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Larscom's Orion 56/T1 multi-rate DSU/CSU simplifies bandwidth growth from DDS to T1.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 18, 1997--Larscom Inc. (NASDAQ:LARS) today announced the Orion 56/T1 multi-rate DSU/CSU, an innovative network access product combining a DDS DSU and a T1 CSU, plus one RS232/V.35 data port, in a single compact unit.

The Orion 56/T1 offers service providers and network users the ability to install a DDS interface now, then upgrade to fractional or full T1 without replacing the interface hardware.

For service providers, the combination of two network interfaces in a single product is especially beneficial. In today's highly competitive marketplace, with bandwidth requirements continually rising, offering users maximum flexibility and minimum cost is essential to success.

Normally, when a customer upgrades from DDS to T1, the service provider dispatches a craftsperson to install a new interface. With the Orion 56/T1, the service provider simply tells the user to unplug the network line from the DDS socket and plug it into the T1 socket, then remotely reconfigures the interface software as appropriate.

"While much of the glamour in networks today is in the broadband arena, DDS and T1 are where a lot of the real action is," said George Fragos, director of digital access products for Larscom. "For the Internet and other remote access applications, there is a huge body of users who need DDS access today but are going to need T1 soon. With bandwidth growth a foregone conclusion, installing a T1-capable DDS interface is an obvious advantage. The somewhat-higher initial investment is quite small compared to switch-over cost savings when the user moves up to T1."

In the Orion 56/T1, both the DDS DSU and the T1 CSU are full-featured interfaces meeting all relevant network standards. The DDS DSU supports substrates from 2400 bps, as well as the full rates of 56 and 64 kbps. The T1 CSU supports both ESF and D4 formats, and can be used to access fractional T1 and Frame Relay services as well as a full T1.

The Orion56/T1 includes a range of management options: a front-panel LCD and keypad; a menu-driven ASCII terminal interface; and a built-in SNMP agent. Multiple loopbacks and test patterns, plus bit error rate (BER) monitoring, simplify problem isolation and diagnosis.

At 8.35 by 1.75 by 10 inches, the Orion 56/T1 is well suited to high-density installations and other situations where space is an issue. And the Orion 56/T1 can operate with an ambient temperature up to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C).

The Orion 56/T1 is available immediately, and has a list price of $1,650. To obtain additional product information, please visit the company's web site at . To arrange an interview, please contact Michelle Solis at 408/988-6600 ext. 274.

Larscom Inc. (NASDAQ:LARS) is a leading provider of high speed wide area network (WAN) access equipment. Its customers include carriers, Internet service providers, corporate users, and government agencies worldwide. Its products cover a wide range of transmission rates and services including full and fractional T1, E1, NxT1, NxE1, and T3, as well as frame relay and ATM inverse multiplexing. To help ensure optimum network performance, Larscom products feature advanced monitoring, diagnostic, and management functions, including SNMP. The company's headquarters are located at 4600 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, Calif. 95054.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 18, 1997
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