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Laserlyte Sub Compact V2-Mini Rail Laser System.


It is not often we find an accessory smaller and lighter than its name, however, such is the Laserlyte Sub Compact V2-Mini Rail Laser System. This little red laser unit fits on a semi-autos with at least one Picatinny rail slot on the bottom of the main frame. It is constructed of T6 aluminium and measures approximately 1" x 1" x 11/16" and just barely registers under 1 ounce on my postal scale. It is hardly noticeable when installed on a Ruger SR9 and is especially designed for sub-compact semi-autos. Installation is easy requiring only tightening one screw through the rail slot for securing the integrated cross lock bar and hinged clamp system, which holds the unit in place.


Laserlyte does not stop there as the bottom of the Sub Compact V2 accepts a small Picatinny rail, which attaches to the bottom of the V2 by sliding the dovetails of the adapter onto the mating system of the V2 and attaching with two Allen screws. This attachment has two rails for allowing the use of a flashlight or other accessories in addition to the red dot Laserlyte.

The prime unit attaches easily and I found it to be already shooting to point of aim using the 9mm Ruger SR9. There is an on/off switch on the back of the unit on the left side which is easily accessed by the left thumb of a right-hand it shooter, while a lefty with a long trigger finger can reach the switch.

The switch is actually a red/orange pushbutton and operates very easily. The Laserlyte comes with the V2, accessory rail, Allen wrenches and screws, three extra batteries and exceptionally easy illustrated instructions. Batteries will last for approximately 1-1/2 hours left in the on position The V2 is adjustable for windage using an Allen screw on the right side and elevation screws are located beside the on/off pushbutton.

For revolvers without a rail system, Laserlyte offers rail adapters, also made of T-6 aluminum, for the Taurus Judge and Model 85, Charter Arms .38 and .44 revolvers, and the Smith & Wesson J-frame.



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