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Laskers awarded.

The judges for this year's Albert Lasker awards dipped into the well of medical talent and came up with two basic researchers, a surgeon, a chief executive officer of a charitable organization and a newspaper colmunist.

As happened last year, the basic research award, announced this week, was a reprise of the Nobel Prize in medicine (SN: 10/19/85, p. 246). This year's double laurel winners are Michael S. Brown and Joseph L. Goldstein at the University of Texas in Dallas.

The winner in the clinical division is Bernard Fisher, a professor of surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. Fisher's award is for basic and clinical advances in the study of breast cancer. Last spring Fisher reported that for many women, partial, rather than total, removal of a cancerous breast is sufficient (SN: 3/16/85, p. 165).

Public service awards went to Eppie Lederer and Lane W. Adams. LEderer -- better known by her nom de newspaper, Ann Landers -- was cited for writing "one of the most respected and influential human relations columns in the history of journalism." Adams, chief executive officer of the American Cancer Society, was honored for "stimulating the growth of the society" over the past 25 years.

Brown and Goldstein share $15,000; the others each get $15,000.
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Publication:Science News
Date:Nov 23, 1985
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