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Last-minute Robbery.

Fox Carolina reported on October 14 about a shooting in a parking lot that was later determined to be a justifiable homicide. The incident occurred in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where a suspect physically attacked a concealed-carry holder and ended up getting shot. Investigators had to piece together what happened, but after reviewing security footage and interviewing witnesses, it appears the victim was targeted because he was known by the suspect to be carrying a large amount of cash. Investigators believe the suspect was in a nearby CVS and overheard his intended victim trying to buy money orders. The victim then asked the CVS employee where the nearest ATM was so he could withdraw cash. The victim left the CVS and went to the nearest QT convenience store to use the ATM. The suspect was observed on video monitoring the victim's activity and leaving the CVS to go to the QT parking lot. Once the victim left the QT after withdrawing cash, the suspect ran up to him and tried hitting him. Investigators say that was when the man pulled out a concealed handgun, which he was lawfully licensed to carry, and shot the suspect in the stomach. Police and EMTs were called to the scene, and the wounded suspect was transported to a nearby medical facility, where he died in the operating room.

Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Lieutenant Kevin Bobo later told the media that investigators met with the Spartanburg County Solicitor's Office and, after reviewing the case file, ruled that the shooting was a "justifiable homicide" because the shooter was in fear for his life when he was violently attacked. Bobo added that the shooter did cooperate with the investigation. "The person that shot him remained on scene, cooperative through the whole thing." Police also said that based on the video and witness statements, the victim and the suspect never interacted before the violent encounter.

These details imply that the deceased suspect simply overheard the man talking about withdrawing large amounts of cash and made a last-minute decision to try to take the man's money from him by force. Unfortunately for the deceased suspect, the intended victim had a gun and knew how to use it.

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