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Language and Cultural Diversity in U.S. Schools: Democratic Principles in Action.


Language and cultural diversity in U.S. schools; democratic principles in action.

Ed. by Terry A. Osborn.



229 pages



Educate US


With the idea in mind that America will continue to move toward a truly democratic society, however slowly, the contributors of these eight articles and introduction examine the possibility that language and culture will eventually not be an impediment to fulfilling the idea that America is a democracy. They cover new possibilities for studying and understanding diversity in the schools, including applying concepts of diversity in reading and the language arts, considering bilingual education and studying dialects as positive influences, considering certain communities, such as that of the deaf, as part of the diversity equation, making foreign language study a study in diversity as well, going beyond sensitivity training, developing educational policies for a pluralistic society, and taking the hard-learned lessons of 9/11 to heart.

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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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