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Industrial Blue Laser Technology Specialist Nuburu to Merge with SPAC. Aug 8, 2022 609
Industrial Blue Laser Technology Specialist Nuburu to Merge with SPAC. Aug 8, 2022 584
Yokogawa develops explosion-proof spectrometer. Aug 3, 2022 494
Chinese scientists build bird-zapping laser to guard airports. Jul 30, 2022 615
Russia building a satellite-blinding laser weapon. admin Jul 27, 2022 1216
Yokogawa develops explosion-proof TDLS8200 spectrometer. Jul 24, 2022 731
BEYOND LASERS. Nance, Richard Jul 22, 2022 666
UK testing Star Wars-style laser weapons to shoot drones out of the sky from miles away; A Scottish firm is testing laser weapons to be installed on Army vehicles capable of knocking enemy drones out of the sky after the war in Ukraine showed the threat posed. By, Antony Thrower & Debbie Hall Jul 19, 2022 500
II-VI, Artilux demonstrate a 3D camera for the metaverse. Jul 18, 2022 158
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 13, 2022 19071
PS Nabukwesi launches Sh65m optics and laser lab at MMU. Jul 6, 2022 243
Ra Medical Systems receives FDA 510(k) clearance for DABRA 2.0 catheter. Jul 5, 2022 198
'It was important to have early customers to take us from developmental projects to high volume production': Scintil's co-founder and CEO, Sylvie Menezo, talks to Electro Optics about the young company's journey to date. Menezo, Sylvie Jul 1, 2022 1411
Taiwan and Lithuania consider cooperation on chips, lasers. Jun 15, 2022 206
NeoPhotonics to Discuss Optical Trends and Technology for Lidar and Autonomous Vehicles. Jun 7, 2022 321
NeoPhotonics to Discuss Optical Trends and Technology for Lidar and Autonomous Vehicles. Jun 7, 2022 308
NeoPhotonics to Discuss Optical Trends and Technology for Lidar and Autonomous Vehicles. Jun 7, 2022 322
Dual-focus ZnSe lenses for industrial laser systems: Using a state-of-the-art laser-assisted diamond-machining system, LBP Optics and sister company ULO Optics have developed a new class of lenses to fine-tune the laser-cutting process for industrial steels. Jun 1, 2022 762
VCSELs rev up for life in the fast lane: Multi-junction, vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers are likely to displace LEDs and edge-emitting lasers in sensing, finds Andy Extance. Extance, Andy Jun 1, 2022 2023
Beam sampler for high power lasers. Jun 1, 2022 212
Laser technology reveals ancient cities with pyramids in Bolivian Amazon; Scientists believe the cities were built between 500 and 1400 AD and have been hidden for centuries under dense vegetation. By, Miriam Burrell May 31, 2022 582
Emerging technologies to evolve restorations in Iran, expert says. May 28, 2022 650
Why laser weapons are the future of missile defense. admin May 25, 2022 1807
Zelensky ridicules Vladimir Putin for claiming to have new wonder laser weapon; Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky laughed at the claim from Russia that it now has powerful lasers to burn up drones by comparing it to Nazi propaganda. By, Tim Hanlon May 20, 2022 549
Zelenskyy: Russia's Statements About Alleged Use Of Laser Weapons Evidence Of Its Complete Failure. May 19, 2022 514
Russia uses new generation of laser weapons in Ukraine. Reuters News Service May 18, 2022 542
Russia could use new-age laser weapons to 'blind' satellites and blow up drones; Yury Borisov, Russia's deputy premier of military development, said new mobile system Peresvet -which can "blind" all enemy satellite reconnaissance systems -was already deployed with Moscow's forces. By, Will Stewart May 18, 2022 606
Review on Surface Polishing Methods of Optical Parts. Xie, Mingli; Pan, Yipeng; An, Zijun; Huang, Shijun; Dong, Min May 12, 2022 20792
Codewords that allow you to do clever tricks on iPhone -including lasers; iPhone users have the ability to send lasers, balloons, and other effects to their friends via iMessage -but you need to know the secret codewords to make them work. By, Zahna Eklund May 2, 2022 533
Senegal fined Sh490 million by FIFA after Mo Salah was targeted with dozens of lasers in WC qualifier. May 2, 2022 437
FIFA Fine Senegal After Salah Was Targeted With Dozens Of Laser. May 2, 2022 501
Optical Surfaces to make optics for zettawatt laser system. May 1, 2022 275
Reducing losses in laser systems through superpolished optics. Compatangelo, Angelica; Smith, Nick; Nelson, Jayson May 1, 2022 840
Mean Changes in Intraocular Pressure after Intravitreal Injection of Bevacizumab in Exudative Age Related Deneration and Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy. Rebecca, Shafi Muhammad Jatoi, Fahad Feroz Shaikh and Muhammad Shahid Apr 30, 2022 2276
Israel successfully tests new laser air defense system. Apr 16, 2022 247
Israel Successfully Tests New Laser Defense System. Asharq Al-Awsat Apr 14, 2022 281
The Efficacy of Tumor Characterization for Colorectal Lesions with Blue Light Imaging of a Compact Light-Emitting Diode Endoscopic System Compared to a Laser Endoscopic System: A Pilot Study. Inoue, Ken; Yoshida, Naohisa; Kobayashi, Reo; Tomita, Yuri; Hashimoto, Hikaru; Sugino, Satoshi; Hiro Report Apr 12, 2022 5625
980-nm diode laser excision of a giant pregnancy epulis. Lifeng Li and Yanming Liu Apr 8, 2022 1186
Seeds project aims for more sustainable future. Apr 5, 2022 268
