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Lane County Property Sales.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Commercial Improved

Gutenberg College Inc, to GHP LLC; $1,325,000; 1883 University St., Eugene.

Wesley Foundation, to University Of Oregon Bookstore Inc; $1,250,000; 1236 Kincaid St., Eugene.

M-N-M LLC, to Hecht Investments LLC; $775,000; 795 High St., Eugene.

Ruff Daphne D, to Knight Donald George & Renae; $550,000; 1873 Garden Ave., Eugene.

Ittleson Guerrero LLC, to Cen Yao Lin; $430,500; 3015 Row River Rd., Cottage Grove.

Magee Charles J Jr, to Wesley Foundation University Of Oreg; $375,000; 2520 Harris St., Eugene.

Umberger Michael Dds, to Umberger Michael Dds; $360,000; 4765 Village Plaza Lp Ste #101, Eugene.

Hyacinth Housing LLC, to Hendrix Dawn; $354,000; 47365 1St St., Westfir.

Yelton James E, to Donahue Kellie Jeanne; $350,000; 86531 College View Rd., Eugene.

Miller Tracy D, to Oakridge Tire Center Company; $300,000; address unknown.

Ropchan George & Wilma W, to Hammer John P; $298,859; 1450 W 7Th Ave., Eugene.

Robert F Marquess Revocable Trust, to Cascade Animal Clinic LLC; $285,000; 901 W Centennial Blvd., Springfield.

Renee J Westerberg Family Trust, to Fred M Calosso Living Trust; $285,000; 733 Hwy 101, Florence.

Rush Judy, to Lulu LLC; $230,000; 621 Madison St., Eugene.

Cary Nancy K, to Wells Fargo Bank Na; $207,793; address unknown.

Julien Family Living Trust, to Julien Investment Properties LLC; $205,000; 1030 W 5Th Aly., Eugene.

Bedacht Living Trust, to Bedacht Living Trust; $69,500; 466 Juniper St., Junction City.

Farmer Family Trust, to Johnson Thomas G; $38,000; 91124 N Willamette St., Coburg.

Devine George E, to Grant R Martin; $23,000; address unknown.

Commercial Vacant

Cribbs Samuel T, to Marsh Tom William & Satma Rattan; $750,000; address unknown.

Masengil Jenny, to Sturdevant Tonya M & Wayne; $440,000; address unknown.

Greer Glenn Michael, to Dean John J; $440,000; address unknown.

K & R LLC, to Roscoe Divine LLC; $280,000; 28808 W 11Th Ave., Eugene.

Wells Mary M, to Kast Construction Inc; $75,000; address unknown.

Trapp Byron M, to Pkrk LLC; $20,000; address unknown.

Farm Improved

Leelynn Inc, to Defoe Ronald Major; $1,180,980; address unknown.

Christiansen Steven M & Kandy K, to Dylan Martin Exempt Trust; $860,000; 93771 Sam Brown Rd., Blachly.

Petty Vicki Lei & Linn D, to Schumacher Paul M & Mariah A; $595,000; 39646 Mckenzie Hwy., Springfield.

Ridge Robert H & Kathleen S, to Jordan Richard Daniel; $520,000; 94426 Territorial Hwy., Junction City;

Geraldine I Nelson Living Trust & Mi, to Brainard Jason E & Jennifer K; $485,000; 77499 Bar B L Ranch Rd., Westfir.

Owen William W Jr, to Owen William W Jr; $342,000; 84820 Cloverdale Rd., Creswell.

Critzer Betty A, to Swanson Bros Lumber Co Inc; $225,000; 22694 Noti Loop, Noti.

Headley Marie E, to Headley Marie E; $180,000; 91666 Stallings Ln., Eugene.

Farm Vacant

Rowntree Saundra L, to Devers Brandon S & Amy L; $570,000; address unknown.

Hartstrom Carol M, to Stipek Gary & Joyce; $255,460; address unknown.

Gard Jason, to Stroda Brothers; $100,000; address unknown.

Gard Jason, to Stroda Brothers; $100,000; address unknown.

Forest Improved

Wildwood Creek Trust, to Madrone Land LLC; $470,000; 31900 Wildwood Creek Rd., Eugene.

Leach Beau & Rhonda, to Silver Nicholas; $457,000; 86117 Cougar Ln., Eugene.

Leach Beau & Rhonda, to Silver Nicholas; $457,000; 86117 Cougar Ln., Eugene.

Schrag Susan, to Fern E Bentz Trust; $435,000; 23139 W Sheffler Rd., Elmira.

Robertson Family Trust, to Myers William J Jr & Andrea R; $430,000; 85098 Territorial Hwy., Eugene.

Saries Living Trust, to Westphal Dana F; $419,000; 86835 R R Baker Rd., Springfield.

Clotz Marilyn J & Bearden Mary Ann, to Renz David & Lindquist Lisa; $419,000; 31563 Fox Hollow Rd., Eugene.

Bonynge Jennifer, to Muse Ryan D & Amanda A; $395,000; 29117 Gimpl Hill Rd., Eugene.

Bartholow Lester C, to Gamble Monte L & Kelly L; $365,000; 25037 Paradise Drive, Junction City.

Stephen F Axtens Revocable Trust, to Brown Terry & Nellie; $350,000; 90246 Baker Rd., Elmira.

Stephen F Axtens Revocable Trust, to Brown Terry & Nellie; $350,000; 90246 Baker Rd., Elmira.

Stahl Michael R & Linda K, to Ball James D & Pamela F; $347,000; 33443 Molitor Ranch Rd., Cottage Grove.

First American Title Insurance Compa, to Wells Fargo Bank Na; $327,774; 38318 Harolds Rd., Dexter.

Vonbargen Bryan J & Peggy S, to Ambrose Ricky G & Carlotta L; $258,000; 1990 Pleasant View Drive, Cottage Grove.

Huntsberger Thomas A, to Cox Charles Clifford Jr; $18,000; 40178 Little Fall Creek Rd., Fall Creek.

Forest Vacant

Third Wind LLC, to Third Wind LLC; $357,623; address unknown.

Chapman Ronald A, to Chapman Ronald A Te; $357,623; address unknown.

20 Acre Woods LLC, to 20 Acre Woods LLC; $357,623; address unknown.

Jdb Holdings LLC, to Martin Louis M & Linda M; $185,000; address unknown.

Wredco Ii LLC, to Harrison Christopher R & Alicia M; $143,000; address unknown.

Puzzle Forest LLC, to Mathis Valerie S Cain; $110,000; address unknown.

Locke Jason Wayne, to Drago David & Meleah; $100,000; address unknown.

Puzzle Forest LLC, to Smalley Ronald W & Patricia A Cain; $75,000; address unknown.

Industrial Improved

Lawrence M Tardie Living Trust, to Never Again Real Estate LLC; $1,250,000; 399 Wallis St., Eugene.

Matt Sam Inc, to Matt Sam Inc; $1,040,000; 32932 Roberts Crt., Coburg.

Bury Robert H Jr & Subbot Susan E, to Glass Von & Bonnie; $700,000; 4080 Stewart Rd., Eugene.

Industrial Vacant

Cone Investment Ltd Ptrshp, to C & M Superior Investment LLC; $274,428; address unknown.


Mckenzie River Dream LLC, to Ramsey Michael & Rose; $795,000; 43027 Leaburg Drive, Leaburg.

Tomlinson R Sande & Mary J, to Little Richard D & Choi; $474,000; address unknown.

Powell Douglas L Sr & Gayla, to Lawson Heather Renee & James Lamar I; $149,950; address unknown.

Hartsell Steven D, to Tull Annmarie & Timothy J; $70,000; address unknown.

Taylor Frank, to Bubble Boy LLC; $1,350,000; 1235 Mill St., Eugene.

Westfair Associates, to Suess John M; $100,200; 525 Grant Ave., Cottage Grove.

Recreational Improved

Vancauteren Chris, to Bauer Mike; $10,000; 55332 Delta Rd., Blue River.

Residential Improved

Coburg Meadows Ltd Ptrshp, to Steelman Resource Group LLC; $1,640,000; 2956 Matt Drive, Eugene.

Tardie Kimberly C, to Decalesta Daran M & Pamela L; $1,200,000; 4098 Castelloe Ave., Eugene.

Jamieson Joanne Marie, to Linn John C & Jewett Paula H; $875,000; 3165 Riverplace Drive, Eugene.

Jost John M & Lyn M, to Haskins Jeffrey R & Beth A; $689,000; 3660 Waterbrook Way, Eugene.

Moses Bradley D & Arlean M, to Hodgson Andrew T & Kally; $665,000; 2150 Lakeview Drive, Eugene.

Hartley Dennis K, to Hodgson Ian & Cathleen M; $645,000; 1554 Charnelton Aly., Eugene.

Pitcairn First Family LLC, to Ocaer Teressa; $600,000; 927 W Broadway Aly., Eugene.

S C Gordon Revocable Trust, to Libuda Diana E; $599,000; 1136 E 20Th Ave., Eugene.

Zahner Pat W & Karen D, to Lilley Robert C & Cynthia A; $595,000; 157 Larksmead Ln., Eugene.

Gaskill Jeffrey & Jamie, to Omlid Ora Jay & Brenda; $575,000; 3465 Brookview Drive, Eugene.

Scherer Theodore M & Marilyn E, to Lacoste Daniel & Dian; $560,000; 516 Spyglass Drive, Eugene.

Brass Robert E Jr & Joan E, to Funk Robert W & Erica C; $550,000; 2950 Powderhorn St., Eugene.

Grove Mary & Kyle, to Devera Erwin L & Rensie R; $544,500; 2758 Blacktail Drive, Eugene.

Hertz Michael Randall, to Padgett Daniel Rush; $525,000; 2141 Essex Ln., Eugene.

Williams Brett Francis & Julie Anne, to Coe Living Trust; $525,000; 3085 Summit Sky Blvd., Eugene.

Herlache April L & Miller Chris L, to Wagner David T & Jessica L; $520,000; 950 E 23Rd Ave., Eugene.

Mcentee Michael E & Karen A, to Myers John C & Meghan A; $520,000; 3284 Blacktail Drive, Eugene.

Brainerd Dirk J & Colleen G, to Ramirez Raquel V; $515,000; 1519 Kingston Way, Eugene.

Ann Knedler Trust, to Liu Xiaoding; $515,000; 3277 Blacktail Drive, Eugene.

Scott Marjorie J, to Nurre Daniel P; $490,000; 29417 Willow Creek Rd., Eugene.

Girod Dennis E & Julia C, to Reilly Kevin; $484,500; 3822 Mirror Pond Way, Eugene.

Cushman Gail D, to Lafoca Sam P & Kimberly A; $479,900; 583 Dartmoor Drive, Eugene.

Burkland Family Trust, to Schneider Lowell; $475,000; 1828 Longview St., Eugene.

Tomlinson R Sande & Mary J, to Robertson Richard Niell & Mead Lucy; $474,000; 630 Spyglass Drive, Eugene.

Fossum Timothy A & Linda B, to Irvin Renee A; $470,000; 1645 Firland Blvd., Eugene.

Robert Seth November Rev Liv Trust, to Luck Timothy G; $467,000; 3348 Southview Drive, Eugene.

Chipps James A & Theresa J, to Berg Willard A & Shirley; $465,000; 3520 Meadow View Drive, Eugene.

Martin Samuel S F & Hertica Y, to Hornung Phillip A & Sherry L; $460,000; 630 Mountaingate Drive, Springfield.

Jackson Bruce A & Suzanne E, to Mar-Gat Investments LLC; $460,000; 2140 Agate St., Eugene.

Adler Alan D & Ellen S, to Hariton Victor & Welch Duana Cheryl; $457,000; 400 Fulvue Drive, Eugene.

Osborne Cheryl A & Gary A, to Meek Sherry L & Jeffrey M; $450,000; 3350 Bentley Ave., Eugene.

Bauder Kathleen S, to Morgan Scott A; $448,500; 3246 Riverplace Drive, Eugene.

