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Language loyalty, language planning, and language revitalization; recent writings and reflections from Joshua A. Fishman.


Language loyalty, language planning, and language revitalization; recent writings and reflections from Joshua A. Fishman.

Fishman, Joshua A. Ed. by Nancy H. Hornberger and Martin Putz.

Multilingual Matters Ltd.


259 pages



Bilingual education and bilingualism; 59


Fishman's work in sociolinguistics includes classical studies on reversing language shift as well as the title topics, and this collection of recent writings includes an interview on his perceptions with editors Hornberger (education, U. of Pennsylvania) and Putz (linguistics and English language, U. of Koblenz-Landau). The essays include Fishman's thoughts on the birth of American sociolinguistics, similarities and differences between diglossia and societal multilingualism, the process of reversing language shift and its failures and successes, considering such factors as geography in studies of language revitalization, problems in the study of language maintenance and language shift, results of studies in Australia of immigrant and Aboriginal languages, the myth of "English only," ethnolinguistic democracy, endangered languages, and Yiddish in the context of the "holy language." Distributed in the US by UTP Distribution.

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