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Lasalle home mortgage to adopt ABN AMRO Mortgage name.

CHICAGO-BASED LASALLE HOME MORTGAGE, a division of Ann Arbor, Michigan-based ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc., will adopt the name and look of its parent company, ABN AMRO. In addition to changing its name to ABN AMRO Mortgage, LaSalle. Home Mortgage will also change its logo, adopting the ABN AMRO shield.

"The goal of this change to ABN AMRO Mortgage is to create a greater synergy between LaSalle Home Mortgage and the reputation of ABN AMRO, a globally trusted and recognized bank," said Mark Sofyanos, LaSalle Home Mortgage senior vice president. "This change is not a result of a change in management or a merger. LaSalle Home Mortgage is simply adopting the name of its long-time parent company."

LaSalle Home Mortgage will now join ABN AMRO Mortgage in Minnesota (as well as the ABN AMRO Mortgage Group-branded NLC Call Center and in employing the ABN AMRO Mortgage retail brand identity. As ABN AMRO Mortgage, the entity will continue to leverage its guaranteed One-Fee[SM] mortgage and FastAnswer point-of-sale approval offerings.

Sofyanos noted that previously, "LaSalle Home Mortgage's advertising of mortgage lending programs created confusion with consumers, as LaSalle Home Mortgage and LaSalle Bank had different mortgage offerings. As ABN AMRO Mortgage, products can be marketed in a way that eliminates consumer confusion with LaSalle Bank," he said. LaSalle Bank while changing its logo to the green and-gold shield design, will keep its name.
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Date:Nov 1, 2003
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