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Landlords, tenants told to provide details to area police in Islamabad. May 18, 2019 620
Landlords, tenants clash as they don't know law. May 4, 2019 287
Landlord is fined after changing tenant's locks. May 4, 2019 293
Landlord fined for changing locks to force out unwanted tenant. May 4, 2019 269
Landlord illegally evicted tenant by changing the locks while he was out the house; Trevor Bell, from Bedlington, was prosecuted by Northumberland County Council and pleaded guilty to carrying out an illegal eviction. May 3, 2019 353
Discussions and advice vital for diversification; Bob McIntosh, the tenant farming commissioner, writes about his work to improve relations with tenants and landlords. Apr 29, 2019 475
Cook County Board limits landlords' inquiries into tenants' criminal histories. Apr 26, 2019 103
Businessman's TWO YEAR battle over pigeon poo which is leaving his shops 'absolutely caked'; Birds' constant coo-ing and poo-ing affecting tenants; landlord Darren Orlopp has threatened legal action. Apr 25, 2019 631
More than 100 families lose homes in 'no-fault' evictions; LAW LINED UP TO STOP LANDLORDS KICKING TENANTS OUT AT WILL. Apr 22, 2019 498
Private landlords to be banned from evicting tenants at short notice; Government U-turn is a huge victory for campaigners and effectively creates open-ended tenancies -- allowing greater protections and certainty. Apr 15, 2019 553
Inside some of UK's 'least desirable homes' filled with stomach-churning surprises; Shocking pictures show the sights confronting landlords after lengthy battles with 'nightmare tenants' in Hull. Apr 6, 2019 1650
DWP: Teesside landlord says he's 'losing out' when Universal Credit tenants don't pay their rent; The landlord, who has a property management firm, says Universal Credit means it's harder to collect rent. Mar 30, 2019 754
Construction costs flame broil tenant, landlord. Mar 28, 2019 475
Construction costs flame broil tenant, landlord. Oklobzija, Kevin Mar 28, 2019 475
Owners embracing co-working concepts. Chen, Jackson Mar 27, 2019 555
Can landlords cut power, water connection to tenants? Mar 21, 2019 468
Can landlords in UAE cut power, water connection to tenants? Mar 21, 2019 473
Landlords to face justice from today - as tenants just got the right to sue them; The Housing Act is now in force, and that means if your landlord lets you down you have the right to take them to court over it. Mar 20, 2019 510
Tenant Uses A Sword To Threaten His Landlord. Mar 14, 2019 211
Landlord and tenant - Arbitration - Lease. Mar 13, 2019 1248
This new law allows tenants to sue their landlords for cold and mouldy homes; If repair and maintenance work is not carried out by the owner, the occupant will be able to take them to court. Mar 13, 2019 427
Plaintiff was licensee and can amend complaint. Mar 8, 2019 722
How much housing benefit is being overpaid in Birmingham - and the amount written off; Housing benefit is paid to landlords of tenants who are struggling to put a roof over their heads. Mar 7, 2019 321
Landlord and tenant - Chapter 667 - Disqualification. Mar 5, 2019 460
Bills addressing high eviction rates pass Assembly. Chaney, Matthew Feb 25, 2019 696
Record levels of tenants being evicted by landlords in Coventry; The loss of private rented accommodation is the most common reason for homelessness in Coventry. Feb 17, 2019 954
Landlords settle after tenant is sexually assaulted. Feb 15, 2019 387
Landlords have no right to cut off water or electricity supply of tenants in UAE. Feb 14, 2019 547
Tenants being left to the mercy of rogue private landlords; NEARLY 700 COMPLAINTS MADE TO COUNCIL BUT NO PROSECUTIONS. Feb 11, 2019 856
Tenants can now sue landlords over cold and mouldy homes; Here's everything you need to know. Feb 9, 2019 429
Landlords can now be sued for providing cold and mouldy homes to their tenants; This is game changer for those renting in London. Feb 9, 2019 458
What do you mean, I have to cover YOUR property? Andrews, Craig Feb 6, 2019 975
Landlord and tenant - Contempt - Rent collection. Jan 23, 2019 1263
Landlord who poisoned one of his tenants; Local historian STEVEN HORTON looks back at some of the city's most notorious murder cases ... Nov 27, 2018 483