Liverpool news: Mohamed Salah treatment slammed, Reds get unexpected injury update; Liverpool's Mohamed Salah had lasers shone at him during the penalty shootout in the World Cup qualifying play-off against Senegal as Jurgen Klopp has given an injury update. By, Joshua Smith Apr 2, 2022 463
Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp hits out at Mohamed Salah treatment during Egypt penalty; Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has spoke about the lasers which were shone in Mohamed Salah's face before his penalty in the shootout defeat with Egypt in the World Cup qualifier with Senegal. By, Mark Wakefield Apr 1, 2022 454
The Efficacy of New Liquid Laser Dye Material--Chalcone: 1-(4-methylsulfonyl phenyl)-3-(4-N,N-dimethyl (amino phenyl)-2-propen-1-one (MSPPP). Attia, Mohana; Elbadawi, Abdelrahman A. Apr 1, 2022 3082
nLight acquires Plasmo for weld inspection tech. Apr 1, 2022 155
Awarding innovation: Electro Optics offers a sneak preview of this year's shortlist for the Innovation award that will be presented at this year's Laser World of Photonics. Apr 1, 2022 1676
Meeting of minds in Munich: Some of what to expect at the Laser World of Photonics 2022 trade show and conference, taking place from 26 to 29 April. Conference news Apr 1, 2022 2697
Ultrafast gets ultra-small: Katrina Wesencraft outlines engineering and optical challenges involved in shrinking ultrafast lasers, all the way down to tiny devices for sending into space. Wesencraft, Katrina Apr 1, 2022 1521
Hard gold coated mirrors for high power fibre laser applications. Apr 1, 2022 678
Research sows seeds for crop yield increase. Mar 31, 2022 781
KOP WINNERS ...AND LASERS; Mane fires Senegal through as dazzled Mo misses out. DAVE ARMITAGE Mar 30, 2022 670
KOP WINNERS ...AND LASERS; Mane fires Senegal through as dazzled Mo misses out. DAVE ARMITAGE Mar 30, 2022 587
KOP WINNERS ...AND LASERS; Mane fires Senegal through as zapped Mo misses out. DAVE ARMITAGE Mar 30, 2022 665
Egypt complain after Mo Salah struck by objects amid racism claims after Senegal loss; Lasers were directed at Liverpool star Mohamed Salah as he missed the deciding penalty in Egypt's penalty shootout out defeat to Sadio Mane's Senegal on Tuesday evening. By, Tom Blow Mar 30, 2022 565
Liverpool face new Mohamed Salah contract issue that also affects Sadio Mane deal; Salah's Egypt were beaten by Mane's Senegal on penalties in Tuesday night's World Cup qualifiying playoff in Dakar, which was marred by lasers being shone from the crowd. By, Mark Jones Mar 30, 2022 576
Mohamed Salah targeted with lasers before penalty miss as Egypt crash out of World Cup; Egypt captain Mohamed Salah smashed his penalty over the bar while facing a barrage of lasers as the Pharaohs were on the receiving end of another shootout defeat by Senegal. By, Darren Wells Mar 29, 2022 369
Liverpool's Mohamed Salah targeted by lasers before Egypt penalty miss; Mohamed Salah blasted his penalty for Egypt over the bar in the World Cup shoot-out against Senegal. By, Richard Garnett Mar 29, 2022 412
Ra Medical enrolls 100 subjects for DABRA system study of PAD treatment. Mar 28, 2022 299
A Comparison of Transcanalicular, Endonasal, and External Dacryocystorhinostomy in Functional Epiphora: A Minimum Two-Year Follow-Up Study. Ozturker, Can; Purevdorj, Bayasgalan; Karabulut, Gamze Ozturk; Seif, Gamal; Fazil, Korhan; Khan, Yas Mar 23, 2022 5094
Fast Laser shock peening shows promise For industry. Rondepierre, Alexandre; Casagrande, Olivier Mar 22, 2022 861
Laser processing in a greener, renewable world. MacLellan, Dave Mar 22, 2022 724
SHARPER THAN ANY TOOL An overview of laser cutting and some of the technology developments made in recent years. Mar 22, 2022 1724
Moment Ukrainians destroy Russian tanks with laser-guided and Javelin missiles; Troops can be heard cheering as one of the anti-tank missiles fired by Ukrainian forces hits a Russian tank in footage shared by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. By, Joe Golder & Matthew Dresch Mar 18, 2022 563
Roman Abramovich's superyacht has missile defence system and anti-paparazzi lasers; Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's yacht, Eclipse, has modern tech to protect guests, from bullet-proof windows toa missile-detection system and even a mini escape submarine. By, Kyle O'Sullivan Mar 11, 2022 1058
LongPath Technologies expands methane monitoring partnership with Apache Corporation in the Permian Basin. Mar 8, 2022 214
NeoPhotonics Announces Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser for Low Earth Orbit Satellite Applications. Mar 8, 2022 173
NeoPhotonics Announces Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser for Low Earth Orbit Satellite Applications. Mar 8, 2022 160
NeoPhotonics Announces Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser for Low Earth Orbit Satellite Applications. Mar 8, 2022 172
A comparison of blue and red-light sensor technology: PWE spoke to Glenn Wedgbrow, Business Development Manager at Micro-Epsilon UK, about the benefits and limitations of red and blue laser light sensor technologies, as well as those applications where blue lasers are a better choice over traditional red lasers. Mar 1, 2022 712
