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Latching valves provide positive positioning.


Two latching valves, the model MI 210 2-way direct acting latching valve and the model PI 300 3-way direct acting latching valve, are offered to medical device manufacturers. Both valves are designed to provide positive positioning in the actuated state without the continued application of current. The valves have two stable positions--in the spring rest position, a spring pushes the plunger with the sealing element against the valve seat. When a short current impulse is applied, the plunger is lifted up from the valve seat and a built-in permanent magnet holds it in the magnetic rest position. A short, reverse polarity current impulse pushes the plunger back into the spring rest position, closing the valve.

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Title Annotation:Notables: Pumps & Valves
Publication:Medical Design Technology
Date:Mar 1, 2008
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