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Landmark Announces Next Step in Managing Availability & Performance Of IBM's Market Leading MQSeries Product.

General Availability of The Monitor(R) (TMON) 1.1 for MQSeries Delivers

Improved Integration, Simplified Installation and Automatic Dead Letter

Queue Processing

RESTON, Va., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Landmark Systems Corporation (Nasdaq: LDMK) today announced the release and general availability of The Monitor (TMON) 1.1 for MQSeries, Landmark's performance monitoring system for collecting and analyzing MQSeries performance data from a single point across multiple platforms.

TMON for MQSeries 1.1 allows IT staff to manage performance of the popular MQSeries messaging and information system with advanced features to improve administration and integration with additional TMONs managing other environments. Like all TMON products, the latest version maintains the familiar Landmark look and feel, eliminating the need for IT staff to learn the navigation of a new system.

IBM's MQSeries is the most widely used message-queuing software with more than 66% of the market. As organizations around the globe have adopted MQSeries as the standard for transparent, cross-platform message exchange, the ability to maintain peak performance of this system and the applications it supports has become critical.

Enhanced Administration & Extended Integration

In response to the growing performance management needs of MQSeries customers, Landmark has improved TMON for MQSeries with the following enhancements delivered in version 1.1:

* An Automatic Dead Letter Queue Processor with a flexible rules-driven

design, reducing manual intervention and enabling critical messages to

be handled differently than non-critical messages, thus improving MQ

Series and application availability.

* Improved, extended integration with TMON for CICS/ESA allowing

information and views from both mainframe and distributed applications

to be presented together.

* Simplified installation and configuration for easy scalability as the

organization's MQSeries network grows.

* The MVS Queue Manager Security Management feature displays MQSeries

security switches and provides the ability to alter user ids time-out

intervals and refresh security.

* Integration with MQControl and Message Management Facility Agents to

improve management of MQSeries on distributed platforms while adding

message management for all MQControl supported platforms.

System Requirements

Successful installation of TMON 1.1 for MQSeries requires MVS/ESA 4.3 or higher, and supports all Level 2 MQ Managers.

Product Availability

The Monitor (TMON) 1.1 for MQSeries is immediately available by contacting your local Landmark representative or calling Landmark's worldwide corporate headquarters at (703) 464-1300 or (800) 488-1111, or by e-mail at Please visit Landmark on the Web at

Landmark Systems Corporation is a leading, global provider of performance management solutions. Landmark offers PerformanceWorksa, a family of products and services focused on helping customers achieve peak efficiency for critical business operations in enterprise environments. For more information on Landmark and its products and services, visit the company's Web site at

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Date:Aug 4, 1999
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