Holbrook Lawrence M & Stroop James D, to Scalise Samuel G & Kathleen M; $447,500; 188 High St., Eugene.

Peggy Ann Wittkop Revocable Trust, to Brazil Brian & Gemma T; $445,000; 2017 Morning View Drive, Eugene.

Kieran Margaret E, to Shoemaker Stephen & Aubin Melissa; $440,000; 575 City View Blvd., Springfield.

Manley Martin T & Nancy M, to Gallic Exchange LLC; $435,000; 2026 Westwood Ln., Eugene.

Hall Cindy, to Goheen Thomas G & Cathy A; $430,000; 6204 Graystone Loop, Springfield.

Brandt B J, to Wang Mikel W & Laura C Ledsworth; $425,000; 2515 31St St., Springfield.

Clark Andrew S, to Daw Daniel B & Patricia A; $425,000; 2477 Panorama Drive, Eugene.

Schumacher Paul M & Mariah A, to Reinhard William A & Catherine D; $424,000; 2733 Sarah Ln., Eugene.

Cassell Sidney L I & Faris H, to Anna Julie K; $420,000; 1938 Potter St., Eugene.

Hatleberg Jeffrey Alan & Terri Lynn, to Perkins Thomas & Maureen; $415,000; 3016 Lord Byron Pl., Eugene.

Starr Victoria, to Autry Christopher S & Kelly K; $415,000; 6121 Forest Ridge Drive, Springfield.

Cool Story Ventures Inc, to Debono Martin; $415,000; 1189 Mill St., Eugene.

Hibbard Mark E, to Stieglitz Krista Dae; $415,000; 3048 Hendricks Hill Drive, Eugene.

Burri Dennis A, to Blacquiere Ronald B & Bess; $410,000; 1791 Ferry St., Eugene.

Debaldo Carl & Patricia M, to Carson Michael James; $405,000; 3125 Mcnaull Drive, Eugene.

Hetrick Thelma, to Ettel Deborah J; $405,000; 2746 Capital Drive, Eugene.

David & Barbara Thomas Joint Trust, to Seipert Brian M & Kelly N; $399,000; 3379 Bentley Ave., Eugene.

Dabuilders LLC, to Thompson Jeffery P & Lisa Anne; $397,500; address unknown.

Eric Richard Cumer Living Trust, to Ford Jeffrey; $387,000; 2252 Marie Ln., Eugene.

Katherine Anne Mello Living Trust, to Lundblad Paul; $385,000; 2504 Garfield St., Eugene.

Dougherty Chad O & Robyn D, to Krieger Christopher R & Brittany N; $383,000; 2297 37Th St., Springfield.

Michael & Deanna Hochstein Rev Trust, to Ward Patrick G & Kathleen M; $376,900; 565 Merewether St., Eugene.

Clark Andrew S, to Shannon Tammy; $376,000; 2546 Terrace View Drive, Eugene.

Hull Judy J, to Barkhurst Scott E; $375,000; 491 Pinto Way, Eugene.

Lambert Michael L & Smith Elizabeth, to Chang Wesley & Walsh Justine; $375,000; 480 E 53Rd Ave., Eugene.

Weixelman Donald H & Sondra K, to Cross Nanci Ann; $375,000; 2185 Roland Way, Eugene.

Harrison Jerry L & Paula J, to Cranshaw Joy E; $375,000; 298 Knight Ave., Eugene.

Briggs Derek A, to Lepine Jon Marc; $373,000; 4180 Torrington Ave., Eugene.

Gardner Jack A & Jan M, to Bova Michael A & Gilliam Lisa K; $369,000; 1710 Russet Drive, Eugene.

Lpg Revocable Living Trust, to Broomfield Mary Jo; $365,000; 3289 Saint Thomas St., Eugene.

Bundy Roger L & Sue C, to Brabander Chad Taylor & Brianna L; $359,000; 3273 Wintercreek Drive, Eugene.

Pease Loren B & Diane R & Pease Jord, to Pool Michael; $355,000; 1877 Villard St., Eugene.

Clayton Ronald H, to Mickel Harold I & Iris J; $355,000; 3257 Lakemont Drive, Eugene.

Roberts Jeffrey P & Willoughby-Rober, to Thomas Frank J & Susan L; $355,000; 1849 Russet Drive, Eugene.

Henry Jill, to Albachten Joseph M & Deborah L; $354,500; 3570 Poplar St., Eugene.

Miranda Basilio B Jr & Alma L, to Lang Al; $350,000; 1695 Cal Young Rd., Eugene.

Kater Stanley R & Grace P, to Knudtson Sang Joo & Dean M; $350,000; 2070 Orr Ln., Eugene.

Putman Pauline K, to Miller Niels H & Dinitto Rachel; $350,000; 611 Startouch Drive, Eugene.

Thornton Stephen D & Susan J, to Noland Lynda S; $350,000; 3896 Ashford Drive, Eugene.

White Robert D & Cybelle L, to Mccorkle Living Trust; $349,900; 2670 Donner Pl., Eugene.

Peck Craig & Thea, to Mendelson Marcus & Xing Chong; $349,200; 1984 Kimberly Drive, Eugene.

Carey Leon George Jr, to Hymer Donald Beal & Vicki R; $349,000; 2548 Willow Loop, Florence.

Kamkar Sam S & Shannon L, to Parris Gregory D; $347,000; 6680 Simeon Crt., Springfield.

Henke Suzette A, to Lee Hongguy & Leslie; $345,000; 643 Startouch Drive, Eugene.

Martin John E & Andria K, to Eng Harrison H & Kimberly S; $345,000; 2292 Greiner St., Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Nationstar Mortgage LLC; $341,059; 1075 Laurel Ave., Springfield.

Hommel Fred J & Mary Lynne, to Curl Dorlinda M; $339,000; 1968 Sunrise Blvd., Eugene.

Pratt Gregory & Desta, to Chery Laura S & David L; $339,000; 205 Mackin Ave., Eugene.

Lonergan Matthew J, to Cave Kevin C & Katrina M; $335,000; 5135 Center Way, Eugene.

Lake John K Jr & Karina J, to Duffy Mark J & Alice R; $335,000; 803 Brookside Drive, Eugene.

Weymouth Carrie, to Williams Roger D & Beate I; $332,000; 1340 Chardonnay Ln., Eugene.

Saranpa Kathy Jo, to Frank Jeffrey & Meg; $330,000; 3015 Friendly St., Eugene.

Isanga Fred L & Laura E, to Millie Carol; $329,000; 1151 Delrose Drive, Springfield.

Garrett Kelly J & Melissa M, to Turchetto Mark P & Christina B; $325,000; 3350 Honeywood St., Eugene.

Metzger Kay M & Mark R, to Thornhill Christine E; $325,000; 751 S 48Th St., Springfield.

Haubenreiser Family Trust, to Xie Xiaosen; $325,000; 1345 Ravenwood Drive, Eugene.

Lever Stephen G & Kimberly J, to Bullard Geoffrey & Suzuki-Bullard Je; $323,000; 4069 Hampshire Ln., Eugene.

Frisbee Mark L & Mindy, to Schotte Marilyn & Mendoza David M; $320,000; 2020 Graham Drive, Eugene.

Heidenreich Bruce A & Linda A, to Charlton Michael B & Sivad Seleucia; $320,000; 85 Marlboro Ln., Eugene.

Andree M Davis Trust, to Estill Wesley G; $320,000; 88730 Shoreline Drive, Florence.

Mark & Ruth Pash 2004 Trust, to Hanke-Hills Benjamin J & Johnson Lau; $320,000; 2710 Charnelton St., Eugene.

Zygmund Nathan M & Whitt Jenner K, to Kiltie Moira R; $320,000; 346 7Th St., Springfield.

Harmon Ronald & Gribble Timothy R, to Raleigh Catherine M; $319,000; 1187 S 40Th Pl., Springfield.

Campbell Mark A & Cynthia K, to Riehl Lisa J; $318,750; 1989 Alder St., Eugene.

Whaley Sara Elizabeth, to Holland Seth A & Ravitch Nancy K; $317,000; 1888 Washington St., Eugene.

Sharp Adam P, to Anderson Kevin; $316,500; 4110 Sabrena Ave., Eugene.

Casarez Juan & Brenda, to Doyle Mark B & Victoria M; $316,000; 787 S 48Th St., Springfield.

Irvin Renee Antoinette, to Johnson Nathan J & Horn Jennifer L; $315,000; 2665 Fillmore St., Eugene.

Almeida Grace B, to Howard Loree Lynn; $315,000; 790 S 42Nd St., Springfield.

Stella M Hawes Revocable Trust, to Bailey Larry W & Mary A; $313,000; 1599 Thornberry St., Eugene.

Sisco-Briggs Joint Revocable Trust, to Ellis Ian W & Kasey C; $313,000; 2957 Dry Creek Rd., Eugene.

Patterson Tyler Ryn, to Salgado Juan M & Dora G; $311,500; 2142 11Th St., Springfield.

Robinson Tate Ps, to Witkin Angela; $311,005; 2130 Oakmont Way, Eugene.

Church Linda L & Dean Philip W, to Girod Dennis E & Julia C; $311,000; 453 Covey Ln., Eugene.

Myers Alison & Cobarrubia Wendy, to Parry Tristan & Elizabeth; $310,000; 4708 Wendover St., Eugene.

Hopkins Paul, to Neigh Stephen D & Shauna; $310,000; 1010 Birch Ave., Cottage Grove.

Barrett Terry M Jr, to Bick Bradley A & Alissa A; $310,000; 423 Lindley Ln., Eugene.

Williams Joseph & Marilee Sue, to Dinyari Khodadad Nima; $310,000; 308 S 4Th St., Springfield.

Roberts Brian & Jeri, to Boyer Judy F Wood; $310,000; 2115 W 24Th Ave., Eugene.

Johnson Family Trust, to Charles & Anna Johnson Revocable Liv; $305,000; 963 9Th St., Florence.

Lee Dawn K, to Halley Corey R & Amy P; $304,000; 721 S 68Th Pl., Springfield.

Hochstrasser Johann S, to Kirkwood Sara M; $303,500; 2229 Monterey Ln., Eugene.

Parris Gregory, to Ray Ralph; $303,000; 7228 Holly St., Springfield.

Welk Nicole M, to Han Shuang; $300,000; 582 Covey Ln., Eugene.

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Develop, to Merwin Orca; $300,000; 3790 University St., Eugene.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Westerberg Renee J; $300,000; 88604 3Rd Ave., Florence.

Oregon Community Credit Union, to Franklin James D; $299,900; 3239 Twin Elms Drive, Eugene.

Rudman Kevin S, to Neu James K & Maria Dejesus; $299,000; 3072 Webster St., Eugene.

Batey Leon J W & Mary Sue, to Hansen Bradley D & Suzanne M; $299,000; 4245 Hyacinth St., Eugene.

Green Deborah A & Zahler Reuben C, to Matern Philip D; $296,000; 620 Kingswood Ave., Eugene.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, to Lehman Mortgage Trust; $295,548; 365 Sunshine Acres Drive, Eugene.

Kehrli Family Trust & Lynds Janet &, to Ocaer Teressa; $295,000; 1820 Manihi Drive, Eugene.

Franklin James D, to Ruth M Brown Trust; $295,000; 2935 Country Ln., Eugene.

Charlton Michael D & Sivad P Seleuci, to Brown Sandy A; $295,000; 1401 Mclean Blvd., Eugene.

Welch Milton E, to Gray Francisco R & Heather E; $295,000; 818 Janette Crt., Springfield.

Pech Daniel, to Baughman John E; $294,000; 900 8Th St., Florence.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, to Lehman Xs Trust Mortgage Pass-Throug; $292,365; 1505 Em Ray Drive, Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Nationstar Mortgage LLC; $292,365; 1505 Em Ray Drive, Eugene.

Morris Tiffany & Thein Alan, to Morris Tiffany; $290,000; 1058 Hollow Way, Eugene.

