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Late Chemists.



UNTIL 6pm: A&M Pharmacies Ltd, 126 Sutherland Avenue; Acorn Chemist, 88 Remembrance Road; Bell Green Pharmacy, 67 Deedmore Road; Amar GS Ltd, 134 Birmingham Road; Roskells Pharmacy, 175 Allesley Old Road; Boots the Chemist Ltd, 163 Daventry Road; Broomfield Pharmacy, Broomfield Park, Spon End; Cheylesmore Pharmacy, 129 Daventry Road; Dhaliwal Ltd, University of Warwick; Dhaliwal Ltd, 373 Green Lane; Gohil Chemist, 102 Rotherham Road; Heath Pharmacy, 36 Heath Crescent; Imperiun Pharmacy, 1 Wheelwright Lane; Chemycare, 471 Beake Avenue; Chemycare, 19 Ringwood Highway; Chemycare Chemist, 33A Park Road; Kara's Pharmacy, 43 Acord Street; Linthorns Chemist Ltd, 58 Earlsdon Street; Lloyds Pharmacy, 53 Broad Park Road; Lloyds Pharmacy, 100 Moseley Avenue; Longford Chemist, 219 Longford Road; Mankia J K, 16 Bromleigh Drive; Matharu J S, 88 King William Street; Mistry K K, 34 Station Avenue; Monarch Chemists Ltd, 318 Radford Road; Monarch Chemists Ltd, 42 Prior Deram Walk; Moss Chemist, 9 Jubilee Crescent; Moss Chemist, Ernesford Grange Shopping Centre, Quorn Way; Moss Chemist, 248 Hipswell Highway; National Co-operative Chemists Ltd, Norman Place Road; Norton Hill Pharmacy, 10 Norton Hill Drive; Pau V B, 204 Holbrook Lane; Spire Pharmacy, 245 Walsgrave Road; Stennels Pharmacy, 202 Keresley Road; Styvechale Pharmacy, 84 Baginton Road; Moss Pharmacy, 116 Jardine Crescent; Vantage Chemist, 130 Far Gosford Street;

UNTIL 6.30pm: Abel Pharmacies, 471 Stoney Stanton Road; Farren Pharmacy, 25 Farren Road; Chaytors Pharmacy, 1 Henley Road; Ringwood Pharmacy, 200 Wigston Road; Goes JP, 475 Holyhead Road; Holbrook Pharmacy, 75-77 Wheelwright Lane; Lloyds Pharmacy, 47/49 Riley Square; Lloyds Pharmacy 19 Earlsdon Street; Medi-Care Pharmacy, 15a Chace Avenue; Moss Pharmacy, 585 Stoney Stanton Road; S K Pharmacy, 279 Harnall Lane East.

UNTIL 7pm: A&M Pharmacies Ltd, 656A Foleshill Road; BJ Chemists Ltd, 197/199 Gulson Road; Biraj Pharmacy, 445/447 Foleshill Road; Dhaliwal Ltd, 17 Station Street East; Dhaliwal Ltd, 110 Brandon Road; Hussain M Chemists Ltd, 1a Harnall Lane East; Lloyds Pharmacy, 343 Tile Hill Lane; Lloyds Pharmacy, 13/17 Brixham Drive; Lloyds Pharmacy, 43 Torcross Avenue; Lloyds Pharmacy, Unit 1 Remembrance Road; Lloyds Pharmacy, 51 Winsford Avenue; Lloyds Pharmacy 35 Stoney Stanton Road; Tesco, Leicester Road, Bedworth.

UNTIL 8pm: Boots the Chemist Ltd, Unit 7 Central Six Retail Park, Warwick Road; Sainsbury Instore Pharmacy, Austin Drive; Tesco In Store Pharmacy, Clifford Bridge Road, Tesco's Extra, Arena Park.

UUNNTIL 9ppm: Safeway Instore Pharmacy, Alvis Retail Park, Holyhead Road.

UUNNTIL 10ppm: Asda Pharmacy, Asda Shopping Centre, Brade Drive; Lloyds Pharmacy, 48 Kenpas Highway; Lloyds Pharmacy, 54 Jubilee Crescent.

UNTIL 10.30pm: Tesco In-store pharmacy, Cross Point Business Park, Olivier Park, Walsgrave On Sowe. Opens 8am.

UUnntil 11ppm: Stoney Stanton Pharmacy, 633 Stoney Stanton Road, Foleshill; Sainsbury's Pharmacy, Fletchamstead Highway, Canley


6pm: Dudley Taylor Pharmacies Ltd, The Green, Bilton; D Liddington Ltd, Hillmorton Road; Lister Chemist, Bow Fell Shopping Centre, Brownsover; Lloyds Pharmacy, Morton Gardens, Lowers Hillmorton Road (6.30pm); Ridgway Pharmacy, The Square, Dunchurch; Ridgway Pharmacy, Oxford Street; Rowlands Pharmacy, Bennfield Road; Whaley Chemist Ltd, Sheep Street (6.30pm); Woodstock Pharmacy Ltd, Clifton Road.

7pm: Lloyds Pharmacy, Clifton Road.

8pm: Boots The Chemist Ltd, Junction 1 Retail Park, Leicester Road.
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Date:Jun 16, 2008
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