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Langston Bates Offers Insight Into His Young Successful Construction Career.

Atlanta, GA, December 21, 2017 --( In just a few short years, Langston Bates went from someone just starting in the concrete construction industry to a highly regarded mind at notable conferences. The success Bates has had over the past year has never happened in the industry in many years.

He is a perfect illustration of what can happen when you put in the hard labor and display energy to learning the ins and outs of an industry. Success can happen fast, and Bates has been able to handle the attention.

Usually, when a professional becomes involved in different communities, it takes time to develop a respected voice. But Bates has broken the mold, proving if you would hard, you can serve for well-known corporations in the field.

Inside the last several years, Bates has become involved in numerous committees and groups in the concrete construction industry. First, he became a supporting Associate Representative of the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) Precast Concrete Paving Slabs Committee. Earning a position within this committee gave Bates the platform to voice his intriguing ideas immediately.

Not only has Bates become a respected voice, but he has also kept the place in the committee for the last two sessions. This possession includes the most recent group term. For Bates, it was a great stepping stone for his resume to branch off onto more projects in the industry.

"Having the opportunity to take part in important decisions in the industry was humbling," says Bates. "Many of the long-term members of the committee have expressed their pleasure in my opinions and thoughts. I'm always learning in the committee and as a professional in general."

Leadership Role In Respected Committee

The committees the NPCA have formed have a long honored history. As a requirement, they only admit extremely valued individuals within the profession.

The NPCA has partnered with various corporations of plant-produced precast concrete goods since 1965. Also, they have supported suppliers of necessary services and products within the industry.

"I've learned lessons I couldn't learn on my own or as I continue to job as a professional," says Bates. "While I always speak my mind, I know when to listen. Whenever someone offers advice, I appreciate the words of encouragement and take note."

Because of the success, Bates has had early on in the committee, and a leadership position gained, he is building his resume. This internal leadership position usually takes time, but in just two sessions, Bates has earned the role. It's a big responsibility, but Bates has embraced the role head-on.

"When important topics come up in our meetings, I make sure to let my opinion be known," explains Bates. "It might not echo what other members want, but I stay true to my core values."

Not only has Bates taken on a leadership role this early in his career, but it's his versatility that has others talking. Bates is working on one of the more highly regarded panels in the concrete industry. The group is the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI).

The institute concentrates significantly on five principals. Those are: Educate, Organize, Market Post-Tensioning, Communicate Effectively, and Market Certification.

"I wanted to make sure I absorb as much as the industry I can in a short amount of time," says Bates. "While being able to work with PTI and be involved with multiple committees, I've done just that."

Bates is still young in the industry but feels like he's a veteran. He also plans on furthering his career with more involvement. It's just a characteristic of the work ethic learned at an early age. Bates does not plan on stopping his progress anytime soon.

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Date:Dec 21, 2017
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