Jodoin Michael Allan & Nancy, to Forster Stephen; $286,000; 1732 Kings North St., Eugene.

Ghosh Anupendu & Sudeshna, to Braun Ruth; $285,000; 5215 Overbrook Ln., Eugene.

Olsen Revocable Living Trust, to Hyde Family Revocable Trust; $285,000; 1505 Canal St., Springfield.

Cushman Ed & Sharon & Cushman Yael, to Holley James P & Jacklyn M; $285,000; 1394 Ferry St., Eugene.

Harris Joel M & Kelly L, to Wiseman Leon F Iii & Nancy M; $283,000; 495 E 1St St,Lowell;

Law Office Besson & Yarbrough 401K P, to Dudley R Dunlavey Revocable Living T; $283,000; 2635 Capital Drive, Eugene.

Holm James E & Kevin R, to Ritchey Michael J & Debra H; $282,000; 88264 Pond St., Florence.

Riopelle Jeanette R & Michael J, to Hatfield Michele; $281,500; 1132 Arcadia Drive, Eugene.

Lindstrom Carl D & Betty A, to Hopkins Jason T; $281,000; 2439 Quince St., Eugene.

Nouri Ali & Jennifer, to Strobel David Paul; $280,000; 1568 Corum Ave., Eugene.

Gladys Bowen Trust, to Muller Scott A; $280,000; 91182 N Harrison St., Coburg.

Bungum Living Trust, to Bishko Jordan & Gershow Miriam E; $280,000; 3820 Kincaid St., Eugene.

Love Joan, to Wagner Living Trust; $278,825; 2894 Harris St., Eugene.

Wherity Christopher W & Marianne H, to Bramel Jody & Wilson Casey S; $278,000; 515 Kingswood Ave., Eugene.

Clark David L & Christine M, to Renfrow Thomas C & Mast Kathryn N; $277,000; 841 Belair Drive, Eugene.

Hogan Casey Ray & Mary Ann, to Meng John G & Francie M; $276,750; 3501 W 25Th Ave., Eugene.

Mussack Steven E Ira Fbo, to Clausen Virginia L; $275,000; 2322 10Th Pl., Springfield.

Robbins Jason L & Pia N, to Nelson Dainean W & Mccaffrey Tara M; $275,000; 2783 Warren St., Eugene.

Ruth M Brown Trust, to Norton Larry D & Doris A; $275,000; 3420 Korbel St., Eugene.

Deal Lance E & Nancy Whitacre, to Williams Philip D; $275,000; 2444 Columbia St., Eugene.

Four Oaks LLC, to Roberts Justin C & Kortney J; $275,000; 1095 Prairie Meadows Ave., Junction City.

Jones Suzanne E, to Horn Pamela L; $275,000; 4255 Southridge Crt., Eugene.

Ramme Colleen E, to Vrcp Loma Linda LLC; $273,000; 974 Cabriole Crt., Eugene.

Waltraud C Langholz Trust, to Nosack James A; $270,500; 6947 Glacier Drive, Springfield.

Barker Lori L, to Beierling Christopher S; $270,000; 2674 Crowther Drive, Eugene.

Raleigh John E & Catherine M, to Wood Jerame B & Angela J; $270,000; 634 71St St., Springfield.

Sagal Claudio A & Tracy R, to Jewkes Holly A; $269,000; 7263 Daisy St., Springfield.

Garrett Brian Keith & Alecs, to Comey Sonji J; $269,000; 6875 Ivy St., Springfield.

Mugford Michael & Sharon, to Renolds Katherine A & Thomas D Jr; $268,500; 2565 W 22Nd Ave., Eugene.

Hirsch Wyatt, to Bedsaul Chris B Jr; $265,000; 615 63Rd St., Springfield.

Auld Tina L & Michael S, to Mazur Scott D; $265,000; 3820 Yorkshire Ave., Eugene.

Bodeen Ronald L & Karen J, to Elliott Eric Andrew & Michelle; $262,900; 465 65Th St., Springfield.

Yee Kwan H & Leung Wai Man, to Peterson Kristine M; $262,800; 122 Mackin Ave., Eugene.

Fairchild Roberta L, to Lister Si Joseph; $260,300; 2421 17Th Pl., Springfield.

Merlin E Bailor Trust, to Gallagher Ira & Naomi; $260,000; 3010 Harris St., Eugene.

Loigman Mark D, to Boriskin Mitchell; $260,000; 3340 Videra Drive, Eugene.

Dezarn Donald M & Dezarn Annette O, to Howard L & Janeth N Hunt 2009 Living; $260,000; 1265 Spyglass Drive, Eugene.

Hackelman Family Trust, to Urciuoli James; $260,000; 25454 E Hunter Rd., Veneta.

Jr Morris Family Living Trust, to Mitchell Russell J & Jennifer L; $260,000; 2227 W 25Th Pl., Eugene.

Chrones George A, to Bush Scott T; $259,900; 650 Startouch Drive, Eugene.

Trumbull Michael W & Nancy L, to Jurkowski Samuel J & Novey Alishia; $259,900; 3536 Poplar St., Eugene.

Sidman Matthew & Jessica A, to Dowd Bryan T; $257,500; 6023 Pebble Crt., Springfield.

Roberts Florence A, to Martin Kurt R & Erin M; $257,000; 2470 York St., Eugene.

Boyd Warren Douglas & Alma Jean, to Thompson Leroy Jr & Anne M; $257,000; 591 Cascade Drive, Springfield.

Adams Timothy E & Darci A, to Gonzalez Eduardo Osorio; $255,000; 125 Sandpiper Crt., Florence.

Lalande Nancy J & Richard L, to Harness Jerry D & Teresa E; $255,000; 4716 Calumet Way, Eugene.

Trunnell Barbara, to Martin Dylan; $255,000; 1664 Kings North St., Eugene.

Adkins Matthew T & Carrie, to Lower Angela R Lehr & Justin G; $255,000; 5215 Saratoga St., Eugene.

Heckscher Elizabeth S & Wreden Chris, to King John C & Connors Jennifer R; $255,000; 3080 Kincaid St., Eugene.

Doney Charley R & Dalene J, to Bonifas William Gerard; $255,000; 362 Hatton Ave., Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporati; $252,900; 1355 Fir Acres Drive, Eugene.

Pecora Margaret, to Farris Krista Lynn; $252,400; 1132 Ash Ave., Cottage Grove.

Hilbert Carey A, to Roberts Samuel & Maura; $252,000; 2480 Jackson St., Eugene.

Dewitt Douglas O & Marianne, to Boeshans Keith & Lindsay; $251,000; 3347 Pinyon St., Springfield.

Todd Sandra K & Michael L, to Jones Glenn Edward & Gwendolyn Amy; $250,000; 1590 W 28Th Pl., Eugene.

Trieu Jamie H, to Shaw Michael D & Katherine Best; $250,000; 2752 Mallory Ln., Eugene.

Peredia Trinidad M, to Peredia-Leanos Alejandro; $250,000; 3020 University St., Eugene.

Allison Mike J & Kristine L, to Wihte Brian T & Monica R; $250,000; 421 71St St., Springfield.

Beckett Judith C & Waggener Joanne L, to Johansson Teryl; $250,000; 3129 Arrowhead St., Eugene.

Hitt Cody & Wendy A, to Castle Amber; $249,500; 1018 Hillside Drive, Cottage Grove.

Roberts Maria Abarca, to Padgett James D & Pak Carrie C; $249,000; 2740 Alder St., Eugene.

Levin David A, to Nielsen Per L; $249,000; 960 W 19Th Ave., Eugene.

Martin Wes G & Kathy R, to Delgado David & Kurea; $249,000; 120 W Anchor Ave., Eugene.

Dorothy H Tainton Revocable Living T, to Buchanan Anthony Ii & Shylee K; $248,400; 301 Roan Drive, Eugene.

Fitch Katherine & Fitch Alexander, to Marquez Alexander & Latimer Elizabet; $248,000; 3415 Onyx St., Eugene.

Kestrel Investments LLC, to Burnstein Carl B; $247,200; 2895 Ferry St., Eugene.

Myhre Andrew M, to Navarro Belia; $246,000; 2795 Cheryl St., Eugene.

Stacey John T, to Maclean Gerald S Ii; $245,000; 567 Empress Ave., Eugene.

Skelley David C & Trudy L, to Debaldo Carl J & Patricia M; $245,000; 3716 Walton Ln., Eugene.

Anderson Brent H, to Packard Glen L; $245,000; 1924 Debra Sue Crt., Eugene.

Nelson Stephen J & Brandy N, to Wilson Kenneth & Amy; $244,000; 3266 Stark Crt., Eugene.

Adkins Suzanne P & Dale E, to Bowman Kristie Lynn; $244,000; 362 W 19Th Ave., Eugene.

Crescent Homes Inc, to Brinkmann Kai & Christi; $243,000; 1918 Debra Sue Crt., Eugene.

Diana Leah Barahona Revocable Trust, to Strehl William H & Susan L; $243,000; 855 E 39Th Ave., Eugene.

Patterson Scott H & Kelly M, to Flier Peter J & Hannah J; $243,000; 1359 Chardonnay Ln., Eugene.

Hanneson Michael J & Pamela S, to Kumm Lucy Eden; $242,000; 2629 Viewmont Ave., Springfield.

Watts Wade H Iii & Denise E, to Olson Justin D; $242,000; 1855 Montreal Ave., Eugene.

Hommel Demian & Annie, to Sutphen Steven C & Pecora-Sutphen Am; $242,000; 568 S 5Th St., Springfield.

Miller Leon D & Shelley L, to Coddington Kevin M & Nancy J; $241,500; 1428 Corum Ave., Eugene.

Diment Donald D Jr & Jenna Knight, to Bodeen Ronald L & Karen J; $241,000; 2082 Eastwood Ln., Eugene.

Krivoruchenko Oleg, to Geisler Karen R; $240,000; 245 E 42Nd Ave., Eugene.

Wright Sharon A, to Santerre John D & Linda M; $240,000; 2455 Kalmia St., Eugene.

Bauer Jeffrey A & Monica L, to Kilgren Ryan Wesley & Katrina Noel; $240,000; 3075 Kincaid St., Eugene.

Valdivia Martin, to Jones Brandon E & Cynthia; $240,000; 628 St Charles St., Eugene.

Marion Jeff R & Lisa, to Perrine Matthew; $240,000; 1864 Heath Drive, Eugene.

Platinum Homes & Investments Inc, to Krause Diane; $240,000; 2830 Cheryl St., Eugene.

Doyle Mark B & Victoria M, to Slate Austin J & Alisha A; $239,900; 440 Kalapuya Crt., Cottage Grove.

Dahlgren Brian & Brooke, to Page-Botelho Mark & Kristin; $239,900; 935 E 24Th Ave., Eugene.

Godfrey Mathew E & Sanne, to Graves Tony W; $239,000; 2202 S 8Th St., Cottage Grove.

Goss David L & Goss Steven, to Graybill Jeromy & Valerie; $239,000; 1649 23Rd St., Florence.

Graybill Jeromy & Valerie, to Graybill Jeromy & Valerie; $239,000; 1649 23Rd St., Florence.

Peterson John N & Crieger Rosmary E, to Riley Mary Ellen; $239,000; 1155 Irvington Drive, Eugene.

Goldsmith Justin L & Heather A, to Bailey Brandon J; $237,000; 126 Park Village Loop, Florence.

Troutt Lollie J, to Johnson Chadly B & Christine M; $237,000; 870 Laurel St., Junction City.

Fern H Ellis Revocable Living Trust, to Barker Lori L; $236,900; 2328 Loch Drive, Springfield.

Fatemi Mina, to Scull Marie A; $235,700; 2085 Tyler St., Eugene.

Timothy L Terry Separate Property Tr, to Campbell Donald & Mary; $235,000; 1354 Bogart Ln., Eugene.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Warren Jonathan; $235,000; 580 Argon Ave., Eugene.

Tanaka Alison E & Okimura Fern, to Colvin Living Trust; $235,000; 1158 Lorella Ave., Eugene.

