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Late-summer harvest. (Arrangement).

EASIER THAN IT LOOKS, THIS FRESH TAKE ON THE CORNUCOPIA WILL BE THE STAR OF THE PARTY. Flout tradition with unusual materials--cactus pads, quince, persimmons, green bananas, pears, and 'Sun Gold' and 'Green Zebra' tomatoes--and a fresh green-and-orange color palette. Start at the bottom level of a three-tiered compote with a carpet of cactus pads. Work your way up the levels, mounding fruits and vegetables in place. Sturdier elements like pears and quince go on the bottom, while ripe tomatoes are nestled gently on top. After the fruits and vegetables are in place, tuck in individual blossoms of rusty orange calendula for an inexpensive and bright floral touch. Finish by allowing a few lacy wisps of passion vine to twine down the tiers. TIP: Pop the ends of the vines into a small florist's tube filled with water to keep them fresh. Anchor the tube with wire at the uppermost tier.
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Author:Chezar, Ariella
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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