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Latest A2iA FieldReader Release Integrates Document ID System & Handwritten Address Recognition; Combination Extends Technology to Broad Range of Companies.

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 26, 2004

A2iA Corp., the worldwide leader in Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) and natural cursive handwriting recognition, today announced its new version of A2iA FieldReader, Version 2.1. A2iA FieldReader 2.1, the most comprehensive set of recognition engines on the market today, identifies, recognizes and sorts structured documents, reading handwritten addresses fast and accurately.

The integration of the new Document Identification System and the A2iA AddressPack add-on module in the new version now makes A2iA FieldReader 2.1 a cost-effective and comprehensive technology for small, mid-sized and large companies that have recognition needs internally and externally. A2iA FieldReader is the only recognition engine set that combines OMR, OCR, ICR and IWR for 17 different international handwriting styles in one place.

IWR virtually eliminates spelling and character recognition errors. Instead of recognizing words character-by-character, IWR matches handwriting and printed data to a user-defined dictionary, reducing the usual time-consuming process of proofreading and correction of spelling and character errors encountered in other, less advanced recognition engines on the market today. A2iA brings its advanced IWR technology to a new level with the new capabilities and features in Version 2.1.

A2iA's New Document Identification System

The Document Identification system, which is now integrated and specifically designed to work with A2iA FieldReader 2.1 to produce optimal results, helps streamline and automate the workflow process. With the Document Identification system built into A2iA's software, integrators can further automate the solutions they develop easily and efficiently, while decreasing overall costs. As a result, A2iA FieldReader can now automatically identify and classify various types of structured documents within the same processing batch, allowing for immediate recognition of any designated field found within the numerous incoming classified documents.

A2iA's AddressPack Add-On Module

A2iA FieldReader 2.1 also works with the new A2iA AddressPack plug-in module, which integrators can add to build an even more complete and customized solution. This add-on virtually eliminates character recognition errors in forms with addresses. Unlike most systems on market today, A2iA AddressPack goes beyond reading addresses in blocks only, and can read handwriting in forms the way people typically write.

A2iA AddressPack accurately reads the zip code, city, state, and street address by matching words on paper to real addresses in a postal database or "dictionary." This allows for improved recognition of whole words, names and addresses. A2iA FieldReader with A2iA AddressPack makes this necessary technology usually reserved to large service bureaus and data-entry shops available to a wide range of companies.

The A2iA FieldReader recognition engine is an easy-to-use, affordable technology that can be used by companies that need to process forms with addresses, such as job application forms, business reply mail, insurance forms, claims forms, prescriptions, loan or employee applications, patient outcome forms, income tax forms, donation pledge forms, customer surveys, purchase orders, benefits forms, time sheets, work order contracts, census data collection, financial aid processing, clinical trials, and more. It is available for the most popular document capture, forms processing and enterprise content management packages from popular vendors, such as Verity, ReadSoft, Captiva, TIS, VisionShape, and Kofax.

For more information about the wide range of applications containing A2iA recognition engines, or to find out how to be an A2iA integrator, please call (917) 237-0390 or visit

About A2iA Corp.

A2iA (Artificial Intelligence & Image Analysis), founded in 1991, headquartered in New York and Paris, is a leading developer of technology for reading machine print and natural handwriting, including cursive handwriting from paper documents. A2iA's focus is on recognition for payment systems and paper-intensive industries and their two leading products, A2iA CheckReader and A2iA FieldReader, are helping businesses reduce their data-entry costs. A2iA CheckReader and A2iA FieldReader combine the company's OCR, ICR and Intelligent Word Recognition technologies with its artificial intelligence and neural network systems, making it the most comprehensive advanced recognition engines on the market today. For more information:
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 26, 2004
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