Carey Rebecca J, to Gallagher Brandon P & Jennifer M; $235,000; 3565 Yolanda Ave., Springfield.

Pontius David W & Delrea, to Canaday Jody D; $235,000; 2114 Centennial Blvd., Springfield.

Murphy Robert K Jr & Lunstrum Janys, to Hilbert Carey; $235,000; 4285 Torrington Ave., Eugene.

Hamilton Jeffrey T & Merrilee A, to Martinez Esdras A & Sanchez Benito R; $234,900; 1818 Iron Horse Rd., Eugene.

Smith Noel P, to Phelps John Brian & Susan Lynn; $234,288; 4023 Douglas Drive, Springfield.

Lewis Hersel O, to Sturtevant Kimberly L; $234,000; 4076 Sabrena Ave., Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Sg Mortgage Securities Asset Backed; $233,750; 3985 Lancaster Drive, Eugene.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc., to Wells Fargo Financial Oregon Inc; $233,233; 1565 Bond Ln., Eugene.

Larco Nicolas & Lodewick Kendra Blyt, to Service William Wells & Michelle Den; $232,752; 2648 Harris St., Eugene.

Anderson Gary, to Ostomel Jocelyn A; $232,500; 2431 Harris St., Eugene.

Griego Michael, to Webber Joseph L & Marcella M; $231,500; 169 Mecca Ave., Eugene.

Bennett Marissa Y & Jennifer B, to Ortega Genesis; $230,500; 3925 Century Drive, Eugene.

Cyrilka B Mellor Family Trust, to Jaszkowski Ralph J & Patty L; $230,000; 1795 W 25Th Ave., Eugene.

Meharry Darrell G & Jean M, to Wagner Scott & Jessica; $230,000; 3460 Archwood St., Eugene.

Petersen Gregory Alexis, to Silvers Vicki J; $230,000; 1352 Tyler St., Eugene.

Iantorno Joseph & Michelle, to White Camillia; $229,900; 1140 Jackson St., Eugene.

Jackson Jacquelyn A, to Kopuri Vikram; $229,500; 1366 Andersen Ln., Eugene.

Robert H Smith Living Trust, to Mcintyre Todd A & Rebecca A; $229,000; 3390 Oxbow Way, Eugene.

Spencer Danny Arnold, to Asman Ashlen J & Mouritsen Shantel M; $228,000; 2245 Tyler St., Eugene.

Halley Corey R & Amy P, to Lloyd Jennifer S; $228,000; 6989 C St., Springfield.

Farnsworth Andrea, to Beard Joshua; $226,800; 1280 Peets Crt., Eugene.

Seaman Emil, to Patricia Mulder & Scott Thompson Rev; $225,500; 1095 W 20Th Ave., Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs; $225,382; 532 Ethan Crt., Springfield.

Jackson Joseph D & Heather J, to Morley Homes Inc; $225,000; 720 Van Duyn St., Eugene.

Shama Family Trust, to Hodges Michael Rowe; $225,000; 56411 Mc3enzie Hwy Unit 10, Mckenzie Bridge.

Schmunk Michael S, to Beard Donovon W & Allison E; $224,900; 6574 Jules Pl., Springfield.

Ericksen Martin, to Boechler Nathan J & Jessica A; $224,900; 1540 Santa Rosa St., Eugene.

Bacon Tracy L & Stoltzfus Justin W, to Holmes Elisabeth A; $224,105; 2350 Tyler St., Eugene.

Sigler Kurt N & Teagan B, to Slavenski Matthew; $224,000; 6068 Pine Ridge Pl., Eugene.

Mcgrew Kathleen Malia, to Burke Carolyn A; $224,000; 791 Larch St., Eugene.

Petersen Ann Marie, to Beach Paul T; $223,000; 330 E 34Th Ave., Eugene.

Robidou John E & Katheleen J, to Hughes Jeffery & Teresa; $222,500; 1608 Linnea Ave., Eugene.

Yrigollen Dianne D, to Sorenson Eric; $222,000; 1020 Maclay Drive, Eugene.

Einhorn Craig, to Wease Darlene; $221,500; 4994 Center Way, Eugene.

Schauer Timothy A & Malia M, to Denman Ryan James; $220,000; 578 Panda Loop, Eugene.

Bedortha Levi M & Kelsey K, to Eccles David E & Keely A; $220,000; 2175 Mellowood Crt., Springfield.

Hunter Jon L & Barbara E, to Clark Margaret Phillips; $219,900; 615 Montara Way, Eugene.

Nathan Family Trust, to Butler John & Erika; $219,500; 1296 Fairview Drive, Springfield.

Adkins Samuel & Raquel, to Ruble Hildegard; $219,000; 1148 S 34Th Pl., Springfield.

V Mortgage Reo 1 LLC, to Freeman Stephonee C; $219,000; 692 62Nd St., Springfield.

Finmajslad LLC, to Nelson Thomas L Ii; $219,000; 1057 Jackson St., Eugene.

Hale Edward E & Ardeth S, to Constance A Smith Trust; $218,280; 5243 Glenn Ellen Drive, Eugene.

Adele H Bruni Living Trust, to Hubert Michael J; $218,000; 935 S River Rd., Cottage Grove.

Blacquiere Ronald B & Bess, to Avitia Antonio; $218,000; 3577 Concord St., Eugene.

Shanahan M Cedrik & Seretta N, to Zarin Aref Arzan & Esfandani Tahmine; $217,000; 2555 Van Buren St., Eugene.

Zukowski Catherine M, to Mulder Living Trust; $216,500; 1510 Mckinley Crt., Eugene.

Doane Family Trust, to Bradshaw Shayne Ryan & Melissa C; $215,500; 1475 Barton St., Eugene.

Howard L James Revocable Living Trus, to Sylvester Stephen Alonzo & Linda; $215,000; 04864 Rhododendron Loop, Florence.743

Urquhart Alvin W & Downey Scott J, to Simmons John B & Marie M; $215,000; 1390 W 8Th Ave., Eugene.

Gallagher Brandon & Jennifer, to Blankenship Brigitta; $215,000; 1482 T St., Springfield.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $215,000; 4436 Spring Meadow Ave., Eugene.

Edgecomb Nathan P & Amanda, to Vaughan Justin C; $212,000; 4880 Donald St., Eugene.

Rahimian Shawn M & Susan A, to Christianson Stephen & Laurel; $212,000; 3872 Shenstone Drive, Eugene.

Foster Vance P & Danielle, to Brown Chad Dwayne & Amanda Loren; $211,000; 3183 Crocker Rd., Eugene.

Fontanilla Eleanor Pajarillo, to Kephart Thomas William & Carlan Vict; $210,075; 846 S 71St St., Springfield.

Acm Ventures LLC, to Tran Dep; $210,000; 4359 Forsythia St., Springfield.

Stram Jocelyn K, to Aiken Dennis R; $210,000; 83297 N Harvey Rd., Creswell.

Note Rex A & Alice L, to Pruen Mark & Tricia; $210,000; 4181 N Clarey St., Eugene.

Betty L Geraldine Phillips Rev Liv T, to Grotte Michael Ray & Jennifer Kathry; $210,000; 1880 Labona Drive, Eugene.

Marcotte Sherry Joe A & Kenneth, to Barnes Scottie; $209,900; 87980 Sherwood St., Veneta.

Quality Loan Service Corp Of Wa, to Wells Fargo Bank Na; $209,720; 692 W 8Th Ave., Eugene.

Shelton Family Living Trust, to Hyland Bobbi; $209,500; 755 65Th St., Springfield.

Pleich Jacob A & Jamie L, to Matson Karen; $209,000; 1425 Haven St., Eugene.

Carmichael Rebecca & Graham, to Kauffman Cody A & Andrea D; $209,000; 789 Vine St., Junction City.

Mart Jared C, to Carroll Ryan L & Katie L; $208,500; 1120 Hazelnut Crt., Creswell.

Haven James M & Carolyn D, to Hubbard John; $208,000; 1990 S 57Th Pl., Springfield.

Dye Paul T & Linda Jo, to Bosworth Allen H; $207,500; 1016 E 25Th Ave., Eugene.

Opm Enterprises LLC, to Dieckhoff Roger H & Key-Dieckhoff De; $207,500; 1357 Tropicana Crt., Junction City.

Moore Caroline I & James G, to Von Holt Dudley; $206,000; 3675 E Amazon Drive, Eugene.

Tepfer Max, to Bollons Kate & Tepfer Fred; $205,000; 2025 Onyx St., Eugene.

Place Anthony, to Wittorff Don R & Linda A; $205,000; 6015 Mica St., Springfield.

Ingram Taylor D, to Hess James H Jr & Rebecca Lanale; $205,000; 1720 Gilham Rd., Eugene.

Thompson Wayne D, to Prasad Michael C Sr & Urmila; $205,000; 520 S 42Nd St., Springfield.

Myers Alison & Cobarrubia Wendy, to Glidden Marc R; $205,000; 4429 Herman St., Eugene.

Paeschke Matthew, to Cunningham Evan R; $205,000; 88105 Lindsay Ln., Veneta.

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Develop, to Brown Melissa J; $204,000; 3545 Mill St., Eugene.

Jones John M & Jeannine R, to Angeletta John; $204,000; 5238 Wales Drive, Eugene.

Bova Michael A & Gilliam Lisa K, to Luis Brian; $204,000; 1091 Wilkes Drive, Eugene.

Magone Guna S, to Auld Michael S & Tina L; $202,500; 2092 W 26Th Pl., Eugene.

Weisman Wayne V & Amy Jo, to Wheeler Jimmy D; $202,000; 947 S 46Th St., Springfield.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Rogers Debra; $202,000; 5960 Rombauer Rd., Eugene.

Foster Sue Inman, to Thomas Michael; $202,000; 1059 Laurel Ave., Springfield.

Messer Aaron L & Davina A, to Wilson Kalli & Dustin; $201,700; 247 Estate Crt., Springfield.

Kendall & James Homes LLC, to Sepkovic Lindsay Leigh & Ian M; $201,500; 25103 Amber Crt., Veneta.

Vierling Living Trust, to Yates Jane M & Eric J; $201,000; 48 W 27Th Ave., Eugene.

Chaney Heather, to Cook Paul J; $200,000; 2222 11Th St., Springfield.

Wiersma Steven, to Holland Walter F & Sandra M; $200,000; 50 Heritage Ave., Eugene.

Nelson Patricia A, to Hatfield Cory Ellis; $200,000; 2395 W 23Rd Ave., Eugene.

Mishler Alan R, to Jensen Janet F & Thomas S; $200,000; 940 20Th St., Springfield.

Trapp Byron M, to Rali 2006-Qa7; $200,000; 2450 34Th St., Springfield.

Hawley Michael J & Stacey D, to Mccluer Ryan Patrick; $200,000; 303 T St., Springfield.

Magee Charles J Jr, to Verkler Samuel C; $200,000; 2530 Harris St., Eugene.

Mark N B Pruen Revocable Living Trus, to Sanderbrink David; $199,900; 575 Creswood Loop, Creswell.

Reida William Dean, to Lindsay Marta A; $199,000; 25 W 36Th Ave., Eugene.

Dooley James A, to Ingebretson Erik N & Kayla D; $199,000; 263 E 2Nd St., Lowell.

Mansfield Sara Jo Andrea, to Reindel Kirsten Lynne & Crystal Joyc; $199,000; 372 A St., Creswell.

Carpenter Family Foundation Inc, to Bowman Helen J; $198,000; 318 Adams St., Eugene.

Dean B Altenhofen Family Trust, to Andreason Forrest F & Rosella; $198,000; 2742 Dayna Ln., Eugene.

Carpenter James D, to Coody Lynn S & Bennett Jeffrey; $197,800; 214 E 30Th Ave., Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $197,477; 397 River Loop 2., Eugene.

Dean B Altenhofen Family Trust, to Andreason Forrest F & Rosella; $196,500; 2744 Dayna Ln., Eugene.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Hasan Dennise; $195,500; 1879 Enchantment Drive, Eugene.