Cats Protection League's top tips to help tenants find pet friendly landlords; Landlords' refusal to allow pets was one of the top five reasons cats were handed into shelters in the past year. Nov 24, 2018 335
Rogue tenants and wrecked homes: The problems faced by landlords and why licensing 'won't work'; Middlesbrough Council is expanding its licensing scheme - but one property boss says the move will lead to rising rents. Nov 24, 2018 1140
Dubai's office landlords aren't letting go of tenants easily. Nov 19, 2018 592
Landlords snub 60% of tenants claiming benefit; Campaigners slam shocking 'discrimination'. Nov 8, 2018 298
New & Updated Resources at CPLEA--Vol. 43-2. Conley, Lesley Nov 1, 2018 335
Beach house owner not liable for injury to renter. Oct 28, 2018 666
New rental dispute law for landlords, tenants in Abu Dhabi. Oct 23, 2018 750
New rental regulations assure fair justice for both landlords and tenants. Oct 22, 2018 832
18,000 FACE EVICTION AS VULTURES SWOOP; Landlords could kick tenants out on to the street before selling up; HOMELESS 1; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 20, 2018 434
Vacation injury. Vieth, Peter Oct 15, 2018 1028
Government accused of risking another Windrush scandal with new housing rules; Former Newcastle Council leader Jeremy Beecham criticises laws that could allow landlords to keep deposits from rejected tenants. Oct 11, 2018 449
Debtor's slovenly' habits exempted debt from discharge. Oct 9, 2018 715
Plan to tackle housing shortage by paying landlords to sell their homes to tenants; Some private tenants would be able to buy their homes at a discount, in a similar way to council tenants. Oct 9, 2018 427
Tenant 'tortured' by landlord. Oct 8, 2018 400
Tenants blast 20% rent hike by landlord; IRELAND'S HOUSING CRISIS: FIGHTBACK OVER HARDSHIP. Oct 6, 2018 443
Tenant in UAE should compensate landlord when cancelling contract. Oct 1, 2018 573
Inside squalid flat where tenants dumped 50 bags of waste before fleeing owing [pounds sterling]1,700 rent; The landlord of the Grimsby property said the tenants left owing [pounds sterling]1,700 in rent as well as weeks worth of rent to clean and restore the flat. Oct 1, 2018 807
Tenant should compensate landlord when cancelling contract. Sep 30, 2018 573
MPs seeking to weaken bad tenants' hold over landlords. Sep 27, 2018 401
Law breaking landlords slacking on safety as 4 in 10 tenants reveal they haven't got a single smoke alarm in their home; Not only are they putting the lives of their tenants at risk - but they're also losing their rights to powers such as Section 21, too. Sep 21, 2018 560
New Taipei landlord dies in front of bystanders after tenant stabs him over rent. Sep 18, 2018 558
Deplorable conditions not intentional damage. Sep 17, 2018 750
Landlord drives a Porsche but tenants have to put up with this; Shocking condition of homes paid for by housing benefit. Sep 16, 2018 653
Deplorable conditions not intentional damage. Lightle, Rebecca M. Sep 7, 2018 750
Landlord ordered to pay PS40,000 over 'worst property seen in years' TENANTS HAD BOARDED-UP WINDOWS, BROKEN ALARMS AND BLOCKED EXITS. Sep 5, 2018 284
Tenant killed his landlord in eviction storm; Local historian STEVEN HORTON looks back at some of the city's most notorious murder cases ... MURDER CASEBOOK. Aug 28, 2018 411
Tenant's son throws acid on Sukkur landlord's daughter over property spat. Aug 28, 2018 174
landlords in 'no dss' rent snub; Letting agents 'refuse benefits tenants'. Aug 22, 2018 206
How property management benefits landlords, tenants. Aug 21, 2018 792
3 common landlord-tenant disputes. Aug 15, 2018 762
Landlord league tables plan to help tenants. Aug 14, 2018 160
MAN IN THE HOOD: It pays to be your landlord's favourite tenant. Aug 14, 2018 1064
Pervert landlord watched tenants having sex and made 180 videos of naked women after installing hidden cameras; Paul Dunster, 59, from Portsmouth in Hampshire, would also watch his tenants showering and made films of his unsuspecting victims over a 10 year period. Aug 12, 2018 344
Dubai's new rent contract defines tenant, landlord roles. Aug 8, 2018 693
Landlords vow to make homes more efficient for tenants if government gives them a tax break for it; They claim this would encourage a culture of continuous improvements to properties rather than simply meeting set targets and leaving them there. Aug 8, 2018 704
