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Lap dance teaching assistant, OAP killer and child predator jailed this week; An overview of the most serious cases linked to Merseyside over the last seven days.

Byline: Neil Docking

These are the faces of 17criminalslocked up for crimes linked tothis week.

Cases have included two romance fraudsters who conned women with lies in order to steal their savings.

Judgesdealt with monstrous paedophiles, heroin dealers, hopeless robbers and a necrophiliac with a 'rape kit'.

They heard how a 20-year-old man killed his 90-year-old father in a fight over [pounds sterling]10 with tragic consequences.

And they had to listen to details of how a teaching assistant groomed a schoolboy for sex at a hotel.

Here is an overview of some ofthe most serious casesto have concluded this week.

Ivan Nkazi

Serial "romance fraudster" Ivan Nkaziconned a woman into believing he was the brother of Liverpool star Sadio Mane.

He was responsible for a complex [pounds sterling]24,000 con, hoodwinking prospective dates and persuading them to part with huge sums of cash.

The 31-year-old former Hibernian professional football player would also threaten to expose intimate photos of some victims.

Anna King was one who bought into his lies and withdrew money on three separate occasions after believing his convincing sob stories.

What to do if you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime

The well-intentioned Anfield woman, who works in investment banking, transferred [pounds sterling]1,500 to the Congolese criminal in just one day.

She handed him [pounds sterling]600 in cash in an envelope after they met up on Old Hall Street, in Liverpool city centre.

A keen Liverpool supporter, she was told his name was Malah Mane, was repeatedly harangued for increasing amounts of money, and listened to him concoct a tale that his Mercedes car had been pinched by thieves when they raided the Reds forward's home on Merseyside.

Nkazi, of Lee Park Avenue, who admitted 11 counts of fraud and four counts of malicious communication, was jailed for three years.

Bruce McLean

Bruce McLean used connections at Manchester United to help him roam the corridors of children's homes and pick out victims for sexual abuse.

The monstrous care worker groomed and abused boys as young as seven in their rooms, then relied on his links with the football club to 'buy their silence'.

The former fireman, of Runcorn Road, Moore, near Runcorn, was found guilty of 27 counts of child sex offences against six victims in two separate trials.

The 63-year-old abused his victims between the mid 1970s and early 1990s at two children's care homes, including one in Cheshire.

How to keep your children safe online

McLean knew players at Manchester United and would take children to training sessions at The Cliff ground and give them free sportswear.

Judge Patrick Thompson said the pervert treated the vulnerable boys as his "sexual playthings" and showed a "complete lack of remorse".

He said: "You were young and friendly and groomed these boys with trips to Manchester United and furnished them with Adidas clothing to make them compliant.

"If that didn't work you would threaten them. These were the actions of a sexual predator."

McLean was jailed for 15 years and placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

Mark White

Sexual predator Mark White left his victim in tears as shefinally saw him jailed for his sickening crimes.

The 51-year-old, who threatened and blackmailed his victim, was convicted of historic sex offences after a harrowing trial.

His denials forced the now-adult woman to give evidence, but he was found guilty of eight counts of sexual activity with a child.

White, of Croppers Hill Court, Prescot Road, St Helens, groomed his victim when she was a teenager, before molesting her.

Travelodge worker admits digger rampage because he wasn't paid over Christmas

Years later he confessed in text messages, but tried and failed to convince the jury these conversations were just drunken ramblings.

Judge Robert Warnock said: "You were fully aware throughout the whole of the trial what you had done but you were hoping for some reason the jury would acquit you."

He jailed him for 10 years and told him to sign on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

Luke Cain

Home intruder Luke Cain got more than he bargained forwhen he stabbed a brave dad with a fork.

He and an unknown accomplice burst into the victim's kitchen in Halewood to try and steal cash.

But when the 29-year-old crook pounced, the half-dressed dad-of-two managed to grab a meat cleaver.

He struck Cain, of Wintergreen Avenue, Norris Green, three times in the head and the masked thug fled.

Man doused in petrol and set on fire for 'chatting up' jealous thug's girlfriend

Cain left behind blood revealing his DNA on the front door and spent more than three years on the run.

