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Lateral spot repair system uses UV light.


A new small-diameter, sewer lateral spot repair system using an ultraviolet (UV), light emitting diode (LED) cured-glass fiber composite laminate has been introduced to the United States by Cosmic Tophat LLC.

The Cosmic H100 Flex Seal System can quickly repair cracks, offset joints, pipe separations and other damage to stop infiltration and inflow (I & I) and root intrusions, in pipes from four through 6 inches diameter, said Chris Scarratt, Cosmic Tophat chief operating officer.

The Flex Seal is a portable, manual push-in system consisting of a push reel drum with 90 feet of cable, briefcase monitor and UV LED curing box and applicator with a mounted camera. Support equipment includes a small generator and compressor.

"The applicator is pushed through a lateral clean out into the lateral to the spot needing repair which has been located with the system's camera and monitor," said Scarratt. "The bladder is inflated to the proper air pressure. UV LED lights are then introduced through a translucent bladder allowing the rays to penetrate through to the bladder curing the glass fiber material."


Scarratt said several key features set the H100 system apart from other lateral repair options currently available in the U.S.

* Composite fiberglass laminate is factory packaged with a UV active resin which hardens with sunlight or UV light--no mixing or saturation material is required on the job site;

* The UV curing process typically is complete within 10 minutes, rather than the hours required for ambient methods to cure; and

* The manually pushed applicator accommodates bends permitting a repair to be installed at the most common location of a root intrusion- the bend of the lateral just before the sewer main.

"One of Flex Seal's biggest benefits is that repairs can be initiated from the clean out on the property," said Scarratt. "This allows contractors to repair the problem from the owner's property without the need to be licensed to access the pipe from city streets."

The system also allows property owners to make spot repairs as required, rather than having to reline the entire lateral.

Cosmic H100 is available world wide and is being distributed throughout North America.

"While the H100 system is new to these markets and a first of its kind," said Scarratt, "the system has proven its effectiveness in Europe over the past two years.

"Cosmic took its long-term research and development from its other systems to develop the H100 Flex Seal system," concluded Scarratt. "Because we offer a UV LED cured spot repair system for main lines with six through 18 inch pipes, it made sense to add the Flex Seal system to address problems in small diameter-sewer laterals from the clean outs."


Cosmic TopHat: (424) 558-9872,

by Jeff Griffin senior editor
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Author:Griffin, Jeff
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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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