Landlord burned tenant's property; 52-YEAR-OLD ORDERED TO PAY PS12,000 TO WOMAN AFTER DESTROYING HER BELONGINGS. Aug 2, 2018 428
City landlord faces PS3,000 repair bill after 'nightmare' tenants left home trashed; in lost with to landlords renting property owner wants more done to help landlords. Aug 1, 2018 630
1,500 legal noticesserved on city's rogue landlords; crackdown seeks to protect tenants from living in poor conditions. Jul 31, 2018 871
The Merseyside landlords who made the lives of their tenants miserable; We look at some of the issues facing people looking for rented accommodation in the city. Jul 30, 2018 860
Landlord jailed 10 months for removing tenants' roof. Jul 26, 2018 216
To Conduct An Annual Survey Of Landlords And Tenants For The Residential Tenancies Board (rtb). Jul 15, 2018 201
Survey Of Landlords And Tenants For The Residential Tenancies Board (rtb). Jul 15, 2018 215
Dubai landlords get flexible to woo tenants. Jul 11, 2018 796
Landlord was cleared over tenant's death. Jul 10, 2018 243
Dubai landlords become flexible to attract tenants. Jul 10, 2018 787
Landlord arrested for killing tenant's four-year-old son. Jul 2, 2018 304
Menacing tenant smashed up Middlesbrough flat - then sent intimidating texts to landlord; Patrick Norman Tolmie caused [pounds sterling]500 worth of damage to the Stowe Street property. Jul 2, 2018 301
Jury burns landlord in 2013 fire, awards tenant $1.2M. Hamacher, Heath Jun 27, 2018 547
Could you be the new Dixie Dean? New tenant sought for Chester's Dublin Packet pub; Pub was fully renovated by new landlords nine months ago. Jun 21, 2018 290
Development And Follow-up Of Applications For Assistance From Landlords And Tenants Under Various Departmental Schemes Relating To Private Housing. Jun 20, 2018 138
Preparation And Follow-up Of Applications For Assistance From Landlords And Tenants Under Various Departmental Schemes Relating To Private Housing. Jun 18, 2018 110
Witness tells court how two tenants raped, impregnated landlord's daughter. Jun 11, 2018 523
Horrified landlord shames 'worst' tenants after they trash home leaving it filled with rubbish, rats and broken windows; The walls are filthy, there are broken windows and the copper has been removed from the hot water system which means it needs to be replaced. Jun 6, 2018 511
Landlord docked for locking tenant indoor. Jun 2, 2018 344
TENANTS' RIGHTS: HOW TO DEAL WITH A NIGHTMARE LANDLORD; Landlord not playing ball? Here's everything you need to know about your rights as a tenant... May 22, 2018 1765
What you should do if the bailiffs come knocking? Whether you're a landlord or a tenant, if a debt is not yours then property expert JAMES DAVIS says there's no need to panic. May 19, 2018 762
What you should do if the bailiffs come knocking; Whether you're a landlord or a tenant, if a debt is not yours then property expert JAMES DAVIS says there's no need to panic. May 19, 2018 757
What are your rights as a tenant - and how to deal with a nightmare landlord; Knowing your rights can help you avoid surprise costs and issues with repairs. May 19, 2018 1360
What you should do if the bailiffs come knocking? Whether you're a landlord or a tenant, if a debt is not yours then property expert JAMES DAVIS says there's no need to panic. May 17, 2018 762
9 ways landlords break the law - and it's costing renters hundreds extra; Unscrupulous landlords are costing tenants a fortune each year - which means it can seriously pay to know your rights. May 16, 2018 1433
Your rights as a tenant and how to deal with problem landlords; What your rights are as a tenant and when a landlord can take action against you. May 13, 2018 1905
Quotation For Online Platform For Landlords And Tenants To Identify Properties Available For Renting. May 10, 2018 373
Britain's biggest renting woes: Tenants spending [pounds sterling]217 a year fixing 'routine' landlord repairs and 1 in 100 say there are HIDDEN CAMERAS in their homes; Tenants are spending more than [pounds sterling]1billion of their own money every year on repairs that landlords should have carried out, new figures suggest. May 3, 2018 879
PS180,000 bill for landlord 'who did not care for safety of her tenants'. Apr 27, 2018 503