Laser access and utilization preferences for pediatric ureteroscopy: A survey of the Societies of Pediatric Urology. Yong, Ray; Tasian, Gregory E.; Kraft, Kate H.; Roberts, William W.; Maxwell, Adam; Ellison, Jonathan Report Mar 1, 2022 4176
Revision Military offers new laser eye protection for aviators. Mar 1, 2022 196
Revision Military offers new laser eye protection for aviators. Mar 1, 2022 185
Quantum cascade lasers play their part looking for 'NICE LIFE' in a galaxy far, far away ... Mar 1, 2022 681
Taking gas detection to the next level: Gemma Church examines how a new spectroscopy model is helping to detect gases with increasing accuracy. Church, Gemma Mar 1, 2022 887
UV Photon laser. Mar 1, 2022 163
Comparison of Nd: YAG (Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) Laser Posterior Capsulotomy Techniques in The Treatment of Posterior Capsular Opacification. Shagufta Parveen, Saquib Naeem, Kashif Hanif and Bushra Akbar Feb 28, 2022 2894
NeoPhotonics Sampling of Open ZR+ QSFP-DD Transceivers Available. Feb 25, 2022 184
NeoPhotonics Sampling of Open ZR+ QSFP-DD Transceivers Available. Feb 25, 2022 194
NeoPhotonics Sampling of Open ZR+ QSFP-DD Transceivers Available. Feb 25, 2022 193
Spanish researchers use experimental lasers to detect COVID-19 virus in saliva. Feb 24, 2022 198
Spanish researchers use experimental lasers to detect COVID-19 virus in saliva. Feb 24, 2022 199
Cobolt Tor XE 532nm Q-switched laser. Feb 1, 2022 178
'You can't have the thrills without some of the challenges': Carlos Lee of EPIC talks to Dominique Lupinski, CEO and founder of Cristal Laser, which grows and fabricates nonlinear optical crystals. (ENTREPRENEURSHIP). Lee, Carlos Interview Feb 1, 2022 907
With 192 lasers and temperatures more than three times hotter than the center of. SETH BORENSTEIN AP Science Writer Jan 27, 2022 581
Cataract Surgery in Complex Anterior Segment Pathology. Balidis, Miltos; Rechichi, Miguel; Fogla, Rajesh; Gatzioufas, Zisis Jan 24, 2022 410
EDITED BY SALLY MCLEAN; The body art boom has left many with unwanted inkings. Katie Wright finds out how lasers get rid of them. Katie Wright Jan 14, 2022 655
Effects of Novel versus Conventional Porcelain Surface Treatments on Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Sobouti, Farhad; Aryana, Mehdi; Dadgar, Sepideh; Alizadeh Navaei, Reza; Rakhshan, Vahid Report Jan 6, 2022 17579
Oerlikon commences operations from new state-of-the-art laser cladding centre, Huntersville, NC. Jan 4, 2022 197
Laser Light Combo: A short bit on the XTS-CGLL, a green laser and light combo for your projects. Briggs, Charlie Jan 1, 2022 536
WELCOME TO THE MACHINE: Eight experts discuss this stalwart, constantly evolving mainstay of medical manufacturing. Bruso, Sam Jan 1, 2022 3010
US tests its new laser weapon against speedboat. Dec 31, 2021 210
Light relief as another Covid-hit year closes; JAMES ROBINSON checks out the first night of Newcastle's laser light show. JAMES ROBINSON Dec 31, 2021 285
Light at the end of a dark year; laser show makes debut. JAMES ROBINSON Reporter Dec 31, 2021 299
LASERS IN ACTION: IPG founding firm partners-up to develop technology for pipe manufacturing. Dec 22, 2021 382
Optimising high-power Laser processes using tailored non-symmetric beam shaping. Pallier, Gwenn; Lind, Jannik; Otero, Jorge Luis Arias Dec 22, 2021 1462
DLightS. Dec 22, 2021 160
AplanoXX + FoXXus Objectives. Dec 22, 2021 162
VarioScan II. Dec 22, 2021 171
Ophir BeamSquared. Dec 22, 2021 203
microSHAPE--Laser Cutting of Glass Substrates. Dec 22, 2021 178
Notes on religion Notes on religion. Dec 17, 2021 864
Emaar to celebrate New Year's 'Eve of Wonders' in style. Dec 15, 2021 288
Reversal of Myopic Correction for Patients Intolerant to LASIK. Gab-Alla, Amr A. Dec 15, 2021 5291
Calvary Church lights up with outdoor laser show. Submitted by Calvary Church of Naperville Dec 10, 2021 234
Calvary Church Offers Outdoor Christmas Laser Show for Second Year. Calvary Church of Naperville Dec 7, 2021 258
Spectra-Physics InSight X3+ tuneable ultrafast lasers. Dec 1, 2021 153
Cobolt Tor XE 532nm Q-switched laser. Dec 1, 2021 167
Prima multiple colour pulsed diode laser. Dec 1, 2021 159
'Becoming a CTO was never on my agenda, but I jumped at the opportunity and I don't regret the decision': Carlos Lee, Epic's director general, talks to Peter Geiser, CTO of NEO Monitors, a developer and manufacturer of laser-based gas and dust analysers based in Norway. Lee, Carlos Interview Dec 1, 2021 915
New Year's Eve to remember... fireworks and laser shows will see in 2022 at quayside. SOPHIE BROWNSON Reporter Nov 22, 2021 394
City is set to see the Light with a NewYear display. SOPHIE BROWNSON Reporter Nov 20, 2021 434
New Year's Eve fireworks and laser show to go ahead in Newcastle as exciting plans revealed; Two firework displays and a laser show will light up Newcastle to mark the New Year. By, Sophie Brownson Nov 17, 2021 475
Poet collaborates with laser supplier for Optical Interposer Platform. Nov 2, 2021 189
Understanding damage: Gemma Church explains how a new thermal model from Manx Precision Optics takes a new look at laser damage thresholds for the nanosecond pulse regime. Church, Gemma Nov 1, 2021 843
VarioScan II. Nov 1, 2021 152
'The main challenge has been moving from a lab prototype to producing sellable products': Carlos Lee, Epic's director general, talks to Sami Musa, CEO of Chilas, a Dutch-based company specialising in ultra-narrow linewidth tuneable external cavity lasers. Lee, Carlos Interview Nov 1, 2021 802