Alexander Terry A, to Kumm Tyler & Cassandra L; $195,000; 6722 Bluebelle Crt., Springfield.

Mara J Taylor Revocable Trust, to Bartoldus Richard A & Takako; $195,000; 2605 Carbona St., Eugene.

Heller Jeffry, to Walston Mary; $195,000; 1708 Elkay Drive, Eugene.

Gayle F Stroud Living Trust, to Hornung Jonathan; $195,000; 1370 Mulberry Ln., Florence.

Rannow Robert C & Katherine M, to Blunt Millard D & Sherry L; $195,000; 12 Park Village Drive, Florence.

Meeder Kenneth T & Kimberly B, to Thompson John Hutton & Karen Gilliso; $195,000; 54440 Mckenzie River Dr,Blue River

Warner Kerry D, to Seale Jill & Bever Eric T; $195,000; 75 Westbrook Way, Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Bank Of America Na; $193,500; 2180 Amirante St., Eugene.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Garcia Jason R; $192,900; 87808 Saltaire St., Florence.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, to Watson Morgan; $191,100; 755 Dorris St., Eugene.

Nelson Aaron A, to Holmes Carissa J; $191,000; 406 S 35Th St., Springfield.

Thomas Jack R & Judy F & Thomas 2013, to Fugitt Adam M; $189,900; 515 Roper Rd., Eugene.

Hernandez Anna R, to Hernandez Daniel; $189,900; 2544 Noah St., Eugene.

Jokevic Bye Investors, to Roberts Xochitl; $189,900; 60 Almond Way, Creswell.

Nevin Amy F & Thomas M, to Brey Steven A; $189,500; 1072 Laurel Ave., Springfield.

Cramer Roberta A & Thomas L, to Singh Brandon J; $189,000; 2690 Manor Drive, Springfield.

Gard Gary L & Janet L, to Smith George A & Linda M; $189,000; 5371 Olympic Cir., Eugene.

David Melvin Seidel Living Trust, to Bond Ronald K & Karen L; $189,000; 1142 Ash Ave., Cottage Grove.

Tail Wind Properties LLC, to Andrews Larry J & Kathleen M; $188,000; 1017 53Rd Pl., Springfield.

Skyline Crest LLC, to Zuiderweg Michelle Ann; $187,400; 2755 E 18Th Ave., Eugene.

Cook Brooke M, to Roberts Blaine M; $187,000; 1896 Kent Ln., Eugene.

Johnstone Marion L & Simpson Michael, to Mary C Byrnes Living Trust; $187,000; 131 Briarcliff Drive, Eugene.

Farrally David P, to Holte John F & Candy R; $186,500; 244 S 71St St., Springfield.

Lawrence Sara, to Meneses Victor R & Tina M; $186,500; 460 E 9Th Ave., Junction City.

Lutheran John J & Miller Ruth E, to Anderson Cynthia B; $186,500; 5225 Bridgewater Drive, Eugene.

Korinek Roland R, to Fisher Randy A; $185,000; 3777 Douglas Drive, Springfield.

Truman 2013 Sc3 Title Trust, to Debono Martin; $185,000; 955 Chambers St., Eugene.

Byers Colleen L, to Tong Tiantian & Bao Xiaqiong; $185,000; 3814 Colony Oaks Drive, Eugene.

Feola Katryna J & Craig S, to Feola Nickolas J; $185,000; 582 A St., Creswell.

Rose Kenneth H, to Keefauver Adam & Lisa; $185,000; 993 55Th Pl., Springfield.

Wheeler Larry & Keith & Kevin & Gero, to Hoy Herman & Terra; $185,000; 1655 Clark Ave., Cottage Grove.

Brown Wiliam A & Julie A, to Shaw Thomas A & Leslie K; $185,000; 1601 Rhododendron Drive, Space 568., Florence.

Tail Wind Properties LLC, to Fleissner Steven W; $185,000; 1005 53Rd Pl., Springfield.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc, to Mcwhirter Benedict T & Ellen H; $185,000; 390 E 48Th Ave., Eugene.

Hilligoss Family Trust, to Fitzgerald Ryan T & Erika; $184,000; 1225 E Washington Ave., Cottage Grove.

Myers Kayla, to Hermens Jennifer B; $183,000; 998 W 7Th Pl., Junction City.

Fred E & Elizabeth W Masarie Living, to Pappel Marital Trust 1-31-02; $182,000; 3355 N Delta Hwy Space 29., Eugene.

J & B Hillis Living Trust, to Keep Scott & Sharon; $182,000; 1533 Juhl St., Eugene.

Reynolds Jeremy A & Ashley, to Mcjunkin Micah & Lauren Marie; $182,000; 496 Panda Loop, Eugene.

Wright Linda Lee, to Sassano Steven L & Paula J; $182,000; 1738 W 1St Ave., Junction City.

United Security Financial Corp, to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs; $181,582; 6075 Orchid Ln., Springfield.

Trapp Byron M, to Green Tree Servicing LLC; $180,939; 250 S P St., Cottage Grove.

Bramell Kelly, to Prociw Dennis E & Nancy C; $180,000; 127 Tyson Drive, Cottage Grove.

Tomlin Matthew Russell & Crystal Ann, to Alberts Jack M Jr & Shirley A; $180,000; 87768 8Th St,Veneta;

Stole Milkayle L, to Shrives Matthew L; $180,000; 4029 Josh St., Eugene.

Beard Patrick Eugene & Whitlock Erin, to Merrick Marshall; $180,000; 6450 B St., Springfield.

Souder Lois E, to Turner Hank; $180,000; 3740 Royal Ave., Eugene.

Jensen Family Living Trust, to J & B Hillis Living Trust; $180,000; 5215 Glenn Ellen Drive, Eugene.

Bradley Karen, to Shea Brian M & Shayna Rose; $180,000; 4774 Stagecoach Rd., Eugene.

Pearman Ashley J & Rice Rhonda L, to Peterson Quinn A & Emily; $180,000; 215 E St., Springfield.

Rush Judy, to Edwin F St Clair Revocable Living Tr; $180,000; 639 Madison St., Eugene.

Harper Karen S, to Whaley Sara E; $179,500; 317 Wickham Crt., Eugene.

Mart Jared C, to Hudson Douglas James & Priya; $179,000; 3762 Peppertree Drive, Eugene.

Slaughter Brenda J, to Palmer Jason L & Courtney R; $179,000; 740 Arthur Ave., Cottage Grove.

Nelson Pamela J, to Mannheimer Susan; $178,500; 297 Country Club Rd., Eugene.

Forbes Vaughn, to Rapp Robert W & Tabbatha J; $178,000; 370 Cedar St., Junction City.

Terrance D Proctor Family Trust, to Kremer Sarah M; $177,500; 5943 Pumice Pl., Springfield.

Smith Montgomery Dean & Kathlynn A, to Lackington Edward; $176,200; 347 S 43Rd Pl., Springfield.

Beck Family Trust, to Barros Katherine; $175,000; 860 Louis St., Eugene.

Smith Jerry L & Smyth Larry D, to Lucas Andrew James; $175,000; 320 Deal St., Junction City.

Mcdonald Glen G & Robin L, to Tennent Gerald E & Virginia R; $175,000; 349 S 47Th St., Springfield.

Kokkeler Linda Ky, to Wilson Diane; $175,000; 2152 Lomond Ave., Springfield.

Sommers Martha C, to Meharry Darrell & Jean; $175,000; 1853 Sunset Way, Eugene.

Baldwin Jennifer Lynn, to Hargrove Scott & Angela; $175,000; 197 Hatton Ave., Eugene.

Kestrel Company, to Stevens Ryan & Danielle; $174,900; 276 S N St., Cottage Grove.

Richardson Randall G & Darlene L, to Dahl Colleen; $174,452; 1345 Sunny Drive, Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Asset Backed Cert Series 2007-3; $174,000; 814 Arthur Ave., Cottage Grove.

Halladay Mark J & Betty, to Tinkham Gerald A; $174,000; 24767 Dawn Crt., Veneta.

Withalm Erik J & Emily M, to Zank Laura; $173,100; 1620 Hamlet Ln., Eugene.

Roberts Leslie G & Margaret R, to Porter Travis F & Rebecca M; $173,000; 2290 Devos St., Eugene.

Marlene J Marks Revocable Trust, to Gray Jeffrey A; $172,900; 2345 Coastal Highlands Drive, Florence.

Hood Jenifer K, to Ashley-Davenport Lucia; $172,500; 446 E 1St St,Lowell.

Cwalt Inc, to Cromwell Christopher J; $172,500; 3006 River Rd., Eugene.

Foreman Louis F & Pamela A, to Whittaker Robert K; $172,000; 4577 Liberty St., Eugene.

Ruggeri James L & Carol B, to Forbes Linda K; $172,000; 591 Wimbledon Crt., Eugene.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $171,000; 25201 E Hunter Rd., Veneta.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $171,000; 25201 E Hunter Rd., Veneta.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $171,000; 1815 Carter Ln., Springfield.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $170,526; 4675 Barger Drive, Eugene.

Bailey Ryan A, to Hitt Cody & Wendy A; $170,000; 812 Arthur Ave., Cottage Grove.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Mcbride Ruth A; $170,000; 497 71St St., Springfield.

Gemmell Living Trust, to Aherin Lisa S; $170,000; 806 Evergreen Drive, Creswell.

Baiamonte Joseph, to Baiamonte Joseph; $170,000; 430 W BroadWay, Eugene.

Hank Napier Revocable Living Trust, to Sponsors Inc; $170,000; 1410 Oak Patch Rd., Eugene.

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Develop, to James Kenneth R; $170,000; 1355 Tamarack St., Springfield.

Nelson Dainean W, to Gent Stephani L; $170,000; 2535 Stratford St., Eugene.

Cook James W, to Richard Kyle S; $170,000; 314 W M St., Springfield.

Hawkins Michael, to Jackson Ross A; $169,100; 2440 Laurelhurst Drive, Eugene.

Schatz Christopher N, to Reilly Elizabeth B & Green Robert A; $169,000; 1437 Sequoia Ave., Springfield.

Kortuem Gregory M & Jessica A, to Hennigan Warren E & Rebecca S; $169,000; 397 Kingwood St., Florence.

Ryan Clara, to Wolf Dale & Tina; $169,000; 615 Kenmore St., Eugene.

Bank Of America Na, to Mozan Douglas; $168,160; 2033 Crimson Ave., Eugene.

Wallace Jason J & Kathryn M, to Creel Jeffrey B; $168,000; 533 53Rd St., Springfield.

Compton David, to Rinck Kenneth B & Luella F; $167,500; 3985 N Clarey St., Eugene.

Marshall Charles & Marjorie, to Durbin Richard James; $167,000; 3972 Marshall Ave., Eugene.

Burch Meredith V, to Piek Kelli Renee; $166,500; 3956 Barger Drive, Eugene.

Dunsmoor David R, to Jenkins Malcolm; $165,500; 4260 Shannon St., Eugene.

Cash Loving Trust, to Honer Bryce A & Channing N; $165,000; 535 Landess Rd., Cottage Grove.

Polen Development LLC, to Brau James E & Mary L; $165,000; 88416 1St Ave 238., Florence.

Miller Joint Trust & Miller Christop, to Miller Matthew Steven; $165,000; 540 S 2Nd St., Creswell.

Craig M & Karen A Jackson Joint Rev, to Syrios Trust; $165,000; 1275 E 30Th Ave., Eugene.

Barker Dennis & Turman Mary, to James Lisa C; $165,000; 1312 Parker St., Springfield.

Trapp Byron M, to Generation Mortgage Company Inc; $165,000; 1935 Tigertail Rd., Eugene.

Swygart Philip W, to Long Nathan K; $164,900; 217 54Th St., Springfield.

Towne Matthew D & Suzanne Michelle, to Eastgate Linda L; $164,000; 670 Tinamou Ln., Springfield.

Taylor Robert W & Darlene D, to Stratton Brian & Anderson Gail; $163,900; 2547 Maia Loop, Springfield.