PS180k bill for landlord 'who did not care for safety of her tenants'. Apr 21, 2018 491
Inside vile home of glamorous YouTube star 'who left behind house covered in dog poo and make-up stains'; Channel 5's Bad Tenants Rogue Landlords said Kayla Jenkins - aka vlogger Okaylaaa - left the Prestwich home in such a filthy state, the owners - who 'she owed [pounds sterling]5,000 in rent' - felt "sick". Apr 20, 2018 671
Landlord-tenant law workshop set. Apr 17, 2018 145
House of horrors has sewer rats, wood lice infestations and water running down walls, claim tenants; But the landlord claimed just minor repairs were needed. Apr 15, 2018 736
Starbucks, most favored tenant for landlords. Apr 8, 2018 713
Landlord swung an axe handle at his tenant in rent row; MOHAMMED SABIR CLAIMED THAT HE WAS ONLY TRYING TO SCARE THE VICTIM. Apr 6, 2018 485
Tenants count cost of slum landlords. Apr 2, 2018 246
Senate to take up proposal to change eviction procedures, landlord-tenant law. Mar 19, 2018 721
Mansion landlord's PS32k rent fight with drugs-case tycoon; TENANTS OF PS1.8M HOME IN LEGAL BATTLE; Couple ran up eight months of house debt. Mar 11, 2018 532
Tenant does a runner... then taunts landlord; MAN KEPT RENT MONEY, STOLE OTHER PEOPLE'S FOOD AND 'BORROWED' THEN SOLD A PHONE. Mar 10, 2018 478
Gun charge student 'a tenant from hell' Landlord says Scot on US attack rap held noisy parties and left luxury pad with big repairs bill. Feb 12, 2018 338
TenantCloud Introduces Partnership with Assurant to Cover Both Landlords and Tenants. Jan 31, 2018 532
Tenant gets $100K settlement from landlords after fall. Jan 31, 2018 296
A seafood restaurant that shut owing thousands is still shut despite saying it would reopen; Police were called to the premises on Wednesday after an alleged dispute between the landlord and tenants. Jan 27, 2018 523
Landlords look at easy-pay rent schedules to retain tenants. Jan 4, 2018 483
Jirga asks landlords not to evict tenants. Dec 24, 2017 169
'Damp in my flat so bad I can't live here' BUT LANDLORD BLAMES SHOCKING CONDITIONS ON TENANT'S LIFESTYLE. Dec 23, 2017 402
Website simplifies the hunt for rental properties: Entrepreneur creates Rent Panda as an easy, reliable source to find the perfect matches for landlords and tenants. McKinley, Karen Dec 1, 2017 790
Landlords face huge fines over unregistered tenants; Watchdog takes aim at 15,000 rogue owners. Nov 20, 2017 343
'No coloured' tenant slur puts landlord in the dock. Nov 8, 2017 511
Standing in the Landlord's Shoes: Seeing Yourself as a Prospective Tenant. Grandfield, Jeff; Willerton, Dale Nov 1, 2017 647
What Do I Do with My Tenancy after I've Lost My Job? Peerani, Aaida Nov 1, 2017 845
Plans to crack down on rogue landlords; COUNCIL'S LICENSING SCHEME TO PROTECT BRUM TENANTS. Sep 25, 2017 338
News Landlord left tenant living in a 'fire trap' PS18,000 fine for failing to make flat safety improvements. Sep 22, 2017 437
Landlord put tenant's lives at risk from fire; judge fined landlord and said grenfell tower is a tragic reminder of how deadly a blaze can be. Sep 4, 2017 445
22 TENANTS CRAMMED INTO THIS HOUSE; Landlord hit with PS8,000 fine and costs after breaching HMO rules. Aug 24, 2017 288
Landlord 'hounded' by council after tenant fled without paying bills; 'unfair to make me pay for someone else's council tax bill'. Aug 10, 2017 602
'Help tenants as well as accidental landlords..' TD's call after tax relief plan revealed. Aug 7, 2017 312
Bad landlords in firing line of review website; 'TRIPADVISOR FOR TENANTS' GIVES A VOICE TO PEOPLE WHO RENT. Jul 3, 2017 393
State Council Legal Committee Discusses Regularizing Relationship Between Landlords and Tenants of Commercial and Industrial Shops. Jul 3, 2017 169
LANDLORDS WANT SEX FOR ROOMS; Adverts looking for tenants to pay in kind. Jun 11, 2017 965
The tenant who killed his landlord; Local historian STEVEN HORTON looks back at some of the city's most notorious murder cases ... Jun 6, 2017 521
Fake landlord admits new tenant con - but denies PS76,000 fraud. May 18, 2017 577
UK landlord bans Indian, Pak tenants due to 'curry smell', faces legal action. May 17, 2017 433
Tenants, not just landlords, can now rent out their homes. Apr 12, 2017 1122
Dubai Police to help tenants wronged by landlords in rental disputes. Apr 11, 2017 343