The big quantum impact for lasers: Gemma Church details Universal Quantum's work building a million-qubit quantum computer and what's needed from optics and lasers. Church, Gemma Oct 1, 2021 1344
New refractive beam shaping methods for laser materials processing: Joerg Volpp and Adrien da Silva, at the Lulea University of Technology, investigate beam shaping possibilities for high-power processing. Volpp, Joerg; da Silva, Adrien Oct 1, 2021 930
Role of low fluence Q-Switched laser in the treatment of hyper pigmented skin disorders. Irfan Ahmed Shaikh, Erum Junejo, Naeem Ahmed Soomro and Furqana Niaz Sep 30, 2021 1321
Laser technology raises rice yield via levelling. Sep 27, 2021 415
IN BRIEF. Sep 22, 2021 155
Bounce-back grant Funds new laser erosion cutting service. May, Andrew Sep 22, 2021 1699
Lasers driving progress towards carbon neutrality. MacLellan, Dave Sep 22, 2021 767
Frigate to test laser weapons; hi-tech systems set to transform future warfare. HERALD REPORTER @Plymouth_Live Sep 16, 2021 307
Comparative Antibacterial Capabilities of Origanum Onites Oil and Diode Laser against Enterecoccus faecalis Contaminated Primary Root Canals. Islam, Aylin; Susever, Serdar; Hanoglu, Duygu Yigit; Baser, Kemal Husnu Can; Cetiner, Serap Sep 1, 2021 5343
CONTRIBUTION OF RADIOFREQUENCY, ELONGATION, AND LASER TO TREATING THE ACUTE LOW BACK PAIN OF ATHLETES. Gabriela, Stefan Neonila; Elena, Moraru Cristina; Anca, Tanasa Raluca; Andrei, Tomozei Razvan Sep 1, 2021 3343
Strata to buy Ra Medical's dermatology business in asset transaction, cash $3.7M. Aug 16, 2021 252
Diode Laser Has an Additional Benefit When Used with Conventional Scaling and Root Planning for Chronic Periodontitis Treatment--Comparative Analysis. Deswal, Himanshu; Bhardwaj, Amit; Grover, Harpreet Singh Aug 9, 2021 4181
Comparative Evaluation of Treatment Outcome of Gingival Depigmentation by Surgical Scalpel, Laser and Cryosurgery Techniques for the Management of Gingival Hyperpigmentation--A Randomized Clinical Trial Conducted in the Institute of Swargiya Dadasaheb Kalmegh Smruti Dental College and Hospital, Hingna. Lingala, Saurabh; Gattani, Deepti; Sahu, Jigyasa; Kar, Nupur Aug 9, 2021 4748
Light Emitting Diode Mediated Photobiomodulation Therapy in Orthodontics--A Review of Contemporary Literature. Kumar, Akanksha Naresh; Jadhav, Vikrant; Jawalekar, Rashmi; Akhare, Pankaj; Atram, Harish; Jaiswal, Aug 9, 2021 5735
QU faculty gets new patent to remove carbon monoxide from car exhaust. Aug 8, 2021 202
Girl, 7, targets PS130k for new laser machine; BRAVE ELIZABETH CURRENTLY HAS SURGERY EVERY 6 MONTHS AFTER FIRE Battler with driving ambition. EMILY COLLIS News Reporter Aug 2, 2021 838
Expert offers 10 'tips and tricks' for everyday practice. Brunk, Doug Aug 1, 2021 1144
LEDs seek to light up phototherapy: Several different light-based treatments that have relied on lasers are now finding uses for LEDs, finds. Extance, Andy Aug 1, 2021 2053
Dissimilar material microwelding gets ready for industry uptake: Matthew Dale learns that ultrafast lasers can now be used to bond transparent materials to metals, benefiting electrooptic assembly and packaging. Dale, Matthew Aug 1, 2021 1544
Efficient fibre Coupling: Novanta's new, high efficiency, high power single-mode coupling system is advancing the fibre coupling space of diode-pumped solid state lasers (DPSS). Church, Gemma Aug 1, 2021 1035
Monitoring gases from the air and from the ground: Gemma Church examines the latest innovations in laser spectroscopy to aid accurate gas emission measurements. Church, Gemma Aug 1, 2021 1020
Laser methane detector-based quantification of methane emissions from indoor-fed Fogera dairy cows. Kobayashi, Nobuyuki; Hou, Fujiang; Tsunekawa, Atsushi; Yan, Tianhai; Tegegne, Firew; Tassew, Asamine Report Jul 17, 2021 7730
England on laser charge. ADAM ASPINALL Jul 9, 2021 188
Tech giant buys majority stake in Fraunhofer spin-off. Jul 1, 2021 281
Developing dominant tool: Greg Blackman asks experts to recap what 2010 to 202O held for the advancement of fibre laser technology. Blackman, Greg Jul 1, 2021 1175
Hard gold coated mirrors for high power fibre laser applications. Jul 1, 2021 689
Going with the flow: Gemma Church explains how Vortran Laser Technology's laser diodes are advancing flow cytometry and confocal microscopy. Church, Gemma Jul 1, 2021 1052
A case of angio lymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia treated by 980nm vascular diode laser. Sakina Sadiq Malik and Amer Ejaz Jun 30, 2021 3148
DX series UV and green lasers. Jun 22, 2021 176
How lasers can impact our planet: Jana Langhans of LIA discusses how Lasers are being used across the globe to benefit the environment. Jun 22, 2021 1071
SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY. Directory Jun 22, 2021 477
LASERS IN ACTION: Laser systems market demonstrates resilience to last year's macro-economic environment. Jun 22, 2021 459
'Laser paintbrush' to enable drawing on metallic surfaces. Jun 22, 2021 333
BRAIN POWER: Keely Portway considers how AI can benefit industrial Laser system users. Jun 22, 2021 1928
