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Latest Innovations in Wound Care, Ophthalmic Devices, and Artificial Intelligence-enabled Diagnostics, 2019 Research Report.

M2 PRESSWIRE-December 18, 2019-: Latest Innovations in Wound Care, Ophthalmic Devices, and Artificial Intelligence-enabled Diagnostics, 2019 Research Report



The "Innovations in Wound Care, Ophthalmic Devices, and Artificial Intelligence-enabled Diagnostics" report has been added to's offering.

The latest issue of Advanced MedTech TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) profiles some of the innovative technologies across the medical devices and imaging industry.

This issue of AMDT TOE profiles novel catheter devices, wound imaging and wound healing solutions, innovative diagnostic devices using artificial intelligence algorithms, an innovative drug delivery device, novel technologies such as CO2 laser radiation and photobiomodulation for treatment of ophthalmic conditions. This issue also profiles novel catheters and catheter securing device, innovative polymeric implant material, and a sinus dilation device that has obtained FDA approval.

The Advanced MedTech TOE analyzes and reports new and emerging technologies; advances in R&D, product development and regulatory matters specifically related to the areas of CT, MRI, NM, PET, ultrasound, X-ray, neurology, ophthalmology, respiratory/anesthesia, wound care and management, surgical tools and instrumentation, drug delivery, orthopedics, endoscopy, cardiology, and monitoring.

In addition, relevant developments in fusion technologies, functional imaging technology, interventional cardiology and image guided surgery and healthcare IT related areas such as PACS, medical information storage, and disaster recovery/business continuance will also be covered.

Medical devices and imaging technology and innovation research covers cutting-edge global developments in medical devices and imaging sectors such as biosensors, biomaterials, biomechanics, microtechnologies, nanotechnologies, assistive technologies, and imaging technologies and platforms.

Key Topics Covered

- Novel Catheter to Administer Surfactant in Premature Babies

- Administering Surfactant to Treat Respiratory Distress Syndrome with Minimal Risk of Injury

- Point of Care Wound Imaging Device

- Real-time Imaging of Bacterial Distribution in the Wound

- Single Use, Sterile, Antimicrobial Gauze Dressing

- Rapid Healing and Efficient Wound Care

- Managing Post-operative Incisions to Improve Healing

- Preventing Collapse of the Incision Site After Surgery

- Regenerative Tissue Therapy for Wound Care

- Non-invasive, Painless Procedure to Accelerate Healing

- Implants Made of Continuous Carbon Fibers Reinforced Polymer

- Radiolucent Implants with Optimal Modulus of Elasticity

- Artificial Intelligence-enabled Diagnostic for Kidney Disease

- Early Detection and Clinical Management of Fast-progressing Kidney Damage

- Device for Securing Urinary Catheters in Position

- Protection from Genitourinary Trauma Caused by Accidental Pulling of Foley Catheter

- Mobile Cardiovascular Diagnostic Technology for Early Detection of Heart Attack

- Credit Card-sized ECG Device and a Cloud-connected Diagnostic App

- Disposable Auto-injector for High-viscous Drug Delivery

- Disposable Two-step Self-injection Drug Delivery Device

- Novel Sinus Dilation Device for Treating Chronic Sinusitis

- Strong Investor Funding to Help Accelerate Product Commercialization Plans

- Infrared CO2 Laser Radiation For Glaucoma Treatment

- A Unique and Minimally Invasive Laser-assisted System for Reducing Intraocular Pressure

- Photobiomodulation Therapy for Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration Treatment

- Robust Funding to Help in Accelerating Product Development Programs

- Retinal Scanner for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis

- Revolutionary Technology for Identifying Early Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

- Wearable Technology to Support Drug Development and Research

- Digital Technology to Expedite Clinical Development and Regulatory Process

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Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager

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Date:Dec 18, 2019
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