He was spotted by an officer at a McDonald's in Kensington this July and pleaded guilty to attempted robbery.

Cain, who has a history of burgling homes, has also previously been locked up for bottling a teenager.

Family members of the dad-of-one sobbed in court as he was jailed for 10 years.

Kyle Morgan

Kyle Morgan was found lurking in woods with ahunting knife and a frightening 'rape kit'.

An off duty police officer, acting on a hunch, called his colleagues to report a suspicious man in Storeton Woods, near Bebington, in Wirral.

The 21-year-old was found carrying a bag containing the blade alongside handcuffs, an eye mask, limb restraints and an open-mouth gag.

Asked why he had the items following his arrest, at around 9.15am on January 18 this year, he replied: "Because I wanted to kill someone."

When Morgan's mobile phone was examined, it revealed he had been searching pornography sites for images of sex with dead people.

He admitted committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence and possessing an offensive weapon.

The court heard severely mentally ill Morgan, of Aldersgate, Rock Ferry, had bought most of the items from a sex shop.

He was handed an indefinite hospital order and is now being held at high security Ashworth Hospital.

Lee Dawson

A judge told drug dealer Lee Dawsonhis life had been a wasteas he marked his 40th birthday behind bars.

The crook was caught with more than [pounds sterling]2,800 of crack cocaine and heroin outside his home in Birkenhead.

Police stopped him near to his flat on the Woodchurch estate at around 11.30am on February 23 this year.

He was found to have 9.41g of heroin, with a street value of [pounds sterling]550, and 22.67g of crack cocaine, worth [pounds sterling]2,267.

The drug addict, now of no fixed address, admitted possessing both crack cocaine and heroin with intent to supply.

Jailing him for three years and four months, Judge Robert Warnock said: "Hitherto you've led a life that quite frankly has brought difficulty and pain to others.

"You have been of no benefit or assistance during the course of your criminal life, which is extensive.

"Today, your birthday, may be - I don't know - a turning point. It's a matter only for you."

John Mullally

Fugitive John Mullally played a major role in a multi-million pound cocaine plotacross the north of England.

The 56-year-old, from Norris Green, went on the run after being identified as a key figure in a drugs gang with links to Merseyside.

He spent two years at large before being hunted down by a surveillance network launched to find him and his partner in crime.

Mullally was initially arrested in 2016, shortly after associates Leslie Moulden and Anthony Carr were found with four kilos of cocaine valued at just over [pounds sterling]2.75m.

Side effects of Cocaine

Detectives linked him to the enterprise by text messages, which placed him at the heart of the gang's North West operation.

But in June 2017, ahead of their first appearance in court, Mullally and Moulden absconded.

Moulden was traced to Leeds after 12 months on the run, before Mullally was tracked to Merseyside earlier this year.

Little girl savaged by dangerous dog was left screaming in pain

He admitted conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, possessing cannabis with intent to supply, possessing cocaine and breach of bail.

Mullally was jailed for 16 years and eight months.

Terence McDonnell

Terence McDonnellstole nearly [pounds sterling]30,000 from his employersbut was "caught out by his own stupidity".

The scrap metal driver was a trusted worker at Merton Car Dismantlers, based in Hawthorne Road, Bootle.

But the dad-of-two regularly lined his own pockets, then made a laughable offer of compensation when rumbled.

The 54-year-old stole [pounds sterling]29,855 from February 2017 to July 2018 during visits to European Metal Recycling in Bootle.

It was the lorry driver's job to remove scrap metal to be weighed in, then collect a receipt for cash paid to the firm.

However, he separated loads and held some back, before weighing it in for himself and keeping money and receipts.

Road rage woman's car rolls down hill as she confronts lorry driver

The crook was "caught out by his own stupidity" after accidentally handing two of these fraudulent receipts back to his employers.

McDonnell, of Barnton Close, Bootle, offered to pay the company just [pounds sterling]500 in compensation, plus the value of his old Volvo car.

He admitted theft and fraud and was jailed for 14 months.