Witkin Angela, to Edris Heidi; $163,900; 2070 Praslin St., Eugene.

Hall Stephen W & Melissa M, to Knoedler Bess A; $163,500; 3849 Roosevelt Blvd., Eugene.

Moersch Living Trust, to Renew To Sell LLC; $163,500; 620 W 25Th Ave., Eugene.

Double J Enterprises LLC, to Weaver Daniel C; $162,000; 2240 Minnesota St., Eugene.

Bekkenhuis-Johnson Enterprises LLC, to Goseamoor LLC; $161,400; 154 S 35Th St 001., Springfield.

West Wayne & Margo, to Lawler Charles Jr & Joyce Y; $160,000; 3071 Stapp Drive, Eugene.

Modrich Eugene L & Modrich Michael G, to Modrich Eugene L; $160,000; 4864 Spring Meadow Ave., Eugene.

Rice Rhonda L, to Zysett Erin C; $159,900; 1544 A St., Springfield.

Ellen M Fuller Living Trust, to Fuller John Andrew; $158,100; 641 N Douglas St., Cottage Grove.

Heyward Properties LLC, to True Scott; $158,000; 1030 E Chadwick Ave., Cottage Grove.74

Lpp Mortgage Ltd, to Hall Stephen W & Melissa M; $157,500; 1034 Irvington Drive, Eugene.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Fifth Third Mortgage Co; $157,343; 340 Greenfield Ave., Eugene.

First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust, to J-2 Investments Inc; $156,000; 2081 L St., Springfield.

Moncalvillo Jesus Moreno, to Calletano Cynthia; $155,500; 1125 A St., Springfield.

Tripp Kyle E & Tara J, to Arviso Daniel A; $155,000; 87775 Blek Drive, Veneta.

Donald Joe K & Patricia A, to Pullen Gina; $155,000; 3328 Elmira Rd., Eugene.

Tendick Amie N, to Sigrist Bryan; $155,000; 32703 E Dixon St., Coburg.

Bachelder Christopher M, to Nitao George Anthony; $155,000; 826 S 7Th St., Cottage Grove.

Kokko Donald John & Melba Marlene, to Strye Kassey R & Scott M; $155,000; 1170 Lord Ave., Cottage Grove.

Rossman Patricia D, to Orman Angelique D; $155,000; 1582 Beebe Ln., Eugene.

Mcclure Lannie D & Carolyn J, to Braaten Matthew N; $154,900; 655 Tinamou Ln., Springfield.

Brown Marilyn M & Jeffrey Scott, to Burrows Amy M; $154,600; 5341 Olympic Cir., Eugene.

Seiffert Christopher A & Breanne P, to Harriger Larry & June; $154,500; 305 S 3Rd St., Cottage Grove.

Henny Keith L & Roma L, to Harwell Michael M & Sarina P; $154,000; 826 S 6Th St., Cottage Grove.

Ziebert Philip D & Jaime L, to Ziebert Dorothy D; $153,586; 2215 Jeppesen Acres Rd., Eugene.

Davis Geoffrey J & Shanna M, to Grubbs Donald E; $152,500; 1782 Oakhurst., Eugene.

Residential Asset Securities Corpora, to Springfield Utility Board; $152,000; 597 S 67Th St., Springfield.

Lavoie Julie, to Hicks Kyle C; $151,500; 3160 Oriole St., Springfield.

Bedacht Corey A, to Sherman Cassandra L; $151,000; 66 Corliss Ln., Eugene.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Ace Securities Corp Home Equity Loan; $150,174; 2268 E Irwin Way, Eugene.

Macklin Thomas E & Elizabeth F, to Macklin Stephen W & Norma Jean; $150,000; 2390 W Irwin Way, Eugene.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Mcgoey Patrick S; $150,000; 2080 W Harrison Ave., Cottage Grove.

Sturtevant Kimberly L, to Porter Jennifer Renee; $150,000; 3075 Stapp Drive, Eugene.

White James G Jr, to Ruttenburg Living Trust; $150,000; 2728 Chambers St., Eugene.

Haynes Daniel E & Tina M, to Freeman Sarah; $150,000; 3274 Oriole St., Springfield.

Michelep LLC, to Cook Jeff; $150,000; 305 E 33Rd Ave., Eugene.

Kathleen Mccarty Revocable Living Tr, to Chappell Courtney Jean; $150,000; 1438 9Th St., Springfield.

Ball Donald W, to Curtis Beny L & Vicki A; $149,900; 1344 5Th St., Springfield.

Simpson Patrick J & Donald A & Alexi, to Tidrick Justin J; $149,900; 1635 E Taylor Ave., Cottage Grove.

Morrison Kathryn L & Moore Karin D, to Firth Michelle A & Steve P; $149,000; 344 21St St., Springfield.

Federal National Mortgage Assoc, to Neubauer Judy; $148,000; 5489 Olympic Cir., Eugene.

Albrecht Victor E & Janice I, to Summers Renae L; $147,500; 2268 18Th St., Florence.

Marks John W & Lee A, to Shaw Ashleigh A; $147,500; 746 S 2Nd St., Cottage Grove.

Pinster Susan, to Rakas Joseph M; $147,000; 455 Landess Rd., Cottage Grove.

Trapp Byron M, to Wells Fargo Bank Na; $146,200; 523 S 70Th Pl., Springfield.

Homebuyers.Org LLC, to Riehl Craig A & Jennifer M; $146,000; 2040 Dewey St., Eugene.

Pancic Vanesa, to Waler Andrew; $146,000; 3840 Long Ridge Drive, Springfield.

Trapp Byron M, to Ramp 2005-Rs7; $146,000; 80 Greenvale Drive, Springfield.

Vigil Ladonna, to Kirkland Sylvia; $144,500; 2022 2Nd St., Springfield.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Aldana Judith; $144,200; 2798 G St., Springfield.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust; $143,100; 88018 10Th St., Veneta.

Gard Brian D & Andrea D, to Gard Brian D & Andrea D; $142,276; 3680 Greenwood St., Eugene.

Paschall Annie C, to Weinheimer James E; $142,000; 295 Dean Ave., Eugene.

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, to Steiner Gerald W; $141,500; 4815 Stagecoach Rd., Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Series; $140,248; 455 Birch St., Junction City.

Hulin Gilbert M, to Artisan Contracting LLC; $140,000; 3895 Colony Oaks Drive, Eugene.

Hogan, Patricia C, to Hartigan Francis X & Roberts Kevin W; $140,000; 1161 Mill St., Springfield.

Trapp Bryon M, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb; $139,500; 3454 Oregon Ave., Springfield.

Williams Scott A, to Haaby Eugene; $138,000; 2720 G St., Springfield.

Farmer Jackie G & Linda J, to Farmer Jackie G & Linda J; $137,000; 182 S 51St St., Springfield.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $136,747; 2480 Cubit St., Eugene.

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Develop, to Turvey Douglas Eugene & Jeanette Rue; $136,000; 1917 17Th St., Springfield.

Plooijer Ronald Victor, to Witkin Angela; $135,500; 1092 Cedar Crt., Creswell.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Heacock Justin R; $135,500; 1911 37Th St., Florence.

Kelley Terri Louise, to Schmick Rusty & Mary; $135,000; 76418 Beech St,Oakridge.

Ramstead Karen, to Dummer Meyana; $135,000; 956 56Th St., Springfield.

Lnv Corporation, to Elliott Duane E; $133,250; 1079 L St., Springfield.

Estrada Vicki, to Estrada Vicki; $130,000; 2550 W 23Rd Ave., Eugene.

Yonkers Pauline E, to Gant Pamela Lynn; $130,000; 87527 Rhodowood Drive, Florence.

Delaney Amy, to Walker Brian J; $130,000; 4431 Fox Hollow Rd Unit 006., Eugene.

Leuallen Erin N, to Tobias Carol & Ross; $130,000; 2117 Hawkins Ln., Eugene.

Fraser Cynthia E, to Gunsolley Kenneth; $130,000; 5367 D St., Springfield.

Amos John J & Erin A, to Crawford Jason M & Nikki C; $130,000; 47726 W 2Nd St,Oakridge.

Robart Randy Leon, to Barnett Sandy I; $130,000; 3197 U St., Springfield.

Accredited Mortgage Loan Trust, to Kristine Mary Keever Trust; $129,910; 3754 Greenwood St., Eugene.

Bdi Properties LLC, to Woody Jason; $129,000; 3750 Marshall Ave., Eugene.

Sloan Jayme, to Lama Jigme & Wangmo Kyizom; $129,000; 3063 W 15Th Ave., Eugene.

Koekkoek John W, to Brooks Jackie; $128,500; 3220 Crescent Ave Space 4., Eugene.740

Bird Susan Q & Quinn Mary Lou & Quin, to Carter Leroy J; $128,000; 1601 Rhododendron Drive, Space 630., Florence.

Dirksen Michael, to Palmer Steven W & Judith A; $127,500; 242 N I St., Cottage Grove.

Paleologos Christian E, to Columbia Care Services Inc; $125,000; 626 Wimbledon Ct., Eugene.

Fetter Michael Anthony & Mark Alan, to Wyman Evelyn S; $125,000; 85698 Manchester Ln., Eugene.

Secretary Of Veteran Affairs, to Ashira LLC; $123,900; 3664 Marshall Ave., Eugene.

Whiteman Embla B & Sharon K, to Jones Jason; $123,500; 47689 Bain St,Oakridge.

Conlon Thomas Richard Jr, to Wardian Aric J; $122,000; 1621 Oak Patch Rd., Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $121,506; 610 Bethel Drive, Eugene.

Amundrud Shawn P, to Duran Neal C; $121,500; 233 Bobby Doerr Way, Eugene.

Skyline Crest LLC, to Heide Jeffrey; $121,000; 2365 G St., Springfield.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Equicredit Corporation Of America; $120,048; 2571 Hasting St., Eugene.

Furlong Family LLC, to Lutz Travis D; $120,000; 3787 Virginia Ave., Springfield.

Jones Sam C, to Jones Sam C; $119,550; 4439 Holly St., Springfield.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc Tru; $116,251; 239 W F St., Creswell.

Thomas Eleanor, to Mccullough Martha Jo; $116,000; 650 W 12Th Ave Unit 202., Eugene.

Wells Fargo Bank Na, to Johnson Mary H Estate Of; $115,172; 1567 W 2Nd Ave., Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $115,172; 1567 W 2Nd Ave., Eugene.

Bocci Frank E Jr, to Ellis Hermelinda; $115,000; 102 Treehill Loop, Eugene.

Wing & Jing Investment LLC, to Miller Kelsey L; $115,000; 159 Lea Ave., Eugene.

Selco Community Credit Union, to Quincey Ayla & Marzol Luis M Sodergu; $114,900; 295 Owosso Drive, Eugene.

Owb Reo LLC, to Westslope Properties LLC; $114,000; 4909 Cone Ave., Eugene.

Scheifla James K Jr, to Charles W & Betty R Tuckman Trust A; $114,000; 412 Stonewood Drive, Eugene.

First American Title Insurance Co, to Witkin Angela; $113,201; 3917 N Clarey St., Eugene.

Trapp Bryon M, to Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Associa; $113,115; 2909 Ingalls Way, Eugene.

Jean Walser Testamentary Trust, to King Jeri; $113,000; 2643 Centennial Blvd., Springfield.

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Develop, to Huisman Ryan W; $112,500; 2262 Centennial Blvd., Springfield.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $112,000; 2165 12Th St., Florence.

Britt Todd E, to Cavendish Mary Lou; $112,000; 609 Kenmore St., Eugene.

Fg Ventures LLC, to Vargas Frank Jr; $111,300; 2543 Brittania Pl., Eugene.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Parker Donna M; $111,000; 2109 Ohio St., Eugene.

Woodbury Kathryn, to Ryding Robert Scott & Katherine Ann; $110,000; 217 Trailside Lp., Eugene.