Dubai landlords are lowering rents, extending leases to keep tenants. Apr 4, 2017 739
Bronx Landlord Murders Tenant Over Unpaid Rent. Feb 23, 2017 404
'Two-way street': House bill would double maximum award in landlord-tenant court. Sanders, Bob Brief article Jan 20, 2017 307
United States : NGKF Continues Its Los Angeles Expansion with Leading Landlord and Tenant Rep Broker Daniel Chiprut. Oct 26, 2016 343
Landlord acquitted of molesting tenant in Dubai. Oct 18, 2016 303
Landlord guilty of burgling tenant's home twice. Oct 17, 2016 210
SimplifyEm Introduces New Features in Its Property Management Software Making It a True Asset for Landlords, Property Managers and Tenants. Oct 14, 2016 526
Commercial tenants with phantom space: beware of landlords with 13-inch rulers. Grandfield, Jeff; Willerton, Dale Oct 1, 2016 854
Hope Street Gets Complaints of Edmonton Landlords Being Squeezed by Tenants. Sep 26, 2016 659
Student landlords blamed for back lane ghettoes; DUMPING RUBBISH AS THEY WAIT FOR NEXT TENANTS. Aug 26, 2016 407
Tenant convicted after defrauding series of landlords. Jul 23, 2016 468
Bogus tenant jailed over landlord con; conwoman rented homes she couldn't afford. Jul 23, 2016 491
Record fine over danger bedsits; LANDLORD LEFT VULNERABLE TENANTS AT RISK OF FIRE. Jul 8, 2016 381
Landlord tried to force tenant to leave home by blasting out loud music; 44-year-old who wanted to sell property fined after being found guilty of harassment. Jul 6, 2016 297
Landlord accused of molesting tenant in Dubai and threatening to hurt her mother. Jun 27, 2016 335
Jailed for life:Tenant who beat landlord to death with hammer. Jun 24, 2016 869
I killed landlord to avoid sex act, tenant tells court. Jun 16, 2016 707
Abu Dhabi landlords fear hefty parking charges will scare away tenants. May 9, 2016 659
He lives here ... but his tenants lived here; DODGY LANDLORD FINED PS60,000. May 7, 2016 317
Fraudsters conned clients and went on PS600k betting spree; COUPLE JAILED AFTER DUPING TENANTS AND LANDLORDS AND THEN LEAVING THEM 'HIGH AND DRY'. Apr 30, 2016 535
Case adjourned against safety breach landlord as wife fails to show in court; EX-FIREFIGHTER 'PUT TENANTS' LIVES AT RISK'. Apr 15, 2016 429
PS10,000 fine for landlord who let his tenants get away with making neighbours' lives hell. Mar 29, 2016 498
Unruly tenants' landlord fined. Mar 29, 2016 517
Gateshead landlord fined [pounds sterling]10,000 after failing to deal with nuisance tenants; Court was told Steven Enright failed to act as his Stephenson Street tenants drove neighbours out with threats and noise. Mar 28, 2016 528
Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 247
Landlords kicking out 3 tenants a day in Brum. Feb 27, 2016 419
Landlords at risk over new rules for overseas tenants. Feb 25, 2016 181
Dubai Court: Tenant Must Obtain Landlord's Consent to Lease Assignment Despite No Express Contractual Obligation. Jan 28, 2016 698
Renewal of Leases in Dubai: Insight for Landlords and Tenants. Jan 28, 2016 1170
New rules for landlords mean 'tenants will lose out'. Jan 27, 2016 217
Tackle the worst landlords so tenants are not at risk; As the role of private rented property in meeting housing need comes under the spotlight, Douglas Haig - director for Wales of the Residential Landlords Association - warns a change in approach is needed at government level. Jan 19, 2016 798
Bad tenants, bad landlords; Letters. Letter to the editor Dec 29, 2015 216
New red tape for landlords will have unintended consequences; A new registration and licensing scheme introduced by the Government will fail to protect tenants from the 'bad' landlords and discourage the 'good' ones from providing more homes, says property expert Douglas Haig. Dec 14, 2015 810
SECOND home destroyed by Ireland's dirtiest tenant; Landlord tells of disgust after piles of excrement caused [euro]7k damage. Nov 28, 2015 498
Why landlords must take note; Fran Mulhall explains why it's vital for the region's landlords to understand the changes to Section 21 under the new Deregulation Act, which alters the possession process for landlords and tenants. Nov 14, 2015 453
Uniform Law Commission finalizes revised Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. Nov 1, 2015 625
