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Latest Samsung Curved TV Review: On and Off-Angle Differences, and Added Immersion.

The new ( Samsung curved TV features an uncommon curve that promises to change people's television watching experience. The new Samsung curved TV is designed with a slight curve LED LCD, defying the conventional flat TV screens.

President of Samsung UK and Ireland Andy Griffiths said, "Curved makes even more sense because with that high-resolution image then whether it's sport or film these TVs really will be the way to get the best out of that fantastic content," in a ( report from The Independent.

According to CNET, who conducted a 14-day experiment with Samsung's new curved TV, the experience of watching on a curved TV felt the same as watching on a flat one.

Other users of the curved TV say they didn't notice the difference of the curve while watching or playing video games.

Other experiments say that the curve is barely noticeable from an on-angle spot. The camera panning, zoom-in and zoom-out, and tilts on different scenes in TV shows do little on adding immersion to the TV watching experience.

According to sources, visual distortions vary depending on the distance where the user is. There are noticeable lines that accentuate the distortions when a user changes seating positions while watching. The distortions grow heavier when a user moves to an off-angle of the curved TV. One of the improvements the curved TV brings to its user experience is its ability to reduce reflections compared to the conventional flat TV screens. The curved TV does not reflect the light directed on the screens. For the few reflections the curved TV gives away, it appears to be dimmer and almost unnoticeable.

More critics and studies reveal that the immersion in watching from the curved TV increases by 4 percent, depending on the distance.

Samsung's 65-inched curved TV HU9000 model costs $4,300, while the flat HU8550 sells for $3,500.
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Date:May 29, 2014
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