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Landlord licensing unnecessary.

I read your recent article on landlord licensing with interest. I am a landlord in Bellingham, and 'm opposed to this idea, not simply because of my self interest, but because I believe it is a bad idea from everyone's perspective.

It seems to me there is a recurring theme in this proposal that paints landlords as irresponsible capitalists. We are capitalists, but not irresponsible. We answer to many regulations and codes, complaints from our tenants, competition, as well as our own conscience.

I think a certain amount of ignorance is at the root of the idea. As an example, t often hear a complaint about a house that is an eyesore, where the person complaining assumes the run down home is a rental when in fact it is occupied by an elderly owner who simply can no longer take care of the house properly and doesn't have the money to hire it done.

The idea of creating a new bureaucracy with inspections and fees to solve the imagined problem is wasteful, invasive and unnecessary.

Glen Whitfield

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Author:Whitfield, Glen
Publication:Bellingham Business Journal
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Aug 1, 2011
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