United States : Wisconsin landlords charged with housing discrimination after claims they allowed daily harassment of tenants with disabilities. Oct 15, 2015 453
Tenants mull filing case against landlord. Oct 13, 2015 522
Sharjah fire: Landlord to pay for tenants' accommodation. Oct 13, 2015 500
Landlords' 'revenge' on tenants. Sep 28, 2015 335
The unsavory side of Airbnb: how the popular matching company facilitates landlord conversion of entire rental buildings to de facto hotels. Hill, Steven Sep 22, 2015 4113
Landlord's set for new tenant after mission to house homeless heroes. Sep 10, 2015 488
Model landlord and tenant law adopted with input from NAA. Upano, Nicole Sep 1, 2015 723
Cold, bugs and slugs for PS750 a month. Landlords wouldn't live with it, why should tenants? SCANDAL OF FAMILIES STUCK IN SLUM HOMESCampaigners in rents fight. Aug 23, 2015 1024
Landlord put his tenants' lives in danger, say JPs. Aug 20, 2015 309
Fort Wayne Landlords Learn to Safely Evict & Collect on Professional Tenants. Aug 10, 2015 467
Tenants' survey set to measure landlord service. Jul 17, 2015 236
What general counsel should know when a company's landlord files for bankruptcy. Jul 14, 2015 746
Green leases could save U.S. office buildings $3.3 billion annually. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 262
GREEDY CITY LANDLORDS 'PUTTING TENANTS AT RISK' New report reveals dangerous housing shock Danger housing fear for tenants. Jun 22, 2015 397
Renting and raving; We love BEST TV; NIGHTMARE TENANTS, SLUM LANDLORDS. Jun 20, 2015 148
Leases, what you need to know. Pagura, Ingrid Report Jun 1, 2015 1678
Landlords should clear up mess left by tenants; Letters. Letter to the editor May 22, 2015 217
Landlord fined for not ensuring tenants' safety. May 8, 2015 303
Landlord Tenant Security Agreement Move In Move Out Inspections. Apr 27, 2015 352
Landlords and tenants warned over changes; FARMING. Apr 20, 2015 487
Helping match tenants to the right landlords; career.s in ... lettings Claire Reid on a career suited to those with an interest in property. Apr 9, 2015 507
Helping match tenants to the right landlords. Apr 9, 2015 526
Exclusive Hot Seat Training Pits Landlord Against "Tenants from Hell" in Explosive Fight That Can Cost Unknowing Landlord Everything. Apr 6, 2015 714
Couple pocketed PS66,000 in benefits during 8-year con; PAIR WHO PRETENDED TO BE A LANDLORD AND TENANT AVOID JAIL. Apr 2, 2015 506
Hoarding disorder: the ten ton problem & the elephant in the room. Dobrian, Joseph Mar 1, 2015 1562
Assisting tenants with emergency plan protocols: plan for emergencies, but don't expect emergencies to go according to plan. Vyskocil, Scott Mar 1, 2015 1664
Landlords gather to hear about improving gas safety for tenants. Feb 25, 2015 113
Landlords see rental voids and tenant arrears drop to all time low. Feb 2, 2015 231
Landlords see rental voids and tenant arrears drop to all time low. Feb 2, 2015 229
Landlords hold tenants responsible for failure to implement the new tenements' law. Jan 25, 2015 231
Landlords must tell Dwr Cymru of tenants. Jan 24, 2015 112
Landlord told police about drug dealer tenant. Jan 10, 2015 230
Landlords and tenants survey. Jan 9, 2015 217
Services to design and implement an education and awareness advertising campaign for tenants and landlords in the private rented sector. Dec 24, 2014 169
Tenant and landlord 'imbalance'. Dec 9, 2014 460
BE ALARMED; Tenants of private landlords warned of their responsibility to fit carbon monoxide detectors. Dec 3, 2014 323
Landlords and councils must collect tenants' bills. Nov 20, 2014 242
Don't be conned by tenants who always have a story. McIlvain, Craig Column Nov 12, 2014 763
Shamco launches new tenant initiatives. Shamah, Alan Nov 12, 2014 336
Tenant on trial accused of threatening to kill Dubai landlord. Nov 10, 2014 365
Landlords 'never heard'of law on tenant checks; PROPERTY. Nov 1, 2014 122
When an audit is the right idea for business tenants. Scanlon, Dan Oct 31, 2014 548
Tenant steals landlord's property from apartment--covered as theft? Trupin, Jerome Oct 13, 2014 485
A new landlord - how will this affect the tenant? Alexis Shaw,surveyor in DTZ's global occupier services team in Birmingham, answers a topical question. Oct 9, 2014 506
Rent law to trigger tenant-landlord legal feuds. Oct 1, 2014 869
