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Lara Al Safadi living a love story.

Jordanian actress Lara Al Safadi recently participated in the social television drama series "Bint Al Noor" (The Daughter of the light) that was aired on the Dubai satellite channel. Her latest project will be playing the role of "Rahmah" in the second part of the Bedouin drama series "Ras Ghlais".

The first part of the Bedouin drama was shown in the holy month of the Ramadan 2006. The second part is produced by the 'Arab Communication and Production Center" in Jordan and it will be directed by Shalan Dabas.

According to the London daily Elaph, the character "Rahmah" is considered to be one of the main roles in the second part where she plays the daughter of the tribe leader 'Sheikh Edaij' and she gets kidnapped on the night of her engagement by "Ghlais". "Rahmah" manages to run away from "Ghlais" with the help of "Saqer" that is played by the Jordanian actor Abed Al Karim Al Jarah.

Lara's new role is considered to be one of the outstanding roles in her acting career. She has played various roles throughout her acting career like historical, social and Bedouin roles that were also produced by the "Arab Communication and Production Center".

A number of the Bedouin stars will be starting in the new series "Ras Ghlais" like Rashid Asaf, Shayesh Naimi, Naderah Emran, Suhair Fahed, Muhammad Al Abadi, Munther Rayahneh, MAjed Al Zawahreh, Muhammad Al Ibrahimy, Dawood Jalal, Nariman Abed Al Karim and Yousif Yousif.

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Date:Jul 6, 2008
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Lara Al Safadi living a love story.

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