Dissimilar material microwelding gets ready For industry uptake: Matthew Dale Learns that ultrafast lasers can now be used to bond transparent materials to metals, unlocking a plethora of applications. Jun 22, 2021 1498
Radiation Tolerant 3D Laser Scanner for Structural Inspections in Nuclear Reactor Vessels and Fuel Storage Pools. De Dominicis, Luigi; Carta, Mario; Ciaffi, Massimiliano; Falconi, Luca; Ferri de Collibus, Mario; Fr Report Jun 12, 2021 3932
Castle in limelight with help of lasers, video and sound. TIM McGUINNESS Photo/Video Reporter Jun 11, 2021 334
NASA's telescope offers to study Earth's atmosphere. Jun 8, 2021 214
Lasers and video projections shine a new light on Lindisfarne Castle; A new exhibition has been unveiled at Lindisfarne Castle by British artists Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer. Ian Smith Jun 4, 2021 446
Energy-based devices: Expert shares treatment tips for rosacea, scars. Brunk, Doug Jun 1, 2021 823
A Urological Twist: Literature Review, An Australian Experience and Management Algorithm for Knotted Ureteric Stents. Lee, Brendon W.H.; Nassour, Anthony-Joe; Ashrafi, Darius R.; Mitterdorfer, Andrew J. Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 2738
Applications of Photobiomodulation Therapy in Oral Medicine--A Review. Asan, Mohamed Faizal; Babu, G. Subhas; Castelino, Renita Lorina; Rao, Kumuda; Pandita, Vaibhav Jun 1, 2021 4188
Army-funded research paves way for improved lasers, communications. Jun 1, 2021 933
EFFICACY OF CYCLOCRYOTHERAPY AND TRANSSCLERAL DIODE LASER CYCLOPHOTOCOAGULATION IN THE MANAGEMENT OF REFRACTORY GLAUCOMA. Miljkovic, Aleksandar; Babic, Nikola; Canadanovic, Vladimir; Davidovic, Sofija; Ljikar, Jelena; Vasi Report Jun 1, 2021 4067
LBP has the measure of mirrors and optical components. Jun 1, 2021 735
Hubner's laser qualities for S&I system. Jun 1, 2021 168
NeoPhotonics Ships 2 Million Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Lasers for Coherent Transmission Systems. May 13, 2021 276
NeoPhotonics Ships 2 Million Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Lasers for Coherent Transmission Systems. May 13, 2021 275
NeoPhotonics Ships 2 Million Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Lasers for Coherent Transmission Systems. May 13, 2021 263
SPRINGFIELD ARMORY: XD-M OSP ELITE: A Shark with Lasers, I Swear! Sweeney, Patrick May 10, 2021 3593
LaserNest desktop lasers. May 1, 2021 155
Comparison of mean operative time in patients undergoing Ho: YAG laser lithotripsy and pneumatic lithotripsy in ureterorenoscopy for ureteric calculus. Muhammad Tanveer Sajid, Mohammad Ameen, Badar Murtaza, Muhammad Sarwar Alvi, Zakir Khan and Faran Ki Apr 30, 2021 2418
Enhanced Squeezing and Entanglement in Nondegenerate Three-Level Laser Coupled to Squeezed Vacuum Reservoir. Mosisa, Ebisa Apr 22, 2021 6402
Zebra's technology used in laser tire tread reader. Apr 8, 2021 433
Cost-Efficient LASER DEPANELING: Machine and operational costs have shrunk over the past decade. Stockbruegger, Patrick Apr 1, 2021 935
On the Optical Stark Effect of Excitons in InGaAs Prolate Ellipsoidal Quantum Dots. Bao, Le Thi Ngoc; Phuoc, Duong Dinh; Hien, Le Thi Dieu; Thao, Dinh Nhu Mar 24, 2021 6954
NeoPhotonics To Demonstrate 400 Gbps Transmission Over 800km in a 75GHz-spaced DWDM System. Mar 23, 2021 435
NeoPhotonics To Demonstrate 400 Gbps Transmission Over 800km in a 75GHz-spaced DWDM System. Mar 23, 2021 434
NeoPhotonics To Demonstrate 400 Gbps Transmission Over 800km in a 75GHz-spaced DWDM System. Mar 23, 2021 420
Free webcasts Now available online. Mar 22, 2021 863
Powering through the pandemic. Dale, Matthew Mar 22, 2021 220
DEVELOPING THE DOMINANT TOOL: Greg Blackman asks experts to recap what 2010 to 2020 held for the advancement of fibre laser technology. Blackman, Greg Mar 22, 2021 1098
CREATING MEDICAL MARVELS: How lasers have played their part in the pandemic, including making medical devices. Keely Portway reports. Portway, Keely Mar 22, 2021 1978
Exploring the potential oF diode lasers for additive manufacturing: Tim Lantzsch and his colleagues investigate the Feasibility of diode lasers For the laser powder bed Fusion of stainless steel. Lantzsch, Tim Mar 22, 2021 1274
Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University sees the light with laser industry tie-up; Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University has sealed an industry partnership to drive the advancement of new laser technologies. Scott Reid Mar 17, 2021 324
Three-Level Optical Stark Effect of Excitons in GaAs Cylindrical Quantum Wires. Thao, Dinh Nhu; Phuoc, Duong Dinh; Bao, Le Thi Ngoc; Hien, Le Thi Dieu; Linh, Tran Phan Thuy; Le Thu Mar 17, 2021 6124
Enhancing Steady-State Entanglement Generated by a Nondegenerate Three-Level Laser with Thermal Reservoir. Abebe, Tamirat; Yirgashewa, Tewodros; Belay, Abebe Mar 16, 2021 5588
A Comparative Clinical Study on Surgical Blade and Diode Laser in the Treatment of Gingival Melanin Pigmentation. Jain, Somit Kumar; Shenoy, Nina; Chourasia, Mehul Kumar; Ramesh, Amitha Clinical report Mar 8, 2021 3348
NeoPhotonics Modules Support Extended Operation Up To 80C Case Temperatures. Mar 2, 2021 218
NeoPhotonics Modules Support Extended Operation Up To 80C Case Temperatures. Mar 2, 2021 204
NeoPhotonics Modules Support Extended Operation Up To 80C Case Temperatures. Mar 2, 2021 218