Benefits roll-out could leave claimants short; Landlords worried by changes for tenant payments. Sep 8, 2014 490
Landlords getting in the wellness business to sweeten the deal for corporate tenants. Sep 1, 2014 220
Landlords have duty to look after tenants. Aug 29, 2014 226
Landlords looking to maximise profit: tenants. Aug 28, 2014 1356
Report's 'double dip' alert for landlords and tenants. Report Aug 26, 2014 325
Matching up tenants and landlords is the Bespoke way; Hannah Frankland, commercialcommer directordir at BespokeBespok Lettings My Dream Job. Aug 7, 2014 659
Eviction threat while I was in hospital; Landlord row 'scarring' me, says tenant. Aug 4, 2014 408
Match-making for landlords and tenants is the right move; Susan Hind, is the managing director at Bespoke k Lettings. This is her day. a .. Susan Hind, managing directorr at Bespoke k Lettings My Day. Jul 19, 2014 610
Landlords praise benefit tenants. Jun 20, 2014 423
City tragedies remind building owners to be prepared for worst. Eisenberg, Sol Jun 4, 2014 762
Tenant and landlord profiles changing. May 31, 2014 525
Tenants start their own firms with help of landlords. May 30, 2014 379
Australia : Cutting red tape for landlords and tenants. May 28, 2014 208
Landlords using 'bogus' laws to evict tenants. May 8, 2014 420
TENANTS HIT BY LANDLORD DEBT; Buy-to-let crisis forces families out of homes. Apr 22, 2014 358
Landlords in'revenge evictions' against complaining tenants. Mar 12, 2014 129
Landlords make the most as tenants shell out more. Mar 3, 2014 223
Removal of rent cap gives more rights to landlords than tenants, Abu Dhabi lawyer says. Mar 2, 2014 462
Richest Tory MP collects PS625k in tenants' benefits; SPECIAL INVESTIGATION SCANDAL OF THE FATCAT LANDLORDS He's worth PS110million and lives in a palatial mansion on a sprawling estate, but.. Feb 24, 2014 598
DOSS HOUSE FATCATS POCKET PS1.5M IN BENEFITS; SPECIAL INVESTIGATION Scandal of landlords getting rich from squalid hostel SPECIAL INVESTIGATION SCANDAL OF THE FATCAT LANDLORDS HOSTAGES TO A FORTUNE While their homeless tenants barely exist in shadowy world of drugs, drink and squalor, hostel firm bank PS4.5million in three years. Feb 24, 2014 1025
Tenants feel letdown as landlords fail to pay service fees. Feb 14, 2014 857
Landlord fights for life after 'tenant assault' Teenager in custody after attack. Feb 12, 2014 427
Primary data and analyse and report on the views and experiences of tenants and landlords. Feb 10, 2014 125
Advice for landlords on how to deal with a tenant's alterations. Feb 1, 2014 436
Lesson for landlords is target student tenants; deciding whether to let to those in higher education, says Premier Places Dani James. Jan 16, 2014 403
United Kingdom : Eversheds wins Court of Appeal tenant insolvency case for Landlords. Jan 16, 2014 459
We will evict Brits to rent to migrants; Landlord gives 200 benefit tenants boot. Jan 6, 2014 204
We will evict locals to rent to migrants; Landlord gives 200 benefit tenants boot. Jan 6, 2014 211
NAA comments on uniform residential landlord--tenant act. Jan 1, 2014 235
One question, two irem members. Jan 1, 2014 701
HIGH-RISE ROBBERY; LANDLORD MASKED TENANTS PROTEST Protesters accuse property tycoon of intimidation and call on council to act. Dec 17, 2013 571
Securing rental property in winter is the responsibility of landlords and tenants. Dec 7, 2013 187
Landlord fined for threatening to evict tenant. Nov 19, 2013 215
Testing time for tenants and landlords. Nov 16, 2013 599
Non-paying landlord leaves Int'l City tenants locked out. Nov 10, 2013 719
Tenant took spin in his landlord's Land Rover. Oct 23, 2013 265
Changing relationship of landlords and tenants. Oct 16, 2013 416
I'm in a hole lot of trouble; As the number of people renting properties in the city is dramatically increasing, so too are complaints about landlords. Consumer Correspondent visits the home of one disgruntled tenant. Oct 14, 2013 826
Effort underway to rewrite landlord-tenant laws: NAA leads working group set to weigh-in on proposed draft. Tayco, Fred Interview Oct 1, 2013 577
Only the value of possessory interest of tenant may be taxed when landlord is tax-exempt entity. Sep 22, 2013 502
ROGUE LANDLORD FINED OVER SAFETY; Flat tenant lived in fear of being electrocuted. Sep 21, 2013 441
