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Lane County Building Permits.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Residential Solar

30459 Riverview Dr, Junction City; Brice Charles W; Roof Mount Solar Array For 1981 SFD; $23,432.

38671 Place Rd, Fall Creek; Aumack Stefan N; Roof Mount Solar Array For Ag Building (509-Pa14-05570); $7,000.

77099 Westridge Ave, Westfir; Donnille Shawn; Install Roof Mounted Solar Array System On A1956 SFD; $6,300.

83223 Russell Oaks Dr, Creswell; Wildish William R & Karen M; Roof Mount Solar Array On Attached Garage Of A 1999 SFD; $5,000.

88648 Winter Ln, Veneta; Theisen Margaret; Install 4.68 Kw Roof Mounted Solar Electric System On A Detached Garage; $4,680.

29190 McTavish Ln, Eugene; Livernois Tom R & Tracy E; Install Roof Mounted 4.68 Kw Solar Electric System On Detached Garage; $4,680.

36465 McGowan Creek Rd, Springfield; Fink James G; Install Roof Mounted Solar Array System On An Existing Racc; $4,060.

4398 Blanton Heights Rd, Eugene; Gouveia Family Trust; Roof Mount Solar Array On Detached Garage.; $4,000.

Residential Plumbing

91557 Poodle Creek Rd, Noti; Conn Dennis G & Paula M; Replace All Existing Water Lines With Pex. Including From Holding Tank To The House, Approximately 40 Feet And All Water Lines Under The House Up To Fixtures In 1938 SFD; $5,474.

Residential Mechanical

39565 Deerhorn Rd, Springfield; Denton Marvin L; Install New Multi Positioned Ducted Air Handler For SFD; $13,409.

39565 Deerhorn Rd, Springfield; Denton Marvin L; Install New Multi Position Air Handler To Existing Ductwork For SFD; $13,409.

36107 Enterprise Rd, Creswell; Farry Heidi N & Eric V; Install HP & Air Handler For A 1980 SFD; $13,042.

32515 Howard Loop, Cottage Grove; Hughes Paul F Sr & Anita C; Install HP & Air Handler In 1978 SFD; $12,692.

42084 Hwy 58, Lowell; Warden Joint Revocable Living Trust; HVAC - Install HP & AH In 1998 Skyline Mh; $11,400.

31526 Fox Hollow Rd, Eugene; Kidd James & MacArthur Sarah; Install Two Zone Multi Split Ductless Heat Pump In 1990 SFD; $10,348.

38847 Deerhorn Rd, Springfield; Midnight Pass Holdings LLC (David Weza); HVAC - Install HP & AH In 1968 SFD; $9,900.

25374 Perkins Rd, Veneta; Linn William Patrick & Tammy Marie; Pull And Replace 5 Ton HP And Air Handler With New For 1997 SFD; $9,000.

24835 Hwy 36, Cheshire; Leslie W Roberts Trust; Install Ductless Heat Pump With 4 Indoor Units In 1955 SFD; $8,950.

24486 Vaughn Rd, Veneta; Johnson Family Trust; Install Heat Pump Only In 1960 SFD; $7,922.

84601 Weatherberry Ln, Pleasant Hill; Potter George R & Sylvia R; Gas Piping & Install Gas Fireplace Insert In Living Room Of A 1985 SFD; $7,255.

25498 Butler Rd, Junction City; Wolf Joint Trust; Install Ductless Heat Pump; $7,130.

31626 Beach Rd, Creswell; Fisher Cynthia A & Gary A; Install One Lennox Heat Pump And Indoor Air Handler For 1997 SFD; $7,000.

32739 Taylor Butte Rd, Cottage Grove; Wood Larry E Jr & Denise A; Install Heat Pump & Air Handler In 1974 SFD; $6,988.

36636 Alder Branch Rd, Springfield; Nelson Barry J & Rosemary A; Install Gas Line & Lpg Tank For A 1983 SFD; $6,224.

89553 Fir Butte Rd, Eugene; Petersen Courtney Nekole; HVAC - Dhp In 2014 Mh; $5,300.

35606 Westminster St, Pleasant Hill; Agile Home Solutions LLC; HVAC - Install Dhp In 1963 SFD; $5,000.

77355 Mcdole Rd, Cottage Grove; Williams Living Trust; Install One Outdoor Heat Pump W/An Indoor Air Handler For A 1976 SFD.; $5,000.

87373 Territorial Hwy, Veneta; Oneal Ronald G & Janet E; Installation Of Ductless Minisplit System For A 1965 SFD; $4,797.