New high LDT coatings help break world record: With laser systems pushing the boundaries of high power and performance, it is no surprise the dedicated team at Hilase have managed to break new ground, using optics supplied by Manx Precision Optics. Mar 1, 2021 778
Duetto 349 single frequency DPSS CW device. Mar 1, 2021 199
Effect of Low-Level Laser Therapy on Peri-Miniscrew Fluid Prostaglandin E2 and Substance P Levels: A Controlled Clinical Trial. Alkan, Ozer; Kaya, Yesim; Yuksek, Esra; Komuroglu, Ahmet Ufuk Mar 1, 2021 3741
Navy to Fully Integrate Laser Into Aegis Combat System. Mayfield, Mandy Mar 1, 2021 571
Lasers in Diagnosis, Interception and Management of White Spot Lesions and Dental Caries--A Review. Chaudhari, Payal Sandeep; Chandak, Manoj Ghanshyam; Relan, Kajol Naresh; Chandak, Pooja Ghanshyam; R Mar 1, 2021 5649
Interdisciplinary Management of Gummy Smile and Fluorosis A Case Report. Mavely, Arun V.; Mittal, Akanksha; Basavaraju, Suman; Gehlot, Paras Mull; Manjunath, Vinutha Mar 1, 2021 2420
Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty of a Single Surgical Centre/Tek Cerrahi Merkezin Lazer Hemoroidoplasti Deneyimleri. Sabanci, Unal; Orug, Taner; Uncu, Erhan Report Mar 1, 2021 2431
Underground oil shale mine surveying using handheld mobile laser scanners. Kutimets, Kaia; Ellmann, Artu; Vali, Erik; Kanter, Sander Mar 1, 2021 6107
Efficacy of MTAD Solution and Er:YAG Laser in Smear Layer Removal from Extracted Root Canals: A SEM Evaluation. Kalyoncu, Isil Ozgul; Giray, Figen Eren; Durmus, Basak; Berker, Yildiz Garip; Tanboga, Ilknur Mar 1, 2021 3893
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Erbium Lasers on Removing Calcium Hydroxide. Culha, Emre; Yildirim, Cihan Mar 1, 2021 3661
Laser Monitor for Studying the Combustion of Thin Layers of Metal Nanopowders. Gubarev, Fedor A.; Mostovshchikov, Andrei V.; Fedorov, Anatoliy I.; Li, Lin Report Mar 1, 2021 3858
Efficacy of YAG Laser Embolysis in Retinal Artery Occlusion. Mohammad Asim Mehboob, Asfandyar Khan and Ahsan Mukhtar Feb 24, 2021 2963
Al Jasoor joins forces with Raytheon Emirates. Feb 18, 2021 659
Burgan launches new laser-engraved card for elite customers. Feb 6, 2021 435
AN-PEQ/15 & AN-PEQ/16B: Intermittent Issue with Remote Cable Assembly. Feb 3, 2021 365
Laser focused on laser engraver/cutter safety: There are some key things to keep in mind when it comes to operating a laser engraver/cutter safely. Gill, Melvin; S, Tyler; Love Feb 1, 2021 1239
Burst of colour: laser TV at CES 'better than cinema'. Feb 1, 2021 341
Upholding the law. Portway, Keely Feb 1, 2021 2189
Fibre lasers help manipulate atoms to make quantum inertial sensors. Feb 1, 2021 769
Cavity ring-down spectroscopy: Optical interruption method opens up MIR spectroscopy applications. Feb 1, 2021 1143
A scoping review of the clinical efficacy and safety of the novel thulium fiber laser: The rising star of laser lithotripsy. Gao, Bruce; Bobrowski, Adam; Lee, Jason Report Feb 1, 2021 5933
New laser system use hope for cancer ops. SIMON STONE Jan 25, 2021 280
New laser system use hope for cancer ops. SIMON STONE Jan 25, 2021 280
Scientists developing 'ultrafast' laser system to remove cancer more precisely; Experts at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh are working on the revolutionary tool to help surgeons. By, Lucinda Cameron, PA Scotland Jan 25, 2021 410
To Assess the Efficacy of Supragingival Debridement by Er:YAG Laser versus Ultrasonic Scaler as Adjunctive Treatment in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis: A Randomized Split Mouth Study. Srivastava, Devendra; Prasanth, T.; Gupta, Nitin; Mh, Raghavendra Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 2962
Design and Management of Stray Light for Compact Final Optics Assembly on the High Energy Laser System. Zhu, Deyan; Chen, Yang; Li, Ping; Feng, Bin; Pang, Yajun Jan 1, 2021 3628
Determination of the Immunoglobulin G Spectrum by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Using Quasispherical Gold Nanoparticles. Ortiz-Dosal, Alejandra; Loredo-García, Elizabeth; Álvarez-Contreras, Ana Gabriela; Núñez-Leyva, Juan Jan 1, 2021 3457
Folic Acid-Conjugated Silica-Modified TbPO[sub.4]·H[sub.2]O Nanorods for Biomedical Applications. Vinh, Le Thi; Huong, Tran Thu; Phuong, Ha Thi; Khuyen, Hoang Thi; Hung, Nguyen Manh; Thao, Do Thi; M Jan 1, 2021 5130
Orthorectification of WorldView-3 Satellite Image Using Airborne Laser Scanning Data. Pradhan, Biswajeet; Ahmed, Ahmed A.; Chakraborty, Subrata; Alamri, Abdullah; Lee, Chang-Wook Jan 1, 2021 4661
Investigation on Coaxial Multiwavelength Generation in a CVD Diamond Crystal in the Near-IR Regime. Hao, Jingjie; Lv, Ze; Shen, Yu; Zong, Nan; Tu, Wei; Zhang, Shenjin; Bo, Yong Jan 1, 2021 3041
Development of Single-Longitudinal-Mode Selection Technology for Solid-State Lasers. Zhang, Xuanpu; Wang, Zhihan; Liu, Shi; Gou, Siyu; Fan, Rong; Jin, Duo; Bai, Zhenao Jan 1, 2021 8201
Research on Spectroscopy Modulation of a Distributed Feedback Laser Diode Based on the TDLAS Technique. Li, Bin; Xue, Liang; Ji, Nan; Wei, Da Hui Jan 1, 2021 5002
Functional Outcomes and Reading Speeds following PRESBYOND LBV Using Nonlinear Aspheric Ablation Profiles Combined with Micro-Monovision. Brar, Sheetal; Sute, Smith Snehal; Bagare, Sheetal N.; Ganesh, Sri Jan 1, 2021 5230
