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Lap belt slingers.

Pilots and co-pilots, if the mission is over, slow down! Unhooking and slinging the lap belt buckle to exit your Black Hawk puts the cyclic boot cover in harm's way.

When you toss the buckle, it smacks the cyclic boot. Over time that wears out the boot and can tear a hole in it.

If that happens, your aircraft is NMC until the cyclic boot can be replaced.

The boot protects the cyclic stick which controls the bird's pitch in flight. Without a boot, dirt can get into the cyclic stick and damage the works that assist in flight control.

So take your time exiting the bird. Just unlatch the lap belt and place the round buckle in the seat or let it hang over the seat. But don't sling it or let it fall on the boot as you leave. Don't kick the boot because that also causes damage.

The boot should always be zipped to the top, but sometimes it slides back because of a wire on the cyclic stick. To keep the zipper in place, use a zip tie on it.
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