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Last Tango's lingo is lovely; TELLY TALK.

YOND. It's a great word, especially when uttered by Anne Reid as a no-nonsense Yorkshirewoman.

She said 'Yond', short for yonder, and indicated who she was talking about with her head.

TELLY Then, in the lovely new BBC1 series Last Tango In Halifax, she proceeded to use other great regional dialect words like 'ta-ta', 'nowt', 'ay up', 'any road', 'how do' and 'heck as like'. TALK The natural dialogue adds to the warm feeling in this drama, in which not a huge amount happens but we can all identify with the tensions within families.

Tony Gardner's character said that the engagement of Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi, 60 years after they first met, was "life-affirming, uplifting, good", which pretty much sums up the series.

It's great to see two fine veteran actors play off each other, helped by a top cast including Sarah Lancashire and Nicola Walker. And then there's the rolling Yorkshire scenery, too.

But hang on, doesn't the North get more than its fair share of screen time already? There's Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Scott & Bailey, Shameless, Hebburn, Fresh Meat, The Paradise, Prisoners' Wives and Accused - and that's just this year's output from Yorkshire, Manchester and Newcastle.

As I keep saying, it's about time we saw more of the Midlands on telly, and heard our regional dialect spoken. Let's hear it for 'bostin', 'watcham duin' and 'all roight, bab'!
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Dec 2, 2012
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