Pivotal Role of Quantum Dots in the Advancement of Healthcare Research. K. Tiwari, Pawan; Sahu, Mugdha; Kumar, Gagan; Ashourian, Mohsen Jan 1, 2021 7787
Investigation of the Impact of the Pumping Beam Waist Size and Position on the Efficiency of YVO4/Nd:YVO4/YVO4 Laser Generation. Mlynczak, Jaroslaw; Zyskowski, Maciej Jan 1, 2021 2165
Efficacy and Safety of Combined Surgeries including Intraocular Direct Cyclophotocoagulation with a 532nm Laser to Treat Advanced Neovascular Glaucoma. Chen, Xiaomin; Zheng, Tian; Zeng, Wen; Fu, Xia; Wang, Shun; Zeng, Weijuan; Ke, Min Jan 1, 2021 4471
One-Year Visual and Refractive Outcomes following LASIK for Myopia and Myopic Astigmatism with MEL 90 versus Schwind Amaris 750S Excimer Laser: A Comparative Study. Brar, Sheetal; Rathod, Dishitha P.; Roopashree, C. R.; Ganesh, Sri Jan 1, 2021 5066
True Orthoimage Generation Using Airborne LiDAR Data with Generative Adversarial Network-Based Deep Learning Model. Shin, Young Ha; Lee, Dong-Cheon Jan 1, 2021 8551
Radiation Tolerant 3D Laser Scanner for Structural Inspections in Nuclear Reactor Vessels and Fuel Storage Pools. De Dominicis, Luigi; Carta, Mario; Ciaffi, Massimiliano; Falconi, Luca; Ferri de Collibus, Mario; Fr Report Jan 1, 2021 3932
Airborne Laser Communication System with Automated Tracking. Ke, Xizheng; Liang, Hanli Jan 1, 2021 4038
Epitaxial Growth of Optoelectronically Active Ga(As)Sb Quantum Dots on Al-Rich AlGaAs with GaAs Capsule Layers. Strassner, Johannes; Richter, Johannes; Loeber, Thomas; Doering, Christoph; Fouckhardt, Henning Jan 1, 2021 5479
Effect of Nd:YAG, Er,Cr:YSGG Laser Irradiation, and Adjunctive Photodynamic Therapy on Push-Out Bond Strength of Zirconia Posts to Radicular Dentin. Alshammary, Freah; Karobari, Mohmed I.; Assiry, Ali A.; Marya, Anand; Shaikh, Gul M.; Siddiqui, Amma Report Jan 1, 2021 5322
Microstructure and mechanical properties of similar and dissimilar laser welds of dp600 and dp1000 steel sheets used in the automotive industry. Tuncel, Oguz; Aydin, Hakan; Cetin, Sukriye Report Jan 1, 2021 3216
UPHOLDING THE LAW: Keely Portway discovers how lasers are being used to advance Moore's law, and how this technology could become more accessible to SMEs. Portway, Keely Dec 22, 2020 1679
BOXING UP THE BEAM: Lasermet's David Lawton opens Matthew Dale's eyes on modern challenges in laser safety. Lawton, David; Dale's, Matthew Dec 22, 2020 2091
Ultrafast lasers facilitate leaner CFRP production: Stefan Janssen, of Fraunhofer ILT, discusses the scannerbased laser processing technique developed in the Carbolase project. Janssen, Stefan Dec 22, 2020 1329
Free webcasts Now available online. Dec 22, 2020 270
ICALEO 2020 - a virtual experience. Langhans, Jana Dec 22, 2020 1530
SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY. Directory Dec 22, 2020 603
Laser systems market faces expected 10% decline to $16bn. Dec 22, 2020 468
Researchers exceed 10kW average power with ultrafast fibre laser. Dec 22, 2020 200
Additive firms target serial production with metal 3D printers wielding 10+ lasers. Dec 22, 2020 395
PowerSpectrum TPSR-Xtended. Dec 1, 2020 195
Pulsed lasers for marking, LIBS and photoacoustics. Dec 1, 2020 184
New options show promise for treating pigmented lesions. Brunk, Doug Dec 1, 2020 903
Canadian Urological Association best practice report: Holmium:YAG laser eye safety. Bhojani, Naeem; Andonian, Sero; Watterson, James D.; Dushinski, John W.; Shayegan, Bobby; Schuler, T Report Dec 1, 2020 2749
The effect of the Er: YAG laser on the clinical success of hydrophilic fissure sealant: a randomized clinical trial. Yilmaz, Hulya; Keles, Sultan Dec 1, 2020 4736
Scottish laser firm secures [pounds sterling]12.5m as new investment bank launches; Backing of [pounds sterling]12.5 million for a laser technology business has marked the launch today of the new Scottish National Investment Bank. Perry Gourley Nov 23, 2020 586
LASERS will replace traditional guns []; Energy weapons & AI in PS16.5bn hi-tech upgrade for our Forces. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor Nov 20, 2020 388
Donald Trump: When I worked for him, he threatened not to pay me, then cowered in fear thinking he was going to be cut in two by lasers - Professor Joe Goldblatt; Full disclaimer. I once worked for Donald J Trump. In 1990, my firm produced the opening of The Trump Taj Mahal Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Joe Goldblatt Nov 18, 2020 1172
InnoLas wins major contract from PV industry. Nov 9, 2020 389
the r ray f; Air force plans to fit laser weapons to fighter jets. EXCLUSIVE by SEAN RAYMENT Nov 8, 2020 308
RAF fighter jets 'to be fitted with high-tech Star Wars style laser cannons'; EXCLUSIVE It may sound far fetched but laser technology could be in the skies above Britain within the next six years. By, Sean Rayment Nov 7, 2020 296
High-Visibility Pseudothermal Light Source Based on a Cr[sup.4+]:YAG Passively Q-Switched Single-Longitudinal-Mode Laser. Cui, Can; Wang, Yulei; Lu, Zhiwei; Bai, Zhenxu; Yuan, Hang; Chen, Yi; Wang, Yue Nov 5, 2020 3574
Expert offers tips for using lasers, injectables in one session. Brunk, Doug Nov 1, 2020 1328
Air Force Wants Lasers on Fighter Jets by 2025. Lee, Connie; Mayfield, Mandy Nov 1, 2020 438
Time to reflect: Gemma Church explains how mirrors are improving ultrafast laser performance. Church, Gemma Nov 1, 2020 997
