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Laser line sensor.

This high-speed laser line sensor has been introduced for tire sidewall inspection, radial run out measurement and other applications in the rubber and tire industry. The Selcom EyeCon-2 laser line sensor has dual vision cameras in one sensor housing that detect small defects, wherever they occur, at a full 2 kHz sample rate and at a high resolution, according to the company. Located on each side of the laser line, the dual vision cameras see the complete line, capturing every defect at 2,000 profiles/second.

The laser line sensor is said to increase the data density or amount of profile information to detect small bulges or depressions that might be missed by single point sensors. Accurate geometric surface data even at steep edges of raised lettering uncover bulges or depressions under embossed features perfectly, while eliminating invalid data drop outs at a full 2 kHz sample rate, according to the company.

The EyeCon-2 incorporates Smart Sensor technology to internally process image data and output the measured 3D raw profile of the tire surface.

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Title Annotation:Up Front
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Jun 22, 2006
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