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Late Musa Saket remembered.

At a symposium on Saturday marking the 100th birthday anniversary of the late Judge Musa Saket, former Chairman of the Higher Judicial Council (HJC) and President of the Supreme Court and Cassation, speakers paid tribute to him, reiterating that his perfectionism and conscience in implementing the Constitution and enforcing the Law had laid the

foundation for an independent non-political judiciary system.

"Saket stands as spiritual father not only for his whole generation but for the generations to come; he is a role model of commitment, knowledge, and fairness," said former Prime Minister Ahmad Al-Lawzi in his speech inaugurating the Musa Saket Cultural Center (MSCC) in Salt.

Senate President Taher Al-Masri reiterated that the late Saket firmly pushed the judiciary toward independence and evenhandedness.

"Saket never asked for privileges for himself or for any of his fellow judges; he always maintained a distance with the other authorities, so he would never have to compromise his values," said Chairman of the Higher Judicial Council (HJC) and President of the Court of Cassation Rateb Wazani.

Minister of Justice Hisham Al-Tal highlighted that the late Saket was a unique cultural and civilized project that built the citadel of the Jordanian judicial system.

Minister of Social Development & Women's Affairs Hala Lattouf praised the cultural center that carries the name of the late Musa Saket, as a platform for economic, social and cultural activities, saying, "The Center works hard to find solution for major obstacles in the area, such as poverty, unemployment and illiteracy among other challenges."

"Throughout his career and life, Musa Saket lit many candles, and is still doing so, through this center which brings economic and cultural benefits to not only Salt City but to the governorate as a whole," said Chairman of Salt Reconstruction Corporation (SRC) Marwan Hmoud.

Chairman of MSCC Awni Musa Saket declared that an award carrying the name of Musa Saket has been allocated for the outstanding graduate from the Judicial Institute, in addition to the founding of Musa Saket Society for Development and Musa Saket Cultural Forum, as NGOs.

The event was attended by high-ranking officials and close friends and associates of the late Musa Saket

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Publication:The Star (Amman, Jordan)
Date:Dec 13, 2010
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