Truth behind mystery laser beam in sky. ELIS SANDFORD News Reporter Oct 21, 2020 442
BEAM ME UP BRUMMIES! Oct 21, 2020 165
Recurrent Oral Mucocele Management with Diode Laser. Besbes, Amira; Elelmi, Yamina; Khanfir, Faten; Belgacem, Raja; Ghedira, Hichem Oct 5, 2020 2874
Dermatologists reflect on advances in lasers over the decades. Brunk, Doug Oct 1, 2020 1703
And the award goes to... Oct 1, 2020 280
Custom delivery: Greg Blackman discovers how emerging lasers with adjustable beam quality are improving quality and flexibility in cutting and welding. Blackman, Greg Oct 1, 2020 1900
Fibre lasers and EDFAs for wind lidar: To obtain optimum performance for wind lidar applications, certain fibre laser specifications must be considered. Oct 1, 2020 758
FC1500-Quantum for cold atom applications. Oct 1, 2020 176
Prodigii digital laser module. Oct 1, 2020 182
Fibre first. Gavrilinas, Nikolajus Interview Oct 1, 2020 1027
Platelet-rich plasma in alopecia areata: intradermal injection versus topical application with transepidermal delivery via either fractional carbon dioxide laser or microneedling. Ragab, Sally Esam Marouf; Nassar, Samia Othman; Morad, Heba Ahmed; Hegab, Doaa Salah Oct 1, 2020 3834
A split face comparative study to evaluate the efficacy of skin microneedling and platelet rich plasma(PRP) combination versus skin microneedling alone for treatment of post acne scars. Saurabh Sharma, Tanreet Kaur and Roopam Bassi Sep 30, 2020 2454
The Efficacy of Linked Color Imaging in the Endoscopic Diagnosis of Barrett's Esophagus and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma. Tokunaga, Mamoru; Matsumura, Tomoaki; Ishikawa, Kentaro; Kaneko, Tatsuya; Oura, Hirotaka; Ishikawa, Sep 29, 2020 5965
Eyes on e-mobility. Dale, Matthew Sep 22, 2020 223
Production and export of German laser systems down 18% last year. Sep 22, 2020 557
Researchers use ultrafast lasers to optimise plug connector production. Sep 22, 2020 383
One wavelength, two approaches. Sep 22, 2020 1468
TAKING THE HEAT OUT OF METAL WELDING: Greg Blackman speaks to two researchers who presented at the LANE conference on different aspects of laser welding. Blackman, Greg Conference news Sep 22, 2020 1759
UV lasers make their mark in space, technology and surgery: ES Precision's new UV laser is paying for itself by opening up a range of valuable niche processing jobs. May, Andrew Sep 22, 2020 1368
Green light for green mobility: Trumpf's David Harvilla, Stefanie Bisch and Sebastian Zaske discuss why green lasers represent the perfect tool for welding e-mobility components made of copper. Harvilla, David; Bisch, Stefanie; Zaske, Sebastian Sep 22, 2020 1932
Laserdyne 811. Sep 22, 2020 224
EasyMark XL. Sep 22, 2020 165
HighLight FL4000CSM-ARM. Sep 22, 2020 158
SUPPLIERS! DIRECTORY. Directory Sep 22, 2020 604
Pain-free laser boosts women's sex drive and improves their orgasms, scientists claim; Researchers from Tehran University of Medical Sciences found that just five minutes of treatment with a fractional CO2 laser can improve women's sex drive. By, Shivali Best Sep 21, 2020 387
Evaluation of Effects of Irradiation with 980 nm Diode Laser at 0.8 W, 1.2 W and 1.4 W, on Sheep Bone--An In Vitro Histological Study. Parveen, Rubiya; Patil, Veena A.; Mudda, Jayashree A.; Desai, Shrikar R.; Desai, Supriya S.; Mustafa Report Sep 14, 2020 2074
laser machining 3D challenge: How can laser cutters/engravers be tools in building 3D objects? Flowers, Jim; Wierzbicki, Alexander; Weldy, Alexandra Report Sep 1, 2020 4009
Lasers for Removing Obturation Materials and Medicaments from the Root Canal: A Review. Abduljalil, Mohamad; Abduljalil, Burcu Gunal Sep 1, 2020 4932
Design of Ultra-High Gain Optical Micro-Amplifiers via Smart Nonlinear Wave Mixing. Asirim, Ozum E.; Yolalmaz, Alim Report Sep 1, 2020 6628
Prediction of Temperature Field and Thermal Damage of Multilayer Skin Tissues Subjected to Time-Varying Laser Heating and Fluid Cooling by a Semianalytical Method. Li, Chang-Yu; Lin, Shueei-Muh; Wan, Yi-Yu Report Aug 31, 2020 7360
Recommendations and Protocols for the Use of the Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer (Delta Ray) to Measure Stable Isotopes from C[O.sub.2]: An Application to Volcanic Emissions at Mount Etna and Stromboli (Sicily, Italy). Boudoire, G.; Grassa, F.; Giuffrida, G.; Liuzzo, M. Aug 31, 2020 13179
Long-Term Effects of Half-Time Photodynamic Therapy on Retinal Sensitivity in Eyes with Chronic Central Serous Chorioretinopathy. Iwase, Takehito; Yokouchi, Hirotaka; Kitahashi, Masayasu; Kubota-Taniai, Mariko; Baba, Takayuki; Yam Report Aug 31, 2020 6998
Microchip Nd:YAG and Nd:YV[O.sub.4] Lasers Pumped by VHG Wavelength-Stabilized Laser Diode. Saiki, T.; Tatebayashi, A. Aug 31, 2020 5288
Management of Aphakia with Visual Axis Opacification after Congenital Cataract Surgery Based on UBM Image Features Analysis. Chen, Wensi; He, Shiping; Xiang, Daoman Aug 31, 2020 4303
Central Serous Chorioretinopathy: Multimodal Imaging and Management Options. Iyer, Prashanth G.; Schwartz, Stephen G.; Russell, Jonathan F.; Flynn, Harry W., Jr. Aug 31, 2020 5318
Sarit row with eye clinic to hurt 70 patients, MPs told. Aug 5, 2020 343
Designing fibre. Rowbury, Jessica Aug 1, 2020 157

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