46788 Sunset Ave, Westfir; Marquardt Phillip H & Joanna I; Install Ductless Heat Pump System For A 1951 SFD; $4,788.

42827 Deerhorn Rd, Springfield; Smith Scott B & Christine; Gas Fireplace Install; $4,705.

90356 Sheffler Rd, Elmira; Humphrey Amy; Installation Of Ductless Minisplit System For A 1975 SFD; $4,492.

85698 Manchester Ln, Eugene; Wyman Evelyn S; Gas Piping To Fireplace And Install Of Fireplace; $4,300.

Residential Electrical

87840 Ternyik Ct, Florence; Lacouture Ann M & Brian S; Service In New SFD - See 509-Bp16-00369; $25,000.

87840 Ternyik Ct, Florence; Lacouture Ann M & Brian S; Temporary Power For New SFD - See 509-Bp16-00369; $25,000.

11691 Hill Crest Rd, Mapleton; Michael J & Ada M Mcclory Family Trust; Wire New Home See 509-Bp15-02763; $16,500.

31664 Fox Hollow Rd, Eugene; Maliyakal John; Wire New House - See 509-Bp15-01467; $12,500.

92580 Coburg Rd, Eugene; Jackson D Michael; Replacing 2 Main Panels (400 Amp Service) & 3 Sub Panels To Feed House, Shop & Barn.; $11,000.

86404 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene; Trowbridge Kevin L & Christine D; New Well Pump System; $7,400.

30933 Fox Hollow Rd, Eugene; Koons James B & Mary N; Adding Circuits For Lights & Computer For A '03 SFD; $5,000.

46788 Sunset Ave, Westfir; Marquardt Phillip H & Joanna I; Electrical For New Ductless Heat Pump - See 509-Bp16-00585; $4,788.

31626 Beach Rd, Creswell; Fisher Cynthia A & Gary A; Electrical For Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel, Install Cans In 1997 SFD; $4,000.

Residential Combo

87840 Ternyik Ct, Florence; Lacouture Ann M & Brian S; Single Family Dwelling; $447,787.

24379 Bolton Hill Rd, Veneta; White Matthew J & Janda D; Single Family Dwelling (Replaces RSFD Damaged By Trees); $355,057.

2825 E 38th Ave, Eugene; Zetlmaier Joel & Jessica; Single Family Dwelling; $316,096.

39945 Church Rd, Fall Creek; Williams Bruce & Victoria Jean; Single Family Dwelling; $293,413.

35752 Wills Rd, Creswell; Booher Weston; Single Family Dwelling; $285,468.

92084 Marcola Rd, Marcola; South County Investments LLC; Single Family Dwelling; $285,156.

32115 Harris Dr, Cottage Grove; Ray Arlo & Wyman-Ray Shelly; Single Family Dwelling; $276,107.

40165 Mohawk River Rd, Marcola; Winchester Curtis J; "As-Built" Living Room, Pantry, And Master Suite Addition To An Existing MH; $109,240.

40165 Mohawk River Rd, Marcola; Winchester Curtis J; "As-Built" Garage Addition To Existing Pole Barn.; $93,725.

27220 Huey Ln, Eugene; Gary L Erickson Revocable Living Trust; Garage/Shop Special Inspections For Welding And Bolting; $93,593.

90074 Spires Ln, Eugene; Shoemaker Aaron P & Courtney N; Garage; $86,660.

39406 Walterville Ln, Springfield; Myers Jason R; Garage/Shop (Pole Barn); $83,213.

30701 Camas Swale Rd, Cres well; Leach Beau & Rhonda; Alter Existing Dwelling. Cantilever Wall 2' Out At Kitchen And Dining. Convert Portion Of Garage Into A Bathroom.; $70,000.

78376 Cedar Park Rd, Cottage Grove; Degarlais Craig L & Marni J; Family & Den Room Addition Site Plan (Revised) To Scott Evans On 2/12/16; $62,183.

39071 Hendricks Park Rd, Springfield; Moore Lynn P & Rhonda J; Garage With 2nd Floor Storage And Attached Carport.; $60,403.

78150 Mosby Creek Rd, Cottage Grove; Bush Robert R & Tamra J; Garage; $48,530.

91585 N Coburg Rd, Eugene; Beit Halevi Trust; Interior Remodel, Re-Organization Of 2 Showers, 1 New Window & Widen Door In A Bearing Wall; $40,000.

48520 McKenzie Hwy, Vida; Nugent Shaun C; "As-Built" Garage Converted Into A Guest House; $39,059.

27461 Fruitway Rd, Junction City; Mitchell Mary B; Barn; $37,446.

28647 High Pass Rd, Junction City; Seale Robin Lee & Laurie Gaye; Extend Existing Bedroom, Creating A Master Suite. Add Porch's.; $35,000.