Major Kathleen M, to Erickson Cynthia L; $110,000; 2422 Dale Ave., Eugene.

Nielsen Linda, to Wiersma Nina S; $110,000; 137 Elkay Drive, Eugene.

Evers Gerald A, to King Marjorie L; $110,000; 2034 Harbor Drive, Springfield.

Erickson William & Donna R, to Kiser Leslie & Robert; $110,000; 68 W 2Nd St., Lowell.

Wood Randall L, to Winther Linda; $110,000; 4055 Royal Ave Space 133., Eugene.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Lindsey Randall Scott; $109,000; 420 E 7Th Ave., Junction City.

Avenson David L & Kimberly M, to Sullivan Anita T; $109,000; 349 Hunington Ave., Eugene.

Kinyon Michael & Dawn M, to Butler John & Erika; $108,900; 47709 School St., Oakridge.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $107,858; 208 S 34Th St., Springfield.

Gerard Jerome D & Knight Linda M, to Howery Tretton M; $107,500; 47762 W 2Nd St., Oakridge.

Trapp Byron M, to Agw Solo 401K; $103,500; 4156 Shannon St., Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $102,537; 375 S 35Th St., Springfield.

Trapp Bryon M, to V Mortgage Reo 1 LLC; $101,641; 1643 Ash Ave., Cottage Grove.

Radich Patricia M, to Sargent Martha A; $99,600; 1600 Rhododendron Drive, Space 134., Florence.

Cowan Doug, to Cowan Mackenzie Irene; $95,059; 967 Prescott Ln., Springfield.

Englund Anita Fay, to Rolling Bear Enterprises LLC; $95,000; 397 E 32Nd Ave., Eugene.

Moores Sharon L & Frye Charlotte W, to Colbert Mark P; $95,000; 155 Outer Drive, Florence.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $94,863; 1671 H St., Springfield.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Brown Robert; $94,000; 661 Addison Ave., Junction City.

Abfc 2007-Wmc1 Trust, to Bulldog Capital Partners LLC; $93,829; 2413 W Irwin Way, Eugene.

Trapp Byron M, to Onewest Bank Fsb; $93,503; 1112 S 7Th St., Cottage Grove.

Trapp Byron M, to Wells Fargo Bank Na; $92,020; 364 S 35Th St., Springfield.

Jp Morgan Chase Bank Nat Association, to Moore Michael Joshua; $91,830; 249 N 9Th St., Cottage Grove.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Vangelder Theodore & Thomas Rebecca; $91,500; 47628 Beaver Ln., Oakridge.

Trapp Byron M, to Stults Investments LLC; $90,905; 1402 L St., Springfield.

Cory Camelia L, to Sarmento Jeff; $90,500; 2460 A St., Springfield.

Urban Financial Group Inc, to Green Lawrence C; $90,500; 1600 Rhododendron Drive, Space 431., Florence.

Orcutt Betty A, to Cox Ann T; $90,000; 2316 E St., Springfield.

Phillips Katherine O, to Leebrick Sandra; $90,000; 3355 N Delta Hwy, Space 60., Eugene.

Booth Family Trust, to Harrington Harry L; $90,000; 822 Wecoma Loop, Florence.

Gavette Trudie M, to Wilds Richard T & Gladys P; $90,000; 1600 Rhododendron Drive, Space 85., Florence.

Ventures Trust 2013-I-H-R, to Fox Ryan M & Kellie M; $86,000; 489 49Th St., Springfield.

Berland Michael Paul & Lee-Ann, to Carleton Jill P; $85,000; 228 S 34Th St., Springfield.

Kothe Living Trust, to Mattox Steven L & Karla K; $85,000; 1544 E St., Springfield.

Mimoba Limited Partnership, to Stambaugh Joan E; $84,000; 3355 N Delta Hwy Space 102., Eugene.

Kojima Lucia P Da & Tetsuo, to Mills Todd P & Denise D; $83,000; 1555 Garfield Pl., Eugene.

Mcmcahon Peggy, to James Lois R; $82,575; 156 Outer Drive, Florence.

Brown Larry A & Janet B, to Brandenfels J Fred; $82,000; 511 River Loop 2 001., Eugene.

Lawrence G Norris Family Trust, to Lawrence G Norris Family Trust; $80,000; 938 Water St., Springfield.

Jacobsen Gail A, to Miller Ryan L; $80,000; 520 S R St., Cottage Grove.

Hartmann Marilyn R, to Phillips Karen L & Gary T; $80,000; 5534 E St., Springfield.

Vogel Constance, to Martin Raymond & Jennifer; $80,000; 4059 Donald St Apt D., Eugene.

Residential Vacant

Heitman Custom Homes LLC, to Booth Martin G & Marie L; $685,000; 3735 Norwich Ave., Eugene.

Connor David D & Christine K, to West John R & Jan; $545,000; 4601 Spring Blvd., Eugene.

Pahlisch Homes Inc, to Neal Jeffrey & Karen; $510,000; 3570 Mountain Quail Ln., Eugene.

Future B Inc, to Kimball Diane M; $349,000; 2972 Lord Byron Pl., Eugene.

Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc, to Kaufmann Lusha M & Brown Christopher; $339,900; 3744 Woodview Ave., Eugene.

Lucia-Community LLC, to Landis Justin T & Bowers Jeanne T; $319,900; 2728 Friendly St., Eugene.

Tk Homes LLC, to Nyls Kelly & Oleary Michele; $272,000; 1943 Debra Sue Crt., Eugene.

Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc, to Stull Donald; $264,627; 3732 Pachysandra Pl., Eugene.

Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc, to Elmore Garth R; $252,400; 3726 Pschysandra Pl., Eugene.

Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc, to Schrand Brian D & Elizabeth L; $248,755; 3750 Pachysandra Pl., Eugene.

Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc, to Kater Raymond Richard; $244,900; address unknown.

Kd Bldg LLC, to Swygart Philip W & Jessica M; $244,900; 1146 Veronica Ln., Eugene.

Dan Lewis Construction LLC, to Beolter Jay & Mori Irvine; $225,000; address unknown.

Kendall & James Homes LLC, to Desmond John A; $205,000; address unknown.

Favreau Family Trust, to Boyd Cliff & Rebecca; $189,042; 3711 Norwich Ave., Eugene.

Marlow Thomas U & Elisabeth, to Mtn Investments LLC; $101,500; address unknown.

Ktwc Inc, to Murphy Michael P & Jennifer A; $95,000; 1191 Crenshaw Rd., Eugene.

Breeden Bros Inc, to Mike Gansen Construction Company; $93,500; address unknown.

Lockfeld Family Trust, to Lockfeld Alexandre J & Carlson Joann; $81,000; address unknown.

Martinson Ethel W, to Ramirez Dan M; $75,000; address unknown.

Stonecrest Properties LLC, to Dabuilders LLC; $70,000; address unknown.

Stonecrest Properties LLC, to Nyberg Travis Louis & Jennifer Louis; $65,000; address unknown.

Stonecrest Properties LLC, to Mullin Thomas M & Pamela; $65,000; address unknown.

Heceta Lake Joint Venture, to Mclain Brenda J & Dion P; $65,000; address unknown.

Shelton Peter M, to Bradshaw Patrick C & Patricia C; $65,000; address unknown.

Heceta Lake Joint Venture, to Brownell Donald & Kathy; $64,500; address unknown.

Penn LLC, to Kendall & James Homes LLC; $60,000; address unknown.

Tharp Family Trust A, to Stone Allison E; $53,000; address unknown.

Sherlock James, to Randolph James R; $43,500; 178 Outer Drive, Florence.

Baird Todd C, to Iverson Boyd; $42,723; address unknown.

Tel Estates Inc, to Axon Partners LLC; $40,000; address unknown.

Heceta Lake Joint Venture, to Patrick Contracting Inc; $40,000; address unknown.

Ford Michael R & Deborah L, to Schindler Don Ray; $40,000; 170 Rhody Loop, Florence.

Palmquist Greg, to Rojas Jessie; $39,000; 88085 Lake Point Drive, Florence.

Duman Terry W & Mary J, to Bartlett Joel; $35,000; address unknown.

Duman Sarah M, to Bartlett Daniel L; $35,000; address unknown.

Marion Booth-May Trust, to Gail M Good Survivors Trust; $35,000; address unknown.

Green Dennis W & Evelyn A, to Youthweb LLC; $34,900; address unknown.

Casey & Casey LLC, to Nichols Charles A & Alicja M; $21,000; address unknown.

Dorszynski Robert L, to Denney Lori; $16,000; 385 N 16Th St., Cottage Grove.

Jennier Shelley J, to Houston Dane; $15,000; address unknown.

Jackie L Mann Trust, to Lahn Dustin; $13,500; address unknown.

Tract Improved

Blyth Carpenter Trust, to Milz Robert D & Debra M; $795,000; 47227 Goodpasture Rd., Vida.

Duyck Christopher & Diane M, to Michel Matthew J & Jennifer J; $750,000; 34498 Deerwood Drive, Eugene.

Berg Willard A & Shirley, to Prince Philip M; $725,000; 41841 Deerhorn Rd, Springfield.

Vrolyk Tamisie Honey, to Haukom Michael & Lisa E; $615,000; 89366 Dahlin Rd., Florence.

Coe David Robert & Debra Lynn, to Oleary Rand J; $575,000; 88653 Promise Pkwy., Veneta;

Mazur Scott D & Colby J, to Nelson William D & Rebekah J; $550,000; 85715 Allbritain Ln., Eugene.

Therrell Matthew Ryan & Sophie G, to Geske Joshua W & Patricia J; $549,500; 85186 Florence Rd., Eugene.

Quirk Michael S, to Harris Joel M & Kelly L; $462,000; 83612 Hawks Way, Creswell.

Hoehne Dwain Delno & Brady Virginia, to Dunn Adam & Emily; $460,000; 86438 Bailey Hill Loop, Eugene.

Braun Ruth E, to Marsh David L & Joyce M; $453,000; 27843 Lady Slipper Loop, Eugene.

Glenn C Atter Revocable Trust, to Peter & Hannelore Burstein Family Tr; $435,000; 27355 Clear Lake Rd., Eugene.

Conway James A, to Bryant Jesse J & Natalie J; $431,250; 24520 Hwy 36, Cheshire.

Prociw Dennis E & Nancy, to French Frankie Dianne & Jerry Lee; $416,705; 1530 Clearwater Ln., Springfield.

Sikes Charles & Margaret, to Sikes Timothy D & Manuela; $401,000; 86239 Greenbriar Drive, Eugene.

Leach Russell D & Lori J, to Waugh Bruce & Christine; $400,000; 33300 Molitor Ranch Rd., Cottage Grove.

Gadway Clifford C & Linda R, to Lemmon Kyle M; $396,000; 26386 Richardson Ln., Junction City.

Quality Loan Service Corp Of Wa, to Wells Fargo Bank Na; $394,502; 38757 Jasper Lowell Rd., Fall Creek.

Richards Arthur D & Grace M, to Johnson Darryl; $387,000; 85078 Chezem Rd., Eugene.

Tedford Vicki Y, to Posey Jammie & Nick; $385,000; 85144 Appletree Drive, Eugene.

Mcgaughey James M & Julie A, to Clark Christine M & David L; $385,000; 27536 Bud Vaughan Rd., Junction City.

Davies Myron Lloyd Iii & Younger Yvo, to Defries Barry Jethro & Paula Sorce; $380,000; 25852 Bushytail Ln., Veneta.

Morgan Glenn M & Sharrie L, to Mcmurren Larry M & Denine L; $378,000; 89080 Conrad Rd., Veneta.

Frank Bradley Michael & Amanda Dawn, to Seager Robert D & Gill Timothy; $365,000; 29320 Fox Hollow Rd., Eugene.

Gerhart William A & Catherine M, to Sturdevant Steven; $360,000; 40227 McKenzie Hwy., Springfield.

Sanders Richard A & Sandra L, to Oatham Warren S; $359,000; 33349 Craig Loop, Cottage Grove.

