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Landlubbers can learn from this houseboat remodel in Seattle.

Solutions to tight-space living on houseboats often work just as well ashore. Landlubbers can learn about the benefits of built-in furniture from this remodeled houseboat on Seattle's Lake Union.

To gain space, architects Canatsey/Weinstein furnished the 16- by 22-foot main living area of Robert Marritz's house with interconnected built-ins. In the open kitchen, a counter doubles as the back of the living room sofa. The sides of the sofa serve as end tables and expandable dining table. Nearby, a bookscase and entertainment storage cabinet complete the built-ins, which echo the materials used in the white shelves and plastic laminate counters in the kitchen.

The lack of clutter in the living room--right down to the recessed lighting in the ceiling--makes the space seem much larger than it is. Equally effective is the glass corner, which draws the eye out across the water.
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Date:Mar 1, 1986
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