4727 Horizon Way, Florence; Terrace Investments LLC Ii; Garage On Mfg. Home; $33,975.

83010 Hungry Hill Rd, Creswell; Bilyeu Angela Marie; Pole Barn Replacement; $31,205.

35781 Camp Creek Rd, Springfield; Leeper Sandra L; Foundation Underpinning Place 13 Foundation Supportworks Hp288 Helical Piers W/10-12 Helix Plate Confirmation; $29,160.

85288 Forest Hill Ln, Eugene; Rice Korey Lawren & Jennifer Ann; Add Bathroom, Weight Lifting Room, Relocate Laundry In 1988 SFD; $28,000.

76882 Ridge Dr, Cottage Grove; Danny & Patrice Tucker Family Rev Trust; Addition: Extend Bedroom And Add A Covered Porch.; $26,248.

24837 Horn Rd, Elmira; Faust Karen J; Garage; $25,911.

1343 Crest Dr, Eugene; Mccormach Connie R; Interior Remodel; $25,000.

83021 Florence Ave, Creswell; Dimmick Cory & Patti; "As-Built" Patio Cover; $25,000.

90263 Daisy Ln, Elmira; Devyak Susan; Partially Insulate/Heat Interior Of Existing Shop; $24,000.

26551 Lake Forest Dr, Eugene; Swanek Cathy J; Bathroom Addition; $22,000.

82381 Hillview Rd, Creswell; Marshall Laurie K; "As-Built" Garage; $20,798.

87436 Dukhobar Rd, Eugene; Hedin Family Trust; Repair Work Due To Fire; $20,000.

87432 Halderson Rd, Eugene; Kaminski Jason A & Rachael A; Convert Ag To Guest House. "As-Built".; $20,000.

91313 Donna Rd, Springfield; Volner Jody D; Front And Rear Porch Addition.- Permit Reviewed By Kim Helsel - Issued By Gwen Ditlefsen; $18,000.

85440 Appletree Ct, Eugene; Obrien S Caine; Interior Remodel - Relocate Staircase, Move Front Entry, Remodel Bathroom, Add Balcony; $11,500.

84477 Murdock Rd, Eugene; Lecompte Norman J Jr & Zoe A; Repair Damage To 1974 SFD Due To Tree Roof And Damaged Deck Railing Repair; $10,000.

48520 McKenzie Hwy, Vida; Nugent Shaun C; Replacement Deck "As-Built"; $8,700.

33715 Market St, Creswell; Angor Property Manangement LLC; "As-Built" Remove Bathroom And Refrigerator. "As-Built" Plumbing.; $5,000.

85759 Glenada Rd, Florence; Trust Dated October 30 2003; Foundation Repair For A '00 SFD Replace Pier That Has Pulled Away Remove A Post In Crawl Space; $4,000.

Commercial Plumbing

86784 Franklin Blvd, Eugene; Interstate News & Gift LLC; Installation Of Rough In, Top Out And Finish Plumbing For New ADA Rest Room; $5,875.

Commercial Electrical

93881 River Rd, Junction City; Marjorie J Dillon Revocable Trust; Add 400 Amp Single Phase Service W/(2) 200 Amp Panels & Add Circuits; $20,000.

33715 Market Rd, Creswell; Angor Property Manangement LLC; 2 Feeders & 38 Branch Circuits For Existing Ag Bldg; $15,000.

80854 Territorial Hwy, Eugene; King Estate Winery Limited Partnership; Install New 200 Amp Single 40 Circuit Panel In Vineyard Pavilion/Farmer's Market Bldg (509-Bp05-00476); $10,000.

Commercial Combo

1349 66th St, Springfield; Springfield Utility Board; New Bridge; $212,000.

5292 Harvard Ave, Florence; Northwest Reflections Holdings; Office/Storage Building; $189,000.

1999 Pleasant View Dr, Cottage Grove; South Lane Television Inc; Cell Tower Collocation - Replace 6 Of 12 Existing Antenna (Tower Will Be Structurally Reinforced, No Change To The Tower Height & No Groundwork); $100,000.

80233 Territorial Hwy, Lorane; Dlrdlc Limited Partnership; Repair/Replace Damaged Rim Joist & Siding To The Lorane General Store Bldg (1945); $12,000.

23850 Hwy 36, Cheshire; Livelyhood Enterprises Inc; 8' Tall Fenced Enclosure.; $8,500.

87177 Reynolds Dr, Eugene; Reynolds William F & Donna M; Adding (1) 24" Microwave Dish (1)Odu And Associated Cabling To An Existing Tower.; $6,500.
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