Wanda A Brabham Trust, to Sawyer Candy L; $350,943; 87818 Oak Hill Drive, Eugene.

Ann Kayl Trust, to Seidman Craig Scott & Garrett Audrey; $350,000; 86000 Bailey Hill Rd., Eugene.

Raybould Richard F & Terry L, to Anderson William R & Tina S; $347,000; 56274 Sullivan Ln., McKenzie Bridge.

Trapp Byron M, to Merrill Lynch First Franklin Mortgag; $342,598; 78319 Swanson Ln., Cottage Grove.

Ambyr A Hankins Living Trust, to Ward Joseph P; $334,000; 1500 Cambria Pl., Cottage Grove.

Bruce & Barbara Mccallum Trust, to Fred M Calosso Living Trust; $332,500; 88781 Rhododendron Ln., Florence.

Wurster Daniel A & Kaylyn J, to Wetzel Mark D & Watts Linda L; $330,000; 6083 View Loop, Florence.

James J & Dianne C Stoda Trust, to Rosborough Michael Dale & Lisa Miche; $326,000; 37438 Riverside Drive, Pleasant Hill.

Biallas Melissa N, to Biallas Neil L & Melissa N; $325,000; 32434 Deberry Rd., Creswell.

Barber Family Trust, to Mead Brandy L; $322,000; 32954 Lynx Hollow Rd., Creswell.

Townley Megan R & Sarah M, to Erickson Gary J & Kimberly A; $320,000; 39308 Jasper Lowell Rd., Lowell.

Peters Steven A, to Bagwell Jonathan; $315,000; 85234 Jasper Park Rd., Pleasant Hill.

Zirkle Jay R & Kellie J, to Henderson Lyle M & Laura M; $312,500; 55184 McKenzie River Drive, Blue River.

Campbell David W & Carey L, to Wallace Jason & Kathryn; $310,700; 91697 Donna Rd., Springfield.

Ritchie Family Trust, to Weber James Neal & Tina Renee; $310,000; 91212 Elk Creek Rd., Vida.

Peterson Ione B, to Moch Vincent Jacob Jr; $305,000; 83331 Watership Way, Pleasant Hill.

Dean Kristopher & Lisa, to Slaughter Brenda; $300,000; 34804 Row River Rd., Cottage Grove.

Wittorff Don R & Linda A, to Farro Anthony J & Brittany J; $300,000; 51457 Blue River Drive, Vida.

Houston Thomas & Elenor J, to Gordon Jack Daniel & Marguerite L; $299,900; 94478 Johnson Rd., Marcola.

Downey Mary E & Roberts Leigh A, to Porter Richard T & Tonia M; $296,000; 72956 London Rd., Cottage Grove.

Hooker Duane & Carol J, to Laughlin Victoria Anne; $291,750; 38761 Flowerdale Drive, Springfield.

Fowler David R & Fletcher Betsy, to Sidman Matthew D & Jessica A; $285,000; 91042 Sunderman Rd., Springfield.

Barnes Scottie B, to Hanson Michael & Tina; $284,000; 86718 Territorial Hwy., Veneta.

Wells Walter B, to Marjama Eric D & Margaret Jean; $279,900; 41705 Madrone St., Springfield.

Martin Arthur Joseph & Laura A, to Michael Dustin M & Marcie N; $279,000; 31242 Valley View Ln., Cottage Grove.

Franklin Gerald R & Betty J, to Andress Jacob & Katelyn; $272,500; 35058 Fremont Ave., Eugene.

Miller Brian Louis, to Stout Diane M; $270,000; 90463 Alvadore Rd., Junction City.

Fischer Anne M, to Rutledge Donald & Marylou; $260,000; 40074 Reuben Leigh Rd., Lowell.

Kephart Oscar Samuel & Rebecca Lynn, to Arbsland Stephanie C; $260,000; 33364 Pendleton Way, Cottage Grove.

Chambers Steven W & Caroljeanne, to London Cynthia Jane; $260,000; 88245 Millican Rd., Springfield.

Ball James D & Pamela F, to Peterson Matthew & Alissa; $252,000; 82592 Barbre Rd., Dexter.

Blue Lee A & Yvette A, to Edwards Robin J; $249,000; 78233 Cedar Parks Rd., Cottage Grove.

Knoedler Bess A, to Swenberger Danielle Mary; $245,000; 84567 Laughlin Rd., Eugene.

Jones Steven M, to Burns Robert J Ii & Teresa M; $245,000; 49184 Mountain View Rd., Oakridge.

Smith Kenneth J & Bennett-Smith Jani, to Perkins James E; $243,000; 43760 Big Fall Creek Rd., Fall Creek.

Lankston Robert J & Penny W, to Peters Aaron M & Nichole D; $242,600; 83028 Rattlesnake Rd., Dexter.

Erickson Cynthia L, to Starr Taj Neka; $240,000; 40064 Mckenzie Hwy., Springfield.

Mcmurren Larry M & Denine L, to Popp Robert W & Donna L; $240,000; 26010 Fleck Rd., Veneta.

Michael & Carolyn Russell Living Tru, to Myrin Steve & Monica; $238,000; 33024 Bloomberg Rd., Eugene.

Bank Of America Na, to Wade Mack D & Leslie D; $225,000; 5188 Hilltop Rd., Florence.

Herbert Rodney D, to Kurzhal Holly May & Matthew; $225,000; address unknown.

Petranek Carole V K, to Gutierrez Tania L; $225,000; 52262 Mckenzie Hwy., Blue River.

Trapp Byron M, to Citimortgage Inc; $221,793; 51525 River St,Blue River.

Boden Disclaimer Trust, to Pomerantz-Snyder Noah; $220,000; 86633 Bailey Hill Rd., Eugene.

Correll Family Trust, to Schneider Shawn & Juniper; $220,000; 24791 Warthen Rd., Elmira.

Trapp Bryon M, to Secretary Of Veteran Affairs; $207,096; 75642 London Rd., Cottage Grove.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $202,159; 24923 Horn Rd., Elmira.

Stokes Gerald A & Stone Bonnie E, to Rodgers Willard L; $202,000; 29565 Simmons Rd., Eugene.

Bennett Jerry, to Mcgrath James P & Stephanie; $200,000; 84207 Wright Rd., Florence.

Block James, to Janssen Tanja J; $200,000; 74239 London Rd., Cottage Grove.

Trapp Byron M, to Terwin Mortgage Trust2006-5; $199,750; 35606 Westminster St., Pleasant Hill.

Vanags Janis, to Casto Brian; $195,000; 33691 E River Drive, Creswell.

Mcclung Tanaya F, to Zenishek David A & Lori A; $192,700; 38648 Mckenzie Hwy., Springfield.

Madsen Jerry & Sarah K, to Madsen Janet M; $180,000; 88514 Ellmaker Rd., Veneta.

Payzant John N & Debra K, to Penn Melinda; $175,000; 82963 Minnick Rd., Dexter.

Smith Annette G, to Boyan Frederick C; $173,000; 5439 Bay Berry Drive, Florence.

Ekenes-Shearer Marilyn, to Ekenes-Shearer Marilyn; $163,805; 5918 Mercer Lake Rd., Florence.

Okeefe Kathleen M, to Koss Kyla; $163,000; 94047 Viking Ln., Junction City.

Muravez Elaine D, to Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Tru; $162,149; 5337 Knoll Way, Florence.

Trust Dated January 9 2008, to Warner Kerry D; $160,000; 5811 Mercer Creek Drive, Florence.

Petersen Margaret L & Dean H, to Hodges Jerry D & Brenda R; $159,900; 37578 Row River Rd., Dorena.

Macdonald Colin & Amstutz Amy, to James Garrett; $159,900; 24630 Suttle Rd., Veneta.

Trapp Byron M, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporati; $156,920; 5863 Mercer Creek Drive, Florence.

Constantin Jeanine & Constantin John, to Hunter David D & Sarah C; $155,000; 91245 Elk Creek Rd., Vida.

Trapp Byron M, to Beneficial Oregon Inc; $154,872; 93715 Marcola Rd,Marcola.

Nedry Timothy R & Susan L, to Siqueiros Edmundo L & Gina M; $154,400; 49959 Mckenzie Hwy., Vida.

Mckay Lisa L, to Cr Real Estate Investments LLC; $154,000; 78708 Rat Creek Rd., Cottage Grove.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Michael Kenneth A & Moe Doreen A; $151,000; 25847 Garith Ln., Veneta.

Trapp Byron M, to Cp-Srmof Ii 2012-A Trust; $150,000; 37070 Hills Creek Rd., Springfield.

Tait Robinson Ps, to Wells Fargo Bank Na; $149,619; 82992 Scott Ln., Creswell.

Trapp Byron M*, to Wells Fargo Bank Na; $144,484; 38303 Lower Brice Creek Rd., Dorena.

Bottensek Adam & Jolie, to Garner Lincoln & Rebecca; $137,000; 5585 Canary Rd., Florence.

Donald A & Andra R Kessler Family Tr, to Addobati Evan M; $130,000; 5334 Knoll Way, Florence.

Herring Darlyn J, to Dick Angela Marie; $126,900; 79832 Delight Valley Sch Rd., Cottage Grove.

Crawford John R, to Penfold Heather & Mark; $125,000; 85391 Peaceful Valley Ln., Eugene.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc, to Haggard Pam; $112,000; 90136 Green Creek Rd., Deadwood.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Chieftain Resources LLC; $103,000; 25068 Butler Rd., Junction City.

Trapp Byron M, to Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Associa; $101,072; 25851 Jeans Rd., Veneta.

Troxel Jerry D & Carolyn E, to Toy Roger; $100,000; 90623 Sunderman Rd., Springfield.

Dietz Steven & Dietz Sue, to Laclair Ronnie R & Theresa Ann; $90,000; 82847 Lake Blvd., Westlake.

Trapp Byron M, to Nationstar Mortgage LLC; $84,000; 33840 Orchard Ave., Creswell.

Hensley Ray Eugene, to Largent Michael P; $75,000; 40372 Reuben Leigh Rd., Lowell.

Braun James A & Leslie E, to Torgerson Joseph M & Mary M; $75,000; 14555 Hwy 36, Deadwood.

Lee Douglas L & Bonnie M Murdock, to Winslow William Travis & Nicole Murd; $55,000; address unknown.

Quality Loan Service Corporation, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $54,000; 84831 Hwy 101, Florence.

Quality Loan Service Corporation Of, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; $54,000; 84831 Hwy 101, Florence.

Walton Bennie W & Judith, to Walton Danny Lynn; $30,000; 91068 Sunderman Rd., Springfield.

Moore Brian Scott, to Eldridge Scott; $9,000; 96021 Howard Ln., Junction City.

Maris Family Trust, to Beers Family Investment Trust; $9,000; 83235 Clear Lake Rd., Florence.

Tract Vacant

Gerhart William A & Catherine M, to Sturdevant Steven; $360,000; address unknown.

Ivanoff Ronald V & Donna L, to Kennedy Adam M & Helen M; $307,000; address unknown.

Fern Ridge School District 28J, to Keever Jed Alan; $275,000; address unknown.

Rase-Travis Revocable Trust, to Kollmorgen Thomas A; $225,000; address unknown.

Toad Hall Trust, to Milz Robert D & Debra M; $125,000; address unknown.

Combined Resources LLC, to Evans Scott Y; $110,000; address unknown.

Hasty Robert Thomas, to Kelley Timothy Lynn & Phuong Pham; $78,000; 85284 Silver Crest Drive, Eugene.

Odegard Leonard E, to Gill Jesse & Lisa; $65,000; address unknown.

Wilson Amyjames, to Bebeau Todd & Mariah; $63,000; 89339 Shore Crest Drive, Florence.

06103 View Road LLC, to Wetzel Mark D & Watts Linda; $47,000; address unknown.

Anselmo Richard, to Anselmo Richard; $30,000; address unknown.

Lane County, to Smith Sylvia Irene Sis Trust; $6,500; address unknown.
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Title Annotation:Lane County Property Sales
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Sep 14, 2015
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