Landlord &tenant contracts overhaul. Sep 17, 2013 172
Landlords warned over immigration crackdown; Landlords who ignore impending rules to make them vet migrant tenants could find themselves facing a financial nightmare, says Julia Williams, director of West Midlands property management specialists Premier Places. PROPERTYEXPERT. Sep 5, 2013 446
Tenants' deposit win over landlord. Sep 3, 2013 201
One question, two IREM members. Interview Sep 1, 2013 641
Human interaction--making connections. Klein, John Sep 1, 2013 590
Volunteerism fuels class action at the landlord tenant board. Girard, Eric C. Sep 1, 2013 794
THIS WAS NO CRUES; LEAGUE CUP 2ND ROUND: NEWINGTON YC 1 CRUSADERS 3 Landlords win out in the end, but not without a fight from their tenants. Aug 27, 2013 635
Landlords still putting tenants' lives at risk. Aug 21, 2013 556
Landlords still responsible for tenants' water and sewage. Aug 20, 2013 477
Tenant Information Packs (TIPS) - a new requirement for Scottish landlords. Aug 17, 2013 336
Scrutiny of rented houses, property to be conducted in Quetta city Home department instructs landlords to submit complete particulars of tenants to area police. Aug 13, 2013 319
Meeting on tenant screening may help landlords keep deadbeat tenants out. Jul 9, 2013 264
Tenants told not to fall for a landlord sob story. Jul 2, 2013 336
Cashed out: a growing number of private buildings subsidized by the Chicago Housing Authority are struggling to pass inspections. Landlords have collected millions while tenants are stuck with substandard conditions. Caputo, Angela Jul 1, 2013 4193
Landlords From Hell Plead Guilty: Kip And Nicole Macy Terrorized Tenants In San Francisco [PHOTO]. Jun 20, 2013 577
Study helps dispell common myths about landlords. Knakal, Bob Column Jun 12, 2013 795
Landlord protection against construction liens arising from work performed by tenants. Menor, Arthur J. Jun 1, 2013 2857
Restaurant landlord expects new tenant. May 24, 2013 446
Get it down on paper for your peace of mind; Landlords and tenants without binding written contracts are putting themselves at risk, says Julia Williams, director of Worcester based letting agency Premier Places PROPERTYEXPERT. May 23, 2013 370
'Fairer deal' unveiled for all tenants; New plan covers council and private landlords. May 21, 2013 434
Tighter immigration rules see 'regulation' of access to health service for migrants; NEW FINES FOR LANDLORDS OVER TENANTS' UK RIGHTS. May 8, 2013 917
Co-tenants and co-responsibilities. Johannson, Rochelle May 1, 2013 894
Key to security for both tenants and landlords; PROPERTYEXPERT If you have one or a number of properties to rent you need to make sure they, and the tenants, are safe and secure, says Justin Freeman, technical manager at the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) PROPERTYEXPERT. Apr 25, 2013 785
Tenants told to use the law in landlord battle. Apr 24, 2013 226
It's not so easy being a landlord, especially when the tenants turn bad; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION... Apr 23, 2013 520
Changes apply to both landlords and tenants. Apr 2, 2013 440
The obligations of kinship and alliance within governance in the Scottish borders, 1528-1625. Groundwater, Anna Essay Mar 22, 2013 13269
Spectacular garden has to be returned to rough pasture - or face PS5,000 bill; LANDLORD SAYS IT IS TOO MUCH FOR NEW TENANTS. Mar 13, 2013 700
Tenant highly suspicious of landlord's move. Mar 10, 2013 166
Impact makers: industry expert Joseph D. Puckett, JD: protected classes, landlord-tenant issues. Interview Mar 1, 2013 988
Ron Kronenbeger, Ohio Landlord, Beats Tenant With Belt For Unpaid Rent. Feb 21, 2013 237
Row over paying rent - landlord wants a lump sum, tenants want a... Feb 14, 2013 286
Addressing a landlord's problem. Jan 30, 2013 498
Swindled landlord, would-be tenants open talks. Jan 23, 2013 591
If property maintenance falls off the radar it can be costly. Jan 17, 2013 604
House of Collusion: Landlord, Tenant Arrested for Arson, Fraud. Jan 15, 2013 349
Landlords let tenant 'live in flat in squalor'. Jan 14, 2013 234
Tenants v landlords; Darlington FC. Dec 28, 2012 177
International City landlord targeted in new rent scam. Dec 19, 2012 462

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