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Lasers and laser scalpels.

OmniGuide, Inc., has recently introduced a line of fiber-enabled, portable, low-cost C[O.sub.2] lasers for use in operating rooms and surgical suites and has several leading-edge flexible laser fiber scalpels for use in both hospital and Office settings. Brands include the BeamPath[TM] ENT for laryngology, airway, and head and neck procedures; the BeamPath[TM] OTO for otology procedures; and the BeamPath[TM] NEURO for neurosurgery.

The BeamPath[R] OTO-S Fiber, designed for precise stapes surgery, and the BeamPath[R] OTO-M Fiber, designed for complex chronic ear and tumor surgery, are the third generation of BeamPath OTO products developed by OmniGuide in recent years. Both otology fiber products feature an enhanced tip design and versatile, indication-specific power handling capabilities. The fibers also feature very small tip designs to enhance visualization and provide versatility and precise power delivery, and they are 20 cm longer than previous versions.

For additional information on the BeamPath OTO-S and OTO-M products, call (617) 551-8444 or visit

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Title Annotation:PRODUCT MARKETPLACE; OmniGuide, Inc., introduces lasers for use in operating rooms
Comment:Lasers and laser scalpels.(PRODUCT MARKETPLACE)(OmniGuide, Inc., introduces lasers for use in operating rooms )
Publication:Ear, Nose and Throat Journal
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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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