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Last chance.

This has been bugging me for a while. I would like to know why it is so hard these days for a skateboard magazine to print any writing at all that describes skating. Not the culture that is around skating or the fun the boys had while they were not actually skating or the issues a filmer had with a photo; I just would like to know why there is no description of skating in skateboard magazines? Forgive me for referring to issues past, the February 2005 issue is currently in our newsagents. Patrick O'Dell went on a tour with the Enjoi team for 10 days and could not think of anything to write about. Instead we get to read the comments made by his friends from Friendster (which were more entertaining and informative than the article). Ten days on the road with some of the best and most creative skateboarders on the planet, and Mr O'Dell's Internet friends are the most interesting thing he observed. Is it so hard for a magazine to actually describe the skateboarding that happened on the tour? I believe that the reason Mr O'Dell could find nothing to write about is because nobody knows how to write about the actual skateboarding that took place. Perhaps had someone been arrested, or used fireworks in a particularly inventive manner, we would have something to read about. I get the feeling that it is just a bit too uncool for anyone in the skateboard industry to actually acknowledge they were impressed by someone's skills on their skateboard. It seems that team managers and all of the photographers get the job of writing tour articles, for convenience sake, yet they are not prepared to give any acclaim to some of the skills they have just witnessed. Tour articles are written to impress team managers and photographers, which is fine--except that these people are not the target market for the magazine. Fourteen-year-old kids buy the magazine. In some cases 31-year-olds buy the magazine to exercise some lingering fantasies. People buy the magazine to read about skateboarding. Granted, people also buy the mag to look at all the photos, laugh at some silliness, find out about bands and gossip, etc. But they also sure want to read about skateboarding. Ten days with the Enjoi team, and you cannot describe any of the skating that went down? Ten days, and no descriptions of spots, or tricks, or styles? Perhaps those on tour should be concentrating more on their target audiences a little more, and not on their bros. People would sacrifice a lot to go on a skate tour with a pro team. It is a dream for many, many skaters around the world. Perhaps the mag would be more effective if you just sent one of O'Dell's buddies from Friendster on tour instead. At least then they would look on the whole experience with wonderment, and not be scared, or too cool(?), to describe all the exciting things they saw. Tell me how someone approached a trick. Tell me about the lines they made. I want to read about the actual skateboarding that took place. I want to read about how the best skateboarders in the world skate everyday. I want to he impressed by the skating that happens. I could give a shit about some team manager's problems. I could go on and on, but nobody would read it. Skateboarders pride themselves on their creativity, yet I cannot find anybody who writes about skateboarding. I'm sure that Patrick O' Dell is a good person. He is not the focus for my criticism, just the person who wrote the last article that I read that wasn't about skateboarding. I am sending this letter to Thrasher because I think you may actually care a little about all this. It seems that every single other magazine out there is just as guilty, and some more so. I just want to read about skateboarding and get excited enough to then want to go skate. Make me see the skateboarding that goes on during a tour. Let the skateboard magazines get better, not get worse. Let them be about skateboarding mostly, not about anything else. Thanks.

Kieren Purnell

Summer Hill, NSW


We're not so sure.--T-ed
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Title Annotation:MAIL DROP
Author:Purnell, Kieren
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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