Adam Jones

Pathetic robber Adam Jones raided two post offices at gunpoint but left empty handed each time.

The 21-year-old struck at the Post Office in County Road, Ormskirk at around 3.30pm on July 19 this year.

Jones, from Ormskirk, entered the store brandishing a fake gun, but left without getting his hands on any cash.

He tried again at the Post Office in Square Lane, Burscough, 40 minutes later, but was again unsuccessful.

On both occasions staff - who believed the gun Jones brandished was real - were left terrified as a result.

Jones was arrested a short time later in Flax Lane, Burscough and officers found an imitation revolver nearby.

He admitted two counts of attempted robbery and two of possessing an imitation firearm.

Jones was jailed for five years and four months.

Kenneth Littlemore

Vile ex-boyfriendKenneth Littlemore spat at a terrified mum while she was holding their baby girl.

The 43-year-old "victimised" mum-of-five Joanne Dambis by repeatedly assaulting and harassing her.

In one incident he hurled a cannabis grinder at her face - leaving the victim with soft tissue damage.

Littlemore, of Scargreen Avenue, Norris Green, had fathered a 16-month-old daughter with Miss Dambis.

But after their relationship ended, his bad behaviour meant he was given a restraining order in April 2017.

Littlemore, who on one occasion this year chillingly warned "I'm going to kill you all", blamed alcohol for his problems.

He admitted three common assaults, three breaches of the restraining order and breaching the community order.

He also pleaded guilty to driving while over the alcohol limit, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance.

Littlemore was jailed for 22 months and banned from driving for 35 months.

Jamie Crawley

Jamie Crawleyinjured two officers when he rammed into a police car at the end of a high speed chase.

The 19-year-old drug dealer missed a pedestrian by inches and smashed into a taxi during a pursuit through Liverpool city centre and Toxteth.

When finally cornered in the car park of Renshaw's factory, in Crown Street, he reversed a Ford Fiesta into a patrol car three times, giving both officers whiplash.

Police investigation continues into Walton street stabbing

His distraught mum, Terri Crawley, told a judge through tears: "He is sorry. He comes from a really good home. I swear I will spend the rest of my life helping and looking after my son and moving him in the right direction.

"He's a good boy, it was two years ago and [he] was going through such a lot at the time. He was attacked, he was stabbed four times and his dad was going to prison."

Two teenagers arrested after 19 year old stabbed in street fight

Judge Sophie McKone expressed sympathy, but said the yob's crimes on January 16 last year were too serious for her to spare him jail.

Crawley, who was in breach of a community order for dealing cannabis, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm and dangerous driving.

The teen, of Springvale Close, Kirkby, was handed 16 months in a young offenders institute.

Stephen Davey

Stephen Davey pretended to be a police officer and a lawyer in order tocon three vulnerable women out of thousands of pounds.

The serial fraudster, of Rumney Road West, Kirkdale, used two false identities, 'Stephen Burns' and 'Simon Davey', as part of an elaborate plot.

The women, who cannot be named, included a single mother who thought Davey could help her through a family court case after she suffered from domestic abuse.

However, he went on to steal a total of nearly [pounds sterling]8,500 from his victims between January to April this year, leaving them feeling "extremely vulnerable and anxious".

Idiot burglar caught halfway up stairs by his former classmate

The 49-year-old, who has 17 previous convictions for 94 offences, was described as a "dishonest fraudster" with an "appalling criminal record".

He admitted a string of fraud offences and was jailed for four years.

The court imposed a 10-year restraining order, which states that Davey must not contact any of the women or go to their addresses.

The restraining order also covers the Tune Hotel in Castle Street, where Davey had been living at the time he committed his offences.

Kenneth Cousineau

Paedophile Kenneth Cousineau was found staying in a caravan on a family holiday site in Wales.

The 62-year-old has been on the Sex Offenders Register since he was caught with vile pictures of children in 2014.

But when police raided his home in Almond Court, Garston on March 11 this year, they discovered another sickening collection.

Stashed on Cousineau's Lenovo laptop were pictures and videos of girls thought to be aged as young as six being raped.

The computer was sent away for forensic analysis and the married man - who must keep police informed of his location - was granted bail.

Court stories

Yet when officers attended his address on August 7 he had disappeared and they only learned through a neighbour where the pervert had gone.

Cousineau had moved to a caravan at Pendyffryn Farm caravan site in Penmaenmawr - an address he hadn't mentioned to police since 2016.

He admitted breaching his notification requirements, plus three counts of downloading and one of possessing indecent images of children.

Cousineau was jailed for 12 months and told to sign on the Sex Offenders Register and to comply with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for 10 years.

Connor Ashton

Heroin and crack cocaine peddler Connor Ashton wasconvicted of possessing a deadly sawn-off shotgun.

His DNA was found on the weapon after police raided a house in Chudleigh Road in Old Swan on August 15 last year.

Also discovered was a handgun, which the 24-year-old also handled, and a Uzi submachine gun, along with a stash of Class A drugs.

Ashton's DNA was also seen on the interior of one of the barrels, but none of the firearms were linked to any known discharges in Merseyside.

James Foat, 24, of Molyneux Road, Kensington, and Kyle Melia, 24, of Killington Way, Kirkdale, were jailed for seven and a half years and five years respectively for their part in the seizure.

Judge Neil Flewitt, QC, told Ashton: "I'm satisfied you did handle that shotgun and handled in such a way including breaking it open and gaining access to loading cartridges.

"You had some contact with the handgun. Contact with the sub machine gun, I can't be sure.

Ashton, from Knotty Ash, was jailed for four years.

Joshua Keogh

Mentally-ill Joshua Keogh's "fixation" with weapons saw himhold the jagged edge of a broken DVD to the throat of a womanat Ashworth Hospital.

Keogh, who is diagnosed with multiple personality disorders and has a history of violence, flew into a rage on the Arnold ward in Maghull where he lives.

The 31-year-old began acting strangely on September 18 last year and was aimlessly wandering back and forth to his room, worrying staff member Joanne Ashcroft.

Man arrested over 'murder' of 'generous dad' is released on bail

Keogh asked the victim to open a laundry room, put his arm around her neck, threw her to the ground and covered her mouth to stop her shouting out.

She felt something sharp and feared he would slash her but a nearby patient came to her rescue, before other staff helped restrain him.

The victim reported sustaining a whiplash-type injury and suffered shoulder and arm pain, along with scratches to her face and eye.

The judge ordered Keogh to serve an indefinite hospital order.

Michael Burns

Michael Burnskilled his 90-year-old dad after a row over [pounds sterling]10 at their Netherton home developed into a fight.

The 21-year-old, who has Asperger's, threw punches at elderly William Burns, but was then sorry for attacking him.

Burns and his dad brawled in Fatherside Drive on March 24 this year, after the 20-year-old refused to give his mum [pounds sterling]10.

Mr Burns argued with him and allegedly said "do you want a fight?" before his son punched him in the face.

He helped his mum care for his victim afterwards, but Mr Burns' condition soon deteriorated.

The parents had decided not to report the matter to police or go to hospital.


But the following day Mrs Burns called a doctor to the house, who prescribed codeine to her husband.

A neighbour later reported the matter to police and when they arrived on March 27, they found Mr Burns slumped on the floor.

He was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with fractures to his nose, eye socket, cheekbone and ribs.

Mr Burns contracted pneumonia and died on April 6.

Burns, now of Victoria Road in Salford, admitted manslaughter and was jailed for three years and four months.

Shaun Pilkington

"Out of control" teenager Shaun Pilkington stabbed a father-of-fourin the chest who was trying to protect his son.

The 18-year-old, of Eastbourne Road, Southport knifed William Hughes outside his family home on April 19 this year.

Mr Hughes, 34, previously told the ECHO he thought he was going to die from the attack in Birch Street, Southport.

Judge Andrew Menary, QC, said Pilkington was "dangerous" and someone who "responds aggressively whenever his behaviour is challenged".

The court heard Pilkington had threatened to stab Mr Hughes' teenage son earlier that day so he understandably called his dad.

The yob encountered Mr Hughes at around 7.40pm, stared at him, got off his bike and threatened that he had a knife.

After Mr Hughes told him to stay away, Pilkington reached into his hoody to pull out a small knife and lunged at him.

The victim suffered a one-inch wide wound, which went some four centimetres deep and had nipped one of his lungs.

Pilkington admitted wounding with intent, possessing an offensive weapon and possession of a Class B drug.

He was locked up for four years and 10 months.

Lydia Beattie-Milligan

Teaching assistantLydia Beattie-Milligan booked a hotel room for sex with a vulnerable schoolboy.

The 43-year-old told the pupil she might love him, saying: "OMG I cannot stop thinking about you, but I know it is wrong."

The trained masseur later claimed she was helping the boy, who had anxiety issues, and that an offer to give him a massage was just a joke.

The married mum-of-two insisted she only booked the hotel room to explain to the child that she had crossed a boundary in their relationship.

How teaching assistant groomed pupil for her own sexual desire

But sordid text messages revealed Beattie-Milligan, nicknamed Mrs Robinson from the film The Graduate, talked about her feelings for him.

And she told a friend that she was buying sexy underwear, planned to look amazing and to give him a lap dance, ahead of "major f***ing".

Jurors took just over an hour to find Beattie-Milligan, of Kingsley Close, Lydiate, guilty of arranging to meet a child following sexual grooming.

Judge Gary Woodhall said he was satisfied she intended to have penetrative sex with the child, who was left feeling confused and suicidal.

He said: "As a result of what you did in this incident, your life has collapsed around you.

"Your employment prospects are seriously reduced, your marriage is finished, you have difficulty in contact with your children and in all likelihood you will lose your home."

He jailed her for two years and told her to sign on the Sex Offenders Register and to comply with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for 10 years.


Credit: Merseyside Police

Ivan Nkazi admitted counts of fraud and counts of malicious communications

Credit: runcornweeklynews

Bruce McLean

Credit: liverpool echo

Mark White, 51 and of Croppers Hill Court, Prescot Road, St Helens, was found guilty of eight counts of sexual activity with a child. Image: Merseyside Police

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Luke Cain, 29, of Wintergreen Avenue, Norris Green, admitted attempted robbery

Credit: Merseyside Police

Kyle Morgan, 21, of Aldersgate, Rock Ferry, who was arrested in Storeton Woods, Bebington, with a knife and 'rape kit'

Credit: Crown Prosecution Service

A hunting knife found on Kyle Morgan, 21, who was arrested lurking in the woods with a 'rape kit'

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Lee Dawson, 40, of no fixed address, admitted possession of crack cocaine and heroin with intent to supply

Credit: liverpool echo

John Mullally, 56 and of no fixed address but formerly of Norris Green, was jailed for 16 years and eight months. Image: Northumbria Police

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Terence McDonnell, 54, of Barnton Close, Bootle, admitted theft and fraud

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Liverpool Crown Court

Credit: Lancashire Police

Adam Jones, 21, from Ormskirk, who was jailed for five years for two attempted gun-point robberies

Credit: PA

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Kenneth Littlemore, 43, of Scargreen Avenue, Norris Green

Credit: Merseyside Police

Jamie Crowley, 19, jailed for 16 months for dangerous driving, assaulting two police officers and drugs offences

Credit: Crown Prosecution Service

Stephen Davey, 49, claimed to be a police officer and a solicitor to con women out of thousands of pounds

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Kenneth Cousineau, 62, of Almond Court, Garston

Credit: merpol

Connor Ashton was jailed for four years for possession of a swan off shotgun

Credit: merpol

The guns found in the police raid of the Chudleigh Road address in Old Swan

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Michael Burns, 20, of Fatherside Drive, Netherton, admitted manslaughter

Credit: Merseyside Police

Shaun Pilkington

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Lydia Beattie-Milligan, 43, of Kingsley Close, Lydiate, was found guilty of arranging to meet a child following sexual grooming

Credit: Lynda Roughley

Lydia Beattie-Milligan, 43, of Kingsley Close, Lydiate, Merseyside, found guilty of meeting a schoolboy after grooming
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