attack defenses. Dedicated processors handle the functions of flow classification, packet forwarding, routing, session management, encryption, compression, and key generation. The 5000 has the capacity for session-level switching of more than 100,000 secure tunnels at line speed with minimum latency and is capable of applying a unique set of service-processing functions to each session-level traffic flow, including authentication and authorization, encryption, compression, dynamic VPN selection, virtual routing, class of service, QoS, dynamic address translation and detailed accounting.

--Spring Tide Networks, Inc.

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Advanced VPN management

CENTRALIZED POLICY-BASED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for large-scale VPNs gives more control. VPNmanager 3.0 is a VPN management software package designed to provide enterprise and service providers the ability to centrally manage intranet, extranet, remote access, and application hosting VPNs. New features of VPNmanager 3.0 include the integration of a light-weight directory access protocol (LDAP) directory server, distributed role-based administration, VPN policy distribution, and enhanced GUI-based management tools. VPNmanager 3.0 introduces a high performance and massively scalable client/server configuration based on a Java-based console and an LDAP directory server, allowing multiple administrators to simultaneously manage VPN policy. Policy information for all VSUs and users on the network can be updated automatically from a central directory server, instead of gateway-by-gateway. The architecture also provides support for multi-administrative domains, so service providers can compartmentalize their customers by domain, as opposed to administering all VSUs in one view. Both service providers and their enterprise customers working within a single administrative domain can manage VPN policy, giving service providers the ability to put control of VPNs back in the hands of their enterprise customers. The role-based administration capabilities enable service provider customers and organizations deploying in-house VPNs to mirror existing policy-management practices when deploying the VPNware solution. VPNmanager also provides software "wizards" that walk administrators through configuration of VSUs and assist in the provisioning of VPNs.

--VPNet Technologies, Inc.

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GET SECURE PEER-TO-PEER OR PEER-TO-GATEWAY LINKS using either transport mode or tunnel mode IPSec connections. SafeNet/Soft-PK is a Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.0 compatible software product, which provides virtual private network (VPN) capability to a desktop or laptop computer. Based on the latest industry-standard IPSec recommendations, it allows secure client-to-client or client-to-gateway communications over TCP/IP networks, including the Internet. An intuitive GUI allows the work-station user or security administrator to configure security policies and manage certificates on a connection-by- connection basis. The security services offered by SafeNet/Soft-PK include confidentiality via encryption, packet integrity, and authentication via keyed hash, identity authentication via digital signatures and X.509 certificates exchanged during key negotiation. An icon in the status area of the Windows task bar gives a visual indication of the status of the IPSec connections--bypass, negotiating, or secure. SafeNet/Soft-PK has received ICSA IPSec certification and interoperates with IPSec-compliant gateways.


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VPN switch

SECURELY CONNECT FACILITIES via public networks with one switch that can both manage core networks and obtain interoperability with other systems that conform to the IPSec standard. The new MultiFlow 5000 family of multilayer switches now includes virtual private network (VPN) support over serial WAN ports up to DS2 speed (6.3 Mbps) by supporting the industry-standard IPSec protocol suite to deliver secured transport of IP traffic. For service providers, the MultiFlow 5000 enables OC-48 connections of POP (point-of-presence) facilities, while provisioning secure links to customers at rates up to DS2. Built into each of the four ports of the MultiFlow 5000's plug-in V.35 module, the IPSec support includes Triple DES (data encryption standard) encryption, MD5 (message digest 5) message authentication, and IKE internet key exchange). The MultiFlow 5000 supports WAN interfaces via ATM OC-3 (155 Mbps) and V.35 (up to 6.3 Mbps). It also supports OC-48 SONET links over WDM or up to 80 km over dark fiber. Its OC-48 links provide MAN (metropolitan area network) enterprise backbone extensions at speeds more than twice that of Gigabit Ethernet.

--Anritsu Co.

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Rack server

RUGGED SERVER delivers powerful processing in a thin package, ideal for hosting VPN applications. The SPC-200 server from Advantech Technologies, includes dual Pentium III processors in a low-profile 2U-sized unit. Up to 21 servers can be housed in a standard 42U cabinet. Based on a 440GX chipset, the SPC-200 provides 4 DIMM slots for up to 2 GB of SDRAM and a 300 watt ATX power supply. The SPC-200 has a rated MTBF of 50,000 hours for high reliability, and features five fans to keep the system cool. Integrated server management features include monitoring of fan voltage and chassis temperature. Although only 3.5" tall, the server provides room for five 3.5 HDDs and one slim-type combination FDD and CD-ROM drive. An optional SCA-2 interface and SCSI controller enables the drives to be hot-swappable for RAID system compatibility.

--Advantech Technologies

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