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Laser level transmitters are ideal.

A range of laser level transmitters which offer the important features and benefits of high accuracy, non-contact and continuous level measurement, has recently been introduced by level and flow specialists Allison Engineering.

The KTEK LM80 LaserMeter level transmitter is particularly effective in applications involving bulk solids and opaque liquids, even in the most demanding environments. As the transmitter uses a high frequency light source, the problems associated with ultrasonic and radar transmitters, such as false echo's caused by beam spread, are eliminated.

Other important benefits for the LM80 transmitter include, its narrow wavelength means the beam will reflect back along the same angle of incidence, even if the target is at an oblique angle or has an uneven surface and it can even be programmed to reject momentary intrusions by passing objects.

The operating principle of the LM80 transmitter is based upon it measuring the distance to solid objects or opaque liquids, while as an 'optical' instrument, it requires a direct line of sight to 'see' the material, although it is capable of measuring through light or medium dust. It can be mounted in any orientation and operates effectively even if a glass or plastic shield is required for protection against aggressive or pressurised applications.

Ideal level measurement applications for the LM80 transmitter will include installation on tanks, silos, hoppers, bins and mixing basins where media includes food and beverage ingredients such as, chocolate and sugar, and equally in other industrial applications involving media such as coal and plastic pellets.


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Comment:Laser level transmitters are ideal.(Plant and Equipment